Are you thinking about staying in a Seminyak villa?

If you have ever thought about staying in Seminyak in the gorgeous island of Bali, then why not stay in a private Seminyak villa? If you have never entertained the idea about staying in your own luxurious villa, then it’s about time you tried it out.

If you haven’t tried staying in a villa before then now is the perfect time, with such a large number of villas now available on our website, there are villas to suit every budget, style and taste. One thing we can promise you is that if you stay in a villa your will probably never stay in a hotel again. Villas just have so much going for them and the following article will tell you why.

Why Stay in Your Own Private Seminyak Villa?

The list is endless but here are just a few:

1) You get your own private pool, how good is that! No more having to share the pool with other people or guests. You and your family can have an entire pool to yourself. PLUS the pool is open 24/7. Our villas have a huge selection of different types of pools from infinity, to free-form, to natural and massive lap pools that seem to go on forever. We have pools with built in Jacuzzi’s, huge pool decks with an abundance of spots to soak up the sun and comfortable nooks to relax out of the sun. If you are traveling with children there are wading pools and pools with shallow sections, specifically designed for the kids to splash and play in safety. If you are worried about pool fences and security, don’t be as these can be fitted prior to you arrival.

advantages of staying in a bali villa

2) Most villas will come with staff. I know that the Villas we stay at in Seminyak have their own staff that are there on site from early morning till very late at night. It’s awesome;  they are there in the morning, serving you up a wonderful breakfast, fresh coffee and are on hand through out the day to cater for anything you would like. Fancy lunch by the pool – not an issue – it will be there within 20 minutes. Need a catered lunch for the family and some guests? It’s all too easy. This can be easily arranged for you and lunch or dinner will be served.

The villa staff will be happy to do some grocery shopping for you, if its a BBQ lunch or dinner they can buy imported streaks and sausages, now there are quite a few very reputable ex-pat butchers on the island providing a fantastic selection of fresh meats, a few of these notable suppliers are Oz Brits, Bali Deli, Raja Meat and Bintang Supermarket. All you have to do is tell them what you would like and they will do all the shopping for you.

3) Just because you are in your own private Villa in Seminyak, Canggu or Legian, does not mean you have to make any beds or clean up any bathrooms! This is all done for you on a daily basis. Clean rooms, immaculate pool surroundings and really friendly Balinese smiles is what you are going to get when you book your holiday accommodation through us.

The staff are flexible so if you’ve had a late night or just want some privacy you can ask the staff to prepare late breakfast’s and if you prefer the villa cleaned maybe every second or third day that’s fine as well, they will fit into your desired schedule and respect your privacy always.

4) Some people just don’t like sharing their space whilst on holiday with children. Having them run around screaming and jumping in the pool is not the ideal holiday experience and this is why a private villa is a great alternative. Say goodbye to noisy screaming children and say hello to your own private haven of peace and tranquillity.

advantages of staying in a bali villa

The kids can jump in the pool as early as they like and hop out well into the night, many of our villas have spacious manicured lawn areas so they can run and play games without feeling confined by a lack of space, as is the case in many hotels. Many of our villas have facilities that you wouldn’t find in hotels such as tennis courts, private gymnasiums, squash courts, dedicated spa facilities, huge air-conditioned media and games rooms, private wine cellars and private chauffeur driven transport just to name a few.

5) Just been married and planning to have a private romantic honeymoon? Say no more…. A private 1 bedroom Bali villa is all you need to kick start your honeymoon in Bali! We have one bedroom villas in many locations to suit all budgets, whether your the couple that like the ocean or prefer the mountains and mystical rain forests, we have romantic one bedroom villas to suit your most desired setting. Our team can also advise you on some romantic activities that probably wouldn’t have even thought of; we can make it happen.

6) Maybe you have a special event in mind such as a Bali wedding, a large family reunion or a special occasion, even a corporate event.

For groups or couples wanting to experience the delights of Bali together, a 2, 3 or even 4 bedroom Villa is the best  option. We even have villas that are adjoining and can be opened up so family and friends can easily spend time together. We have  many large Bali villas, that are quite capable of sleeping up to 40-50 guests at one time. Split the cost for the villa among each group and you will see that it’s far more economical staying in your couples Villa than it is in a hotel.

Think about it, a really good 4 star hotel can be well over $200 – $300 per night. Multiply this by 3 or 4 couples and the costs are well over $1000 per night for the group – a villa cost per night is far cheaper. It’s not only more fun and more private but the costs savings are a no brainer! In a villa you get to spend more quality time together and in the event you need some privacy you can retire to your own room with its private en-suite at any time or get the manager to arrange a nanny or babysitter.

7) Bali villas can be romantic. Just imagine the 2 of you on your honeymoon or a Bali break together. Villas ramp up the intimacy level very quickly.

advantages of staying in a bali villa

10 of our favourite villas in Seminyak for you to have a look at:

Villa Ipanema – 5 bedrooms

Villa Daria – 3 bedrooms

Villa Casa Hannah – 5 bedrooms

Villa Alabali – 4 bedrooms

Villa An Tan – 4 bedrooms

Viila Tjitrap – 6 bedrooms

Villa Casa Mateo – 5 bedrooms

Villa Windu Asri – 6 bedrooms

Villa Pandora – 4 bedrooms

Villa Jemma – 4 bedrooms