Holiday in Bali – Good for your health

Bali has been hitting the radar for exotic health retreat holidays for a while now but you don’t have to book in to a retreat to have a health focused holiday. Whilst retreats have a lot to offer, the freedom of your own holiday can be a big plus, especially if your lucky enough to be able to stay in a lovely villa.

The typical stereotype for ‘holiday in Bali’ has always been heavy drinking Aussie backpackers right? Certainly for my first few experiences of Bali, that kind of tourist really dominated. Having recently been back  , I was pleasantly surprised to find how the food and tourist experience had changed and for the better I might add, if your into being fit and very healthy.

The ‘hipsters’ have found Bali and the quality of restaurants and fabulous cafes has changed for the food scene for the better. Going to Bali now can be a truly inspiring and health focused holiday for both your body and mind. The combination of sun, surf, great massages, a spot of yoga and fabulous food will lift your spirits and your health. You will come back home feeling better than ever and ready to take on the world.

Whilst we know the mountains of Ubud are the perfect partner for meditation and hard core health retreats, we’re looking at the more relaxed, do it yourself option on healthy holidays so we’re going to focus on the trendier areas of Seminyak and Canggu. Both are fantastic places to rent a villa – you’re close to all the great eating spots and shopping but also close to the beach.

With your own private villa as a base, you have the freedom to plan a real mix of relaxation and adventure – to guarantee your holiday really does the trick and you come back sun kissed, relaxed and happy, feeling good and looking fit. Bali is a great place to get outdoors and get moving. Yes it’s hot – but the plus side of that is you drink loads more water, which is great for your body and complexion (and sweating out the nasties!). Better yet, tropical location that it is, there’s loads of fresh coconuts around – perfect for hydration and refreshment.

Staying in your own villa means you more than likely have your own pool – perfect for exercising at all times of the day doing some laps. If you’re in to yoga you can also work in your own practice or try one the many yoga studios dotted around Bali. Our favourites in the Seminyak area are the Samadi Bali studio which has a yoga specifically designed for surfers, the Olop Iyengar Yoga Studio or the Jiwa Bikram Yoga in Seminyak ( this is hot yoga and for those who really want to burn off those excess calories).

If Yoga isn’t your thing, then walks on the beach are a great way to get to get some low impact exercise. Alternatively, go hard and hit the gym of one of the many fitness centres in Bali – Hammerhead or Bali Fitness have everything you could possibly need for a great workout.

Both Seminyak and Canggu are close to the beach – the perfect spot for a walk along the beach, a swim or surf. If you’re not a traditional surfer, then give stand up paddle boarding a go – a great full body work but particularly good for your core. In Canggu you can also book to go for a horse ride on the beach, another great way to get out and about and up of your beach chair.

Now let’s look at the food. Most villas include breakfast, which means you can feast on fresh fruit, juices and eggs. Most chefs will cook to your taste, and are happy buy particular ingredients that suit your tastes or diet plan. Having your own kitchen also allows you more control over the food you eat than when you’re staying in a hotel or resort and it’s definitely easier to limit temptation. There are some really fantastic cafes and restaurants producing high quality food with fresh, organic produce. Some of our favourites include Earth Café, Café Organic, Sisterfields and Sarong. Though a Hawaiian tradition, Nalu bowls are extremely popular in Bali. These smoothie bowls of goodness are as addictive as they are good for you and are seriously yum! The Nalu Bowl shacks can be found in both Seminyak and Canggu and are a great morning kick start.

With all the exercising and healthy eating you’ll be doing in Bali, then you’ll be in need of a massage and a trip to the day spa. I suggest mixing up massage only trips to some of the smaller massage places around the place, where you can get a fantastic massage without bells and whistles of the fancy day spas, but also without the price! For a more fancy treatment, mix in a trip to either Sundari Day Spa or Spring for an oxygen facial or body exfoliation.

After five days of mixing up activity and adventure with, fresh and healthy food in the glorious sunshine, I defy you not to feel better inside and out. Yes you can mix in a glass of wine and a cocktail or two (after all this is YOUR holiday), but it’s all about moderation. Bali is the perfect exotic holiday to kick start your metabolism and get you inspired for better living.