Revolver Coffee House Seminyak, Bali

Revolver Coffee House in Seminyak, Bali is one of those hard to find cafes as it’s located down an alley way, just off the famous Eat Street in Seminyak. But, once there you will see that the place is packed with people who come there for arguably what is Bali’s best coffee. If you are staying in one of our Seminyak Villas then all you need to do is ask the manager how to get to Eat Street and from there you will find Revolver.

It looks like ( as you can see from the video) the entrance to an exclusive night club. It has all the necessary ingredients; the doorman, the off street location, the small door entrance and the feeling that your entering into another world far removed from outside Seminyak.

The menu is fairly extensive with your usual cafe fare such as the smashed avocado on sourdough bread, burgers, salads, some Indonesian food as well as an array of coffees to get the heart racing.

It’s fully licensed so you can come here for dinner and enjoy aBintang or a bottle of wine or one of their tempting cocktails while enjoying your steak or fish.

Revolver Coffee House is all about the experience you get when you enter through the doors. It takes you away to another place which is part of the attraction. Yes, there are loads of places to get a decent coffee in Seminyak but Revolver somehow seems to keep on piling the tourists in the whole time. Well worth a visit while your shopping along Eat Street or just visiting the area from other parts of the island.

Since opening it’s doors in 2011 it has become an institution in Bali and this is all because they serve the finest coffee sourced from all parts of the globe. The place is quite large and has grown from a 30 seat cafe into a fully fledged restaurant seating up to 150 people. It really makes the perfect place to rest your tired feet after hours shopping along Eat Street. At first it mat seem a tad intimidating walking through the door but as soon as your inside it’s a whole new experience for lovers of fine coffee and food.

Address: Jl kayu aya / Gang 51, Seminyak – Oberoi


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