If your holidaying in Uluwatu visit Pandawa Beach

One of the good things about holidays in Uluwatu other than the fabulous beaches, incredible during, great cafes and loads of amazing Uluwatu holiday villas to rent, is Pandawa Beach or Pantai Pandawa.

It’s only about a 15-20 minute drive but it’s well worth it for the experience alone. It’s not so much a beach but it’s like a world unto itself.

You drive down this winding moonscape like road and carved out on the side of the cliff face are all these Hindu statues. This makes for a great photo opportunity with the statues towering above you..

But even better is what’s at the bottom waiting for you. A magical beach with printing clear blueish green waters where farmers still grow seaweed. There are also loads of family-run warnings or commonly known as local restaurants where you can fill up with a fresh coconut juice or a mouthwatering homemade nasi goreng. They also sell the usual Balinese touristy stuff like t-shirts and souvenirs but if you want to have a proper meal there are seafood restaurants here which are great for a dinner on the beach.

The beach itself is protected by an outer reef which makes it perfect for swimming. If your coming with the kids this is great as the water is really calm and currently free. For some fun, you can also rent some kayaks and have a paddle around. There are also many beachside chairs which you can rent with an umbrella for a few hours.

If you’re staying in a villa and want to make a day trip of this it’s best to get your villa manager to organise transport for you to get down there as you will need a car. If you are the adventurous type you can rent some scooter and make your way down here but it may be a bit hard to find without someone showing you the way. There is ample parking down here and your driver will wait while you spend the day relaxing by the gorgeous blue waters.

Because it’s on the Bukit it’s great to visit Pandawa Beach all year round. From the video below you can see a lot of tour buses and this is because it was taken around the New Years / Christmas time when there are many tourists from mainland Java visiting while on their break. Most other times of the year it’s somewhat quieter and less hectic. Fining a spot on the beach to spread out will be a lot easier.

If you are keen on surf all you need to do is venture further down the beach and there are some great waves at Pandawa so make sure you bring your surfboard! Although it’s not on the tourist map for most Aussie or European travellers it’s definitely one of the most exotic beaches to explore on your Bali holiday.