6 Gorgeous Bali villas with adjoining rooms - great for families with kids

Renting a private holiday villa in Bali has so many advantages over staying in a hotel, especially when travelling with young children and infants.

Having a master suite with an interconnecting bedroom will make life that little bit easier; easy to keep an eye on the young kids, as they have a restful night’s sleep, knowing mum and dad are just next doors.

Any adjoining villa rooms can be conveniently used by groups and families travelling together, as well as cater for specific accommodation requirements.

Additionally, you have the advantage of the warm and friendly Bali villa staff, who are professionally trained in making sure both mum and dad are fully relaxed and chilled out as they keep the kids happy, busy and entertained.

Take a peek at some of our private holiday villas with adjoining rooms; in a variety of locations across the island that are great for families who need to be close to their kids at night.

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