Bali Villas to rent near The Lawn in Canggu

Sip cocktails by the pool, enjoy super chilled music with your mates & delish food at The Lawn in Canggu

You too can be part of the beautiful crown on your next Bali sojourn; even better rent a villa right near the joint!

The Lawn in Canggu is one of the most popular days beach clubs. The vibe is young, energetic and fun with a certain style and casual flair. People come here to chill out on…yes you guessed it The Lawn ( albeit fake grass ) and enjoy the sun, sea and of course the cocktails.

The music is fairly chilled out and the in house DJ keeps the tunes cranking the whole day ensuring the mood stays ‘ party like’. The Lawn has a comprehensive food and beverage list and a team of staff that are keen to top up your glass or offer you another round of mojitos!

The Lawn really kicks up a gear as the sunset approaches as everyone comes down here; most likely from their Canggu Villas they are staying in, to grab that ‘must have’ Instagram shot.

If you want to be part of the ‘in scene’ and experience some fun times then an afternoon and perhaps a night out at The Lawn should definitely be on your Bali itinerary. It does get crowded ( especially on the weekend) so the best thing to do is get your villa manager to book a table for you to avoid the stress and hassle of waiting. Ideally, you want to get there, have your table waiting and start having some fun!

Why not stay in a Canggu villa near The Lawn so you can go there more often?

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