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Kuta was the original ‘go-to’ destination for Australian travellers, with luxury resorts, restaurants, clubs and shopping.

Aussies loved it, as did the rest of the world, who followed in their millions to this newfound tropical island paradise. Kuta was the original gateway to Bali and has, up until recently, been.

Kuta is now slowly undergoing a huge transition with the emergence of mega-hotels, fine dining, chic day spas and shopping malls, the most recent being the Kuta Beachwalk.

If you’re holidaying in Kuta, most people tend to stay in hotels near on right on the beach. There are thousands of them, and most people come to Kuta on fairly cheap holiday packages with all-inclusive airfares, meals and transfers.

The appeal of Kuta is fairly easy to spot once you are there. It’s a hectic, vibrant tourist hub with many local vendors selling everything from sarongs, t-shirts and the stock standard Bintang singlets. Everywhere you look, there is something going on. It’s noisy and congested with traffic, with people all crowding the beaches, Kartika Mall shopping area and the main street. Kuta is perfect if you’re into cheap food, grabbing a bargain, lots of souvenir shopping, and a bit of drinking while on holiday. It definitely has its own personality, separate from any other place in Bali & appeals to a certain audience.

Kuta has a tiny bit of a reputation as being the party capital of Bali, with drunk teenagers roaming the streets, and in some regards, this is true. But ever so slowly, the fabric that has previously made up Kuta is disappearing and being replaced with a different type of tourist. Kuta is growing up, and the proliferation of 5-star hotels, shopping centres and restaurants is proof of this. In colloquial Aussie slang, Kuta is no longer a ‘bogans’ paradise but is catering towards discerning holidaymakers with a taste for the good life.

People now stay in Kuta to be close to the beach, which is patrolled and the growing number of shopping centres. It’s about a 20-minute taxi ride from the airport, so getting it is relatively easy, depending on the time you travel.

If you’re coming to Bali with kids, then they will be busy 24/7. If they are not splashing around on the beach, then there is always the popular Waterbom Park which is smack bang in the centre of Kuta. Taking them out for a meal at night is also really easy as hundreds of restaurants serve children’s menus. You really don’t have to walk far to bump into a family-friendly place serving burgers, pizzas and, of course, the famous Nasi Goreng.

If you love shopping, then Kuta is pure heaven. It’s got everything and more. Be prepared to spend days walking around the place, going from shop to shop, snapping up a bargain. If you like the mall or shopping centre experience, head off to Lippo Mall for a load of quality shops with well-known brands and names. For convenience, there is the Kuta Beachwalk, which has loads of shops, restaurants, fast food outlets, and a cinema to keep the kids entertained.

Map of Bali showing Kuta

Enjoy all the fun, buzz and activity of Kuta.