Visiting Ubud Village, make sure you see this place

Ubud Village is one of  the best places to visit in Bali if you are looking to escape the crowds, noise, traffic jams  and hectic pace of Seminyak, Kuta or Legian. Ubud is where you come to relax, catch on on your holiday reading, learn some new yoga postures, talk to some local artists or just amble around the place, exploring all the little alleyways and streets that make up the fabric that Ubud is so famous for. It really has it’s own personality and it so unique in Bali. No other village has the same atmosphere or vibe. It some how seems fast and slow all at the same time. The trick here is to meander off the main streets and do some exploration yourself. You will be quite surprised what hidden gems you will uncover.

I have personally been to Ubud many times and I keep finding myself coming back time and time again. It’s just so rich in culture and that any trip to Bali really means that Ubud is a ‘must see’. It’s such a magical place. If you luck enough to be staying in an Ubud villa or yoga retreat then your in for a real treat as this just adds to the overall experience. Typically accommodation is all about peace, quiet and living among the rice fields.

Ubud has so much culture. Its home to great restaurants, super trendy cafes and has so many shops weaving throughout all the streets and alley ways that you need at least 2-3 days here to explore everything.  You may find you need a little longer. It’s home to the regions artists selling all types of paintings, statues, jewellery and lovely Balinese home wares. If your a shopaholic then Ubud is a shopping mecca for you. Grab a bargain, buy a print or a souvenir to take home. There are shops every where especially on therein Mokey Forest Road.

There is somewhere to stay for all types of budgets, from the cheap home stay right through to the very top end of the market, where some of the worlds best hotels and luxurious villa can be found.

It’s fun to just walk around the main streets of Ubud browsing the shops, having lunch at one of the many cafes, even ending up at the monkey forest at the end of the road. Be warned, these monkeys will steal everything from you that’s not secure. Sunglasses, handbags, cameras are all very easy targets.

Getting a Driver from Seminyak to Ubud

You can easily hire a driver in Seminyak who will take you to Ubud for around the $30-$40 mark. It takes about 2 hours depending on the traffic so it’s a good idea to leave very early in the morning. Your driver will stop anywhere you want on the way. Check out all the cool little art galleries or jewellery shops lining the streets on t he way to Ubud.

These drivers will get a commission from the gallery owners and they might end up taking you to their favourite shops. So be warned. Shop around as prices can become inflated and expensive, because they know you are a foreigner. Don’t stop for food on the way. Save your appetite for lunch or dinner in Ubud as the array of eateries here is enormous.

Ubud Massages, Spas and Salons

Ubud brims with salons and spas where you can heal, pamper, rejuvenate or otherwise focus on your personal needs, physical and mental. Visiting a spa is at the top of many a travellers itinerary. It is really a must do activity when you are in Ubud. Even a local massage at one of the many shops is a good idea if you are on a budget and a bit time poor. Just one hour is all you will need to feel like a different person. This I can promise you.

Make sure you spend some time in Ubud. You will soon discover why it’s so popular. In fact add to the excitement, spoil yourself and stay in a villa for a couple of days with a chef and private pool. You’ll be amazed at how life seems to slow down once your in your own villa.

Some Ubud villas you may like to have a look at:

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