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Surfing the Bali coasts: Newbies and Advanced

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  • Surfing the Bali coasts: Newbies and Advanced

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 16 May 2018 surfing bali

    Booking a Bali villa is a surefire ticket to experiencing the colourful food, culture, yoga, and festivals this Indonesian island offers. However, Bali offers one other thing: fantastic surf. From beginners to experienced, Bali offers something special for surfers of all levels. Surfing in Bali is truly a one-of-a-kind activity, as Bali harbours a unique […]

  • Best Beaches in Bali to Surf

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 27 April 2016 Seminyak, Legian, surfing bali

    Bali is a surfer’s dream, but for most newbies to the sport, the heavy reef breaks and powerful swells can be somewhat intimidating. Many travellers coming from Australia have all heard about how fantastic the swell is in places like Uluwatu, Canggu and Padang but unfortunately cannot try it out because of the treacherous conditions […]

  • Surfing in Bali, some great tips

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 20 April 2015 surfing bali

    Want to learn to surf in Bali? Are you thinking about taking up this amazing sport? Here are some great tips for newbies and advanced surfers on where to surf in Bali. If you want to know where the best surfing breaks are in Bali, the following is great information for all surfers who want […]