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If your lucky enough to be holidaying in the quiet and relatively untouched area of Bali known as Umalas then…
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Ahh, how we love Umalas! Peaceful roads, rice paddy fields, gorgeous villas and incredibly close to both Seminyak and Canggu…

Umalas Villas

Umalas is like no other place is Bali. It’s quiet, extremely laid back, totally chilled out yet most visitors who are staying in one of our managed  Bali Villas would  never realise that Umalas is less than a 10 minutes by taxi from places like Seminyak, Oberoi & Petitenget Beach.

This makes holidaying in The Umalas  the ideal location for those groups or families who want to  holiday in a peaceful and tranquil area yet be within easy access to the best bars, cafes, yoga studios and restaurants.

Having said that Umalas stacks up pretty well in it’s own right. With it’s growing popularity as a luxury villa accommodation destination Umalas is starting to see really trendy cafes, health food shops and wonderful restaurants pop up to satisfy the growing demand of travelers who want to stay in this wonderful slice of tropical paradise.

In the past it’s been seen as a drive through village almost a short cut between Seminyak and Canggu but as ex pats, Australian and European holiday makers grow tired of the hectic pace of the main tourist hubs, the pristine rice fields of Umalas have become too alluring.  Nowadays, there are gorgeous pockets where you can stay and enjoy what everyone is absolutely raving about in Umalas; the gorgeous & large villa estates where you can still see Bali of yesteryear, lots of rice fields and farmers / friendly locals going about their daily lives. Spending time on holiday in the Umalas will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and wanting more.

For those people that are staying in one of our Seminyak Villas who want to escape the crowds for a couple of hours make sure you have lunch or dinner at one of the many hip and happening restaurants in Umalas such as Nook, Monsieur Spoon, O La la and the fabulous Bucu.

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