Healthy Cafes Canggu & Seminyak

The joys of a holiday in Bali always seem to revolve around where you are going to eat next, and not without reason. If you’re staying in one of our Bali villas near Canggu or Seminyak then you’ll be overwhelmed with options to get your healthy, trendy, social-media worthy fixes. If you read our first article on healthy cafes then you’ll already have a taste for the magic you’re in for. The tricky part can actually be narrowing down your options! We’ve done the hard work for you so you can be confident that you’re not missing out on the best spots as you head out of your luxurious Bali accommodation. Check out our second batch of must-tastes.

vegan cafes seminyak

Quince Cafe

Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 51, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

This charming, mostly organic, cafe is nestled toward the southern end of Canggu, towards Seminyak, in the area of Berawa. For those that feed through your eyes as well as your mouth, Quince’s second trade is its interior design and homeware shop. It may seem like an odd combo but it makes for an extremely pleasurable aesthetic while you’re having your breakfast post-surfing. But let’s get to the food! While they emphasise quality ingredients and offer vegan and vegetarian options, you won’t be reading through the same menu options as the hipster cafes you may be holidaying away from in Australia. That said, they do make a killer avocado toast with boiled eggs, fresh herbs, sesame, and sumac and it costs less than ten bucks.

where to eat healthy in canggu, quince cafe berawa

Some of the less obviously healthy menu items include polenta pancakes with bacon and pumpkin, Zucchini fritters with a broad bean smash, garlic oil, and a tomato and feta salad, or a breakfast bagel with parmesan custard, steamed greens, and a pumpkin seed pesto. Everything is made fresh to order and served with a warm and friendly smile. If you’re after the classic healthy vegan options that Bali is known for, you can definitely get your chia pudding, although Quince jazzes theirs up with maple poached rhubarb, strawberries, pistachio, and even a fennel seed brittle.

Quince is open from 8am to 4pm everyday except Monday. They haven’t got a website but you can check out their Facebook here.

Milk and Madu

Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 52, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung

If your Canggu villa is located anywhere near Quince cafe, then you’re in luck because our second option is only 300 metres down the road and is equally delicious. It’s also next to the popular Nalu Bowls that we talked about in Part 1. There is a certain aesthetic charm to Milk and Madu that was intentionally crafted by one of it’s owners, Pablo, who wanted to recreate what is traditionally known as a Joglo. This is basically and open-plan concept that facilitates a more community-feel to the place. There are no walls, inviting in both people and a fresh breeze, and the cool stone floors are covered by a hut-like wooden beams.

where to eat in canggu, bali - milk and madu

Enough about ambience, you’re probably wondering what you can eat and drink! From 7am to 4pm you have your pick of breakfast or lunch items until the switch over at 5pm for pizza dinners until ten. To start, coffee comes from their own blend called The Brotherhood, a 100% Arabica mix of Columbian and Ethiopian beans. All cups are double ristretto pulled through an old La Marzocco, which means something to coffee lovers. If you’re not into caffeine your only problem will be trying to make a decision between the long list of juices, smoothies, kombucha, teas and coconut water. One of the most popular is the take on the tradition turmeric Jamu with ginger, lime, and honey. Smoothies are made with almond milk and have some atypical ingredients like echinacea, nutmeg, psyllium husk and bee pollen along classics like spirulina, goji berries, and chia seeds. Iced teas are served with a choice of passion fruit or lime sorbet, yum.

Breakfast is so varied, you are bound to find favourites for all types of foodies and non-foodies. You can go for classics like french toast and hot cakes, the mexican fusion dishes like huevo ranchero and breakfast burritos, or something more aussie like smashed peas with poached eggs or smoked salmon with dill and capers on toast. They are particularly loved for their special ‘Madu bowls’ which are various combinations of blended frozen fruit with delicious toppings such as the Beach berry, the Peanut Butter cup or the Bali Kiss. Lunch brings in some huge salad bowls with healthy roast veg, various meat options and house-made dressings. They are also known for their fresh burgers, wraps, and even poke bowls! It’s really hard to go wrong here.

No doubt you will leave far more than satisfied, but just know you can always come back for round two come dinner time. Think hot lava stone pizza, vegetarian lasagne, spiced lamb, or seared salmon. While it isn’t the trendy raw-vegan style cafe, you can go as healthy or as hearty as you choose at Milk & Madu. It will definitely be a favourite.

Peleton SuperShop

Jalan Pantai Berawa, Canggu.

If you’ve tried Milk and Madu and you want to get the ultra-hip vegan experience next, then Peleton Supershop should be on your list.  If your a first timer to Canggu, definitely check this place out. As you may have guessed from the name, this central Canggu cafe doubles as a bicycle shop. They promote their bike riding ethos of treading lightly, conserving energy, and generally respecting the earth, and they apply it to the food they make as well. The space is even used as what they call an “open-minded event space” and they generally aim for everything they do to represent a “planet friendly” lifestyle.

peleton supershop canggu, where to eat healthy in bali

Breakfast, while vegan only, does a superb job at covering all bases for newcomers that may not know they have a taste for vegan food. You can find old favourites like avo on toast, granola, breakfast burritos and granola, but they’ve all got a healthy spin. Eggs are replaced with scrambled tofu, the yoghurt it made from coconut milk, there is house made sauerkraut and cashew sour cream. Of course, you can always opt for a smoothie full of blended tropical fruit and topped with your choice of house-made granola and a variety of super food powders like moringa and spirulina. Everything can be made gluten-free.

Lunch can be hit or miss depending on whether you’re into the faux-meat options like soy chicken schnitzel or parmy, jackfruit in the place of pulled pork, and walnut meat tacos. They have many thoughtful touches that make meals beautiful to look at as well as eat, such as charcoal or spirulina burger buns and nearly an entire rainbow of vegetables in every dish.

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All of the trendy latte options are available and are made with either their housemade almond or coconut “mylks”. You can choose between organic hot chocolate, matcha, turmeric, or chai. If you’re an herbal tea drinker you might enjoy the ayurvedic blends that correspond to different doshas, or body types. If you are just rolling through as part of the cyclist crowd, maybe you’ll pick one of their superfood shots like curcuma, moringa, or mangosteen, to knock back while you continue your ride. While some patrons say that prices are a little steep, most acknowledge the care that goes into each meal and the quality of ingredients used. If you are into healthy food with a twist, this is certainly not one to miss.

The Shady Shack

Jalan Tanah Barak No. 57, Canggu.

This lovely cafe looks out upon the quintessential rice paddies of Canggu and has made a name for itself with it’s organic coffee and teas, and beautiful selection of wholesome smoothies. Perhaps it is its charm, or its quality ingredients, but this place can get packed during lunch time so it’s best to get yourself in early before they start running out of popular choices! While some popular cafes let customers wrestle to snag spots, they will actually seat you so you can relax while you’re waiting. They have an outdoor seating area under a mango tree, surrounded by tropical plants to put you at ease.

where to eat in canggu, bali - the shady shack

Organic coffees can be enjoyed with fresh cow’s milk, bonsoy, almond, or coconut milk. Naturally, you can opt for matcha, turmeric, cacao or chai lattes as a coffee alternative, all presented with adorable latte art. Favourite smoothies are the decadent “start up” with coffee, coconut milk, cashew butter, and cacao, and the “bliss berry” with with blueberries, pineapple, banana, dragon fruit, coconut, honey, almond milk and bee pollen.

The food is all vegetarian but many happy meat-eating customers said they don’t miss a thing when they eat at Shady Shack. The popular superfood salad is absolutely packed with veggies, and the jackfruit tacos and chia banana bowl are also hits. You can find other typically non-vegetarian dishes with their own take on them like the Shepards Lie, Bees Knees Nachos, and even a healthy Mac N’ Cheese. They have free wifi too so If you snag yourself a spot before the crowds rush in, it’s not a bad place to drink fancy coffee and get some work done.

where to eat vegan food in seminyak or canggu

Island Bagels in Berawa, Canggu

Nicely located just up from Berawa beach this is the only place in Bali where you can get a decent bagel. A full range of bagel topping that are mouth watering and with one of their signature cakes for dessert this is a must see cafe if your wanting to chill out and not pay a fortune for really healthy food.

If you missed our first post, make sure you have a scroll through to make the most of your stay in your Canggu or Seminyak villa. We know that even the pickiest of eaters will be able to find something that charms, Bali doesn’t tend to disappoint when it comes to food.