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Umalas, everything you need to know: Where to stay, play and eat

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  • Umalas, everything you need to know: Where to stay, play and eat

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 17 March 2024 Umalas

    Umalas is the next big thing in southern Bali.  With a laid-back vibe, Umalas is a hidden gem nestled between Seminyak and Canggu that everyone wants to be part of. Everyone knows that southern Bali is the hip and happening epicentre with groovy beach clubs, hip cafes, and gorgeous  Bali villas. With so many options in […]

  • Bali’s tourism tax – all you need to know

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 8 February 2024 Seminyak

    Bali’s new tourism tax comes into effect on the 14th of February, 2024, with all the funds going to preserve Bali’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.  Although it’s a small sum of money at only Rp 150,00 per person, this can add up if you travel with a large family. And add the arrival tax […]

  • Best restaurants on the beach in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 16 January 2024 Cafes & restaurants

    Want to know where to eat in Bali with sensational ocean views, great beachfront ambience and yummy family-friendly menus? From Seminyak and Canggu in the south to other parts of the island like Uluwatu and Sanur, we have shortlisted the very best beachfront restaurants in Bali with eye-catching picture-postcard sea views. Most travellers visit Bali […]

  • Villas Near Seminyak Beach

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 14 January 2024 Seminyak

    So, Seminyak is your favourite hot spot on the island? You are not alone! Everyone loves this neighbourhood. This famous cosmopolitan beach town in southern Bali features world-famous beach clubs, spectacular sunsets, high-end shopping experiences, a thrilling dining scene, and nightlife. Seminyak is all about beach life in style, never boring and always following the […]

  • Best Date Night Restaurants in Canggu

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 30 December 2023 canggu

    Are you planning a special night out to ignite the romance with that special someone? Staying in a fabulous private pool villa in Canggu? Wondering where to go for a romantic evening out? This blog is for you! On a side note, hiring a personal chef should certainly be on your list of things to […]

  • The Best Things to Do in Seminyak

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 11 December 2023 Seminyak

    There is no doubt about it: Seminyak is the most fashionable and sought-after tourist destination in Bali. This cosmopolitan beach town in the south of Bali is home to famous beach clubs with sunset views and lively streets with boutique shops, coffee shops and restaurants. Seminyak attracts families, couples, solo travellers, and expats. It’s a […]

  • Best Things to Do in Uluwatu

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 23 November 2023 uluwatu

    Hidden beaches with virgin sands and the bluest waters imaginable, Uluwatu is a beach paradise – the best in Bali! Beneath towering limestone clifftops, you will find beaches with perfect surfing waves and pristine beaches where you can swim with your family. Uluwatu is home to fantastic clifftop bars and fabulous beach clubs. There are […]

  • Organic Cafes in Seminyak

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 16 November 2023 Seminyak

    Where to find vegan/organic menus & vegetarian-friendly food in Seminyak you’ll keep coming back for? Gone are the days when your average vegan hang meant eating alfalfa sprouts with a bunch of hippies. Bali has taken vegetarian cuisine to a new mouth-watering Instagrammable level. The fashionable Seminyak has so much to offer, depending on what […]

  • 10 Ubud Cafes With A View

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 12 November 2023 Ubud Travel Guide

    Amid ravines and never-ending greenery, Ubud is famously known as Bali’s spiritual and wellness hub. Fittingly, on your next visit to Ubud, you’ll find many cafes centralised around this notion of health and wellness. Fear not; for those who want a more ‘vacation-like’ experience, Ubud still has its fair share of your typical not-so-nutritious eateries […]

  • What’s So Great About The Canggu Shortcut

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 25 October 2023 canggu

    Oh, Canggu! The beloved coastal paradise, where the waves are endless, the sun is always shining, and the food is nothing short of heavenly. If you’re lucky enough to call a Canggu accommodation your home during your Bali getaway, consider yourself truly fortunate. This place is a treasure trove of surf, sun, nightlife, and culinary […]

  • Best Desert Places in Canggu (UPDATED 2024)

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 21 September 2023 canggu

    Although it’s famous for its buzzing nightlife, Canggu has plenty of daytime delights to offer, especially if you’ve got a serious sweet tooth. And guess what? If you staying in Canggu with your family, you’re in for a sugar-packed adventure! To satisfy those sugar cravings, with Bali Villa Escapes, we’re about to take you on […]

  • Bali with toddlers – everything you need to know for 2024

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 31 August 2023 family holidays

    Travelling with a toddler is part of being a parent, and taking them overseas with you on your Bali holiday is something you’ll cherish forever.  The island of Bali is jam-packed with exciting things for parents to do. With magical temples, delicious food, great beach clubs, fantastic surf, stunning views, friendly locals, gorgeous sunny beaches, […]

  • Best Romantic Getaway Villas in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 12 July 2023 Villa Insights

    Bali, with its stunning natural beauty, enchanting sunsets, and idyllic surroundings, is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Imagine escaping to a private villa with your loved one, where you can indulge in luxurious amenities, enjoy breathtaking views, and create unforgettable memories. Bali Villa Escapes offers some of the most romantic 1 bedroom villas […]

  • Best Activities for Families in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 3 July 2023 family holidays

    Bali has been on everyone’s travel bucket list for a while now. The island’s beautiful beaches, lush flora, fauna, and warm hospitality make it the perfect holiday to unwind and relax. And if you’re travelling with your children, you can enjoy various activities that will make up a lifetime of memories. Don’t worry about your […]

  • Best Day Spas in Ubud

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 23 May 2023 Day Spas Bali, Ubud Travel Guide

    With rainforests, river valleys and rice paddies, Ubud is surrounded by wild tropical nature. Ubud is not only the cultural heart of the island but also the spiritual epi centre with plenty of tranquil day spas to try out. You can easily spend a week exploring this lively town and its beautiful, mystical surroundings. Think […]

  • Best Gyms & Fitness Centres in Seminyak & Canggu, Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 10 May 2023 Seminyak

    Like most travellers on holiday, you can tend to let yourself over-indulge, so the following are the best gyms and fitness centres in Seminyak and Canggu. Beach running in the early morning before the heat kicks in is always a good idea! Seminyak Beach is perfect for beach runs & Echo Beach is great for […]

  • Best Spas in Uluwatu

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 19 April 2023 uluwatu

    Uluwatu is located on the gorgeous Bukit Peninsula in south Bali. The area is also referred to as ‘The Bukit’, and it is mostly known for its paradise-like white sandy beaches and epic surf breaks. The area is lively, hip and happening, and great fun to explore on a motorbike! There are many amazing beach […]

  • 10 Best Cafes in Pererenan

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 9 April 2023 canggu

    With our beloved Canggu getting busier and busier with the day, Pererenan is the next best place to be in Bali! What used to be a nice, quiet area right next to Canggu is now hip and happening, with all sorts of cool news cafes opening up. Pererenan hasn’t lost its easy-going, laid-back atmosphere, and […]

  • Best Restaurants in Seminyak

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 5 April 2023 Seminyak, restaurants seminyak

    If you’re coming to Bali and want to experience some of Seminyak’s fabulous high-end dining cuisine or perhaps a great restaurant to take the family, then you will be spoiled for choice. Seminyak’s dining options are endless. The list seems to keep growing yearly, with celebrity chefs and well-known restaurant operators setting up shop in […]

  • Best Things to do with Your Kids in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 25 March 2023 what to do bali

    Off to Bali on school hols with the kids and wondering what to do or where to take them? Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered with a whole bunch of great activities (both culturally and physically) to burn off all that holiday energy. If you think that the beach or the private pool family holiday […]

  • Restaurants in Bali I can’t wait to try in 2024

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 3 February 2023 Cafes & restaurants

    Bali is buzzing, and so many exciting restaurants are tempting holidaymakers throughout the island; my tastebuds are jumping for joy! From healthy breakfasts, long brunches and boozy lunches to the best vegan cafes and amazing dining experiences – we are all foodies here at Bali Villa Escapes.  Regarding the best restaurants in Bali (Seminyak, Canggu, […]

  • Best Beach Clubs in Canggu

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 29 January 2023 Beach Clubs Bali, canggu

    Here are the best beach clubs in Canggu you need to visit in 2024—all the best places to chill, suntan, drink, eat, and hang with your mates. Designer cocktails, glistening swimming pools right on the beach & internationally famous DJs, scrumptious nibblies – we have gone to Canggu’s best and biggest beach clubs just for […]

  • Best Day Spas in Seminyak

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 8 January 2023 Day Spas Bali, Seminyak

    A relaxing holiday in Bali is not just about lying by the pool or hitting the beach; it’s also about being pampered and doing something nice for yourself. If you’re staying in a Bali Villa, you can always organise a massage or spa treatment by the pool at your villa, but for a truly indulgent […]

  • BEST Burgers in Bali (UPDATED 2024)

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 7 November 2022 Cafes & restaurants

    They’re huge, oh-so-yummy and dam, they are delicious. Yes, it’s the burgers in Bali.  We’ve gorged our way through the island to bring you the best burgers to satisfy those cravings. It’s going to get fun with those melted, cheesy, dripping burgers!  We know Bali has excellent local food and delicious, trendy cafes, but when […]