16 Seriously Cool Things to do in Bali

If you are wondering what there is to do in Bali other than sitting by the pool and chilling out, the team at Bali Villa Escapes has come up with 16 of what we feel are the most seriously cool things to do while on holiday in Bali. Now we know you will never get through all of these but we feel that there is something for everybody’s holiday tastes and energy levels. We have also tried to cover off activities designed for different age groups – some are for travellers looking to party hard whilst others are for those that want to experience the culture and gorgeous scenery that Bali has to offer. Anyways, enjoy….

# 1 Chill out at Sundays Beach Club

This is for anyone that loves the beach, the sunset, cool DJ tunes and an atmosphere that is really chilled out. There is also a bonfire on at night where you can sit on the beach with your friends and enjoy the whole night time vibe with a few cold drinks. You can spend the whole day here if you like and the entrance fee is only Rp 300 000 per person. It’s like a full club with all the facilities including bean bags where you can lounge around on the beach. There is a bar, restaurant and of course the stunning ocean right in front of you.

# 2 Visit the Waterfall at Tegenungan

If you are staying anywhere near Ubud this fabulous natural waterfall is a must see as it’s only about 5km away. Even if you are in Seminyak it’s well worth the day trip. You will love the hike through the jungle to get to the waterfall and the refreshing cool swim you can take once you arrive. It’s a fun day out for all those outdoor nature loving tourists.

# 3 Sunset Drinks at El Kabron in Uluwatu

Perched on the cliffs at Uluwatu is the famous El Kabron. It’s best to come here at sunset as this is when the music starts pumping and the vibe really gets going. Enjoy Mediterranean tapas style food with sensational cocktails as you watch the sun dip below the horizon. This is magical and the place gets jam packed nightly with people wanting to experience this scene. There is also a swimming pool there where you can relax and cool down if things get too hot. Top food in a seriously gorgeous location make El Kabron a must visit Bali experience. Getting there is about a 60 min trip from Seminyak.

el kabron bali

# 4 Romantic Cave Dining in Uluwatu

For those lovers coming to Bali on their honeymoon or those couples who just want to put the romantic spark back into their lives, the cave dining experience in Uluwatu is going to do the trick. A table will be set up in the bottom entrance to the caves at Uluwatu where you can dine exclusively. This is the perfect venue to ‘pop the question’. Just imagine the two of you alone, in your private beach setting with the sound of the waves in the back ground – guys, pay attention!!!! This is such a cool setting to impress your partner.

# 5 How about a Boozy Sunday Brunch Buffet at the W Hotel?

If you are staying in Seminyak or nearby and would like to have a fabulous buffet brunch with all the champagne you can handle then head for the W Hotel. A very popular venue so you will need to book in advance – probably best to do it before you go to Bali.

The brunch starts at about 12 and costs Rp 650 000 or $65 for all you can eat and drink which is pretty good value considering the awesome international and local Balinese food and top beach side location. If you are a foodie then you will love The W’s world class buffet. For those that expect top quality seafood as part of the buffet you will not be disappointed. This is a seriously top experience and you will not be able to have dinner as there is simply too much to try at lunch. A great family eating experience for the adults and the kids.

w hotel brunch

Sunday Lunch at The W…how fabulous!

# 6 Why not spend the day at Potato Head Beach Club & Cafe Del Mar

When you mention Potato Head to anyone they all have the same reaction; they love the place. This beach club is so chic and very cool that you can spend literally hours watching the beautiful people laze on the luxurious lounges while they enjoy some of the finest cuisine served up in Bali. It’s a place where you can chill by the pool during the day and party at night once the DJ’s start playing. This I would have to say is a must see experience in Bali even if you are just going there for a quick visit to see the awesome architecture of the place. Sunset is peak viewing time as the crowds gather to watch the fantastic Seminyak sunset. Also make your way to the new Cafe Del Mar at Batu Belig beach. Rent a day bed or hire a whole cabana area for the day with your mates and live like rock stars!


# 7 Dining in the Bird’s Nest in Ubud

If you want a romantic dinner for two in the warm, balmy tropical night air of Ubud listening to the Ayaung River below, then why not treat yourself to one of Ubud’s top restaurants the amazing Birds Nest. The food, scenery and ambiance are so spectacular that we would have to say that this is one of the most romantic dining settings in the whole of Bali. If you are thinking of that marriage proposal then this is the ticket guys! In terms of food there is a 5 course dinner menu so come here with a healthy appetite.

birds nest ubud

# 8 Take the family to Waterbom Bali

This is where you want to take the kids for some water slide fun. Perfect for the whole family looking to let off some energy running around and getting wet. The park is located in Kuta and is set on 4 ha where there are heaps of slides, pools and rides for the whole family. There are also restaurants here and a pool bar for the adults to sit and relax with a few cold ones while the kids go absolutely crazy on the slides.

Waterbom in Kuta is Asia’s premier theme park. Fun for the whole family!

# 9 Watch the Sunset at the Rock Bar @ Ayana Resort.

The Rock Bar is legendary and most people already know about this place in the Jimbaran Bay area. If you have never been here all we can say is DO IT! If you miss out on watching the sunset here with a cocktail then you have missed one of the best tourist attractions in Bali. The food here is fabulous as well so after the sun goes down settle in for dinner and then after if you like kick on the evening and party on. There is a DJ so it does turn into a club scene. Again, make sure you get here early to avoid the masses of people queueing up to get in via the inclinator which takes groups 1 at a time down the cliff to the restaurant/bar area. You need to get a prime position to enjoy the spectacular performance nature puts on here. This is unbelievable and better bring your camera as the shots you are going to get will be phenomenal.

The Rock Bar has sensational ocean views and is best at sunset

# 10) Party Hard in Legian @ Cocoon Beach Club

If your under 30 and want to party during the day by the pool in a central location then nothing beats the Cocoon Beach Club in the Double Six area. Loud music, going duff duff the whole time with cocktails readily served to you by the pool is what’s on order here. Guys and girls spend the day drinking, watching each other and generally getting fairly drunk – well it’s holiday so it’s to be expected. Everything is set around the pool area where you can sit and chill out on the lounges. If your feeling hungry there is a restaurant on site as well serving tasty dishes, both western and tapas style yummy Bali dishes.

cocoon bali

Cocoon in Legian is a great place for sunset drinks

# 11) Hit the Splash Park at Finns Recreation Club with the family in Berawa / Canggu

Incredible fun for the family in the area of Canggu, which is about a 10 minute taxi ride from Seminyak. The place is designed for maximum family fun in Canggu with water slides, bowling, horse riding and trampolines. There is also a restaurant on site with a 25m lap pool if you are feeling energetic. It’s an ideal venue to keep the kids entertained in a safe/secure environment while the adults do a spot of shopping in nearby Seminyak. The children are going to love running up to the top of the 5 storey high water slide and shooting down. If your feeling a bit lazy then you can always hang at the restaurant or relax by the pool while the kids burn off all that holiday energy.


# 12) Learn to cook Balinese style at an organic farm

In the village of Sideman is a an organic farm that conducts daily Balinese cooking classes using the freshest local ingredients. Nyoman the head chef kicks things off at about 9am where you learn the art of Balinese cooking. You start of at Klungkung market where you will see what ingredients you need to buy for the days cooking ahead. Following that you walk through the local village and the rice fields where you can see local farmers tilling their fields and then it’s off to the organic farm to start preparing the meals. You will be cooking traditional dishes in the old way using firewood. Basically, you learn how the locals cook; from the farm to market to the kitchen and finally to the table. The whole ambiance makes you mouth water and by the end of the cooking class you are finally able to sample your tasty dishes. Pick up is from Ubud at around 8am.

# 13) Yoga at Jiwa Yoga in Seminyak

For those of you that are into sweating off the holiday excesses then make sure you try some Bikram Yoga at Jiwa. It’s going to put your body to the limits and test your stamina but trust me when I tell you this, you are going to feel absolutely fantastic at the end of the 90 minute session. Nothing comes close to this type of work out.

Keep up your yoga practice at Jiwa Hot Yoga in Petitenget


# 14) A day trip to Kintamani Volcano

As you make you way to Kintamani you will see the real Bali and the real Balinese people going about their daily life. Kintamani is near Ubud and a day spent looking around the area and driving down into Lake Batur is a fascinating trip. It’s a really long day so be prepared to absorb heaps of culture and the photos you will get along the way will be incredible. This is a really popular tourist thing to do so make sure you do not miss out on the Kintamani/Batur experience. Also there are hot springs on Lake Batur which everyone goes to and has a dip. It’s really hot so be prepared for some ouch factor but it’s a great feeling afterwards.

15) Ever ridden an Elephant at a Safari Park?

Try riding an elephant at the safari park. Great fun as you sit a top this elephant as it meanders through the jungle. It’s safe and you are always in control as the local Balinese guide will be with you the whole way. There is a restaurant there so you can have some lunch after the 90 min adventure.

elephant park bali

16) Walk from Tuban Beach to Seminyak Beach

Take a leisurely walk along the white sands from Tuban to Seminyak and pass all the sites and major hotels along the beach front. Perhaps if your feeling up to it you can hop into the water for a nice cool swim and after get a massage from one of the local ladies walking up and down the beach looking for customers. You will also find lots of local vendors plying their wares up and down the beach selling everything from fake watches and sunglasses right though to wood carvings, sarongs and kites. You might even get a fake tattoo or your hair braided. It’s really fun as they come up and approach you – if this is not your thing then all you need to say is a polite no. Once you have ended the walk in Seminyak why not pop into Ku De Ta for a bite to eat or a cool drink? What a perfect way to end the day!

beach vendors bali