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  • Best traditional Balinese cooking classes

    By admin-bve 12 June 2018 Ubud

    Part of the charm of staying in a villa in Bali is the absolute pleasure that comes from… not cooking. Naturally, when we’re on holiday, the last thing on our minds is making grocery lists and toiling away in the kitchen when we could be lounging at the pool in our luxurious Bali accommodation. That […]

  • Surfing the Bali coasts: Newbies and Advanced

    By admin-bve 16 May 2018 canggu

    Booking a Bali villa is a sure fire ticket to experiencing the colourful food, culture, yoga, and festivals that this Indonesian island has to offer. There is one other thing however that Bali offers and it can’t be bought with money; only with time, a bit of effort, and a keen desire for a visceral […]

  • Best Hikes in Bali leaving from Canggu & Seminyak.

    By admin-bve 8 May 2018 canggu

    While we can’t really argue that a trip to Bali isn’t about food, massage and yoga, we can tell you that there is even more awaiting your eager travellin’ self. One of the most striking aspects of visiting this Indonesian Island is the natural landscape itself. The land is rich with terraced rice fields, dramatic […]

  • Traditional Balinese food and where to eat it

    By admin-bve 24 April 2018 Sanur

    Staying in a villa in Bali almost always holds promise of incredible and innovative food within walking distance or a short motorbike ride. These days you will find high quality cuisine that caters to, and beyond, the Western palate of the thousands of travelers flocking to the gastronomical hubs of Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, and the […]

  • Honeymoon dining in Seminyak

    By admin-bve 19 April 2018 Seminyak

    Honeymooning in Seminyak is nothing short of dreamy. If you’re staying in a Seminyak villa for a week or two with your new beau then you’ll be on the lookout for the most romantic places to eat, and activities to do. Staying in a Bali villa on this incredible island means that you have access […]

  • Events and festivals to visit during your stay in Bali

    By admin-bve 12 April 2018 Ubud

    Staying in a luxurious Bali villa is reason enough to make the trip to this charming Indonesian island, but there is more to be said for becoming a temporary local. Over the last decade, Bali has become somewhat of a hub for events and festivals of all sorts where people gather from hundreds of different […]

  • BALI VILLAS for rent near Old Man’s

    By admin-bve 12 April 2018 canggu

    Old Man’s in Canggu Bali is now considered an iconic institution. Located at the end of the popular & teeming with shops, restaurants and cafes; Jalan Batu Bolong, people flock here for a sun downer with their friends or family to watch the sunset. Grab a seat by the bar or in the garden area […]

  • Sightseeing Canggu, all you need to know

    By admin-bve 2 April 2018 canggu

    Staying in a Canggu Villa holds promise for a lot more than the nearby Kuta nightlife or dining at the many revered Bali-style restaurants in the area. While these experiences are still vibrant and sought after, the surrounding landscape encompasses traditional terraced rice fields and expansive coastal territory. Almost part of the natural environment, the […]

  • A day in the life: Staying in Seminyak

    By admin-bve 14 March 2018 Seminyak

      Planning a trip to Bali can be equally as inspiring as it is overwhelming. So many things to do and perhaps a limited number of days to experience it all. How will it all fit in? We like the idea of simplifying the planning process so that you can arrive in your luxurious accommodation […]

  • Seminyak Yoga Studios

    By admin-bve 7 March 2018 Seminyak

    Staying in a luxurious Bali villa has more to offer than fresh mangoes by the pool every morning. Perhaps one of the sweetest treats on hand at the Seminyak villas is the convenient proximity to the world renowned yoga studios that Bali is so famous for. If it’s your first time travelling to Seminyak it […]

  • A Day In The Life : Staying In Canggu

    By admin-bve 22 February 2018 canggu

      Perhaps the best part about waking up in your luxurious Canggu villa is the realisation that you have nowhere to be and nothing to do. However, some people might find the transition from a busy life to a holiday rather challenging, so we’re here to offer some gentle structure to your otherwise free flowing […]

  • Legian Villas to rent near DOUBLE SIX BEACH

    By admin-bve 13 February 2018 Legian

    Double Six Beach with it’s array of beach front restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and proximity to the action and excitement of Legian central is the perfect place for your holiday in Bali. Double Six Beach is located between Kuta and Seminyak and runs for about 500 metres. Legian beach at sunset is a magnet for […]

  • What is so great about Ubud, Bali

    By admin-bve 6 February 2018 Ubud

      Bali, an unassuming landmass in a string of Indonesian islands, and simultaneously the crossover point for so many life paths making their journeys around this globe. People come in search of themselves and people come to get away from themselves. They come for cheap thrills and for the luxurious Bali villa experience. Where better […]

  • Health food cafes in Seminyak worth visiting

    By admin-bve 2 February 2018 Seminyak

    A trip to Bali always holds promise of eclectic magic and cultural infusion. Some of the best villas in Bali are known not only for their glassy house views of the pool or their jungle-esque surroundings, but instead for their proximity to… food. That’s right, luxury accommodation in Bali is really about being well rested […]