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  • The Hippest Hipster Markets You’ll Find in Bali

    By admin-bve 15 March 2019 what to do bali

    How to discover and locate the local Bali market scene requires significant research, word of mouth and a combination of local knowledge which most travellers to Bali don’t necessarily have. Luckily we have an in depth insight into the best markets to find the hippest and coolest items. Such items as home-wares, jewellery, quality souvenirs, […]

  • Essential phrases & etiquette when travelling in Bali

    By admin-bve 24 September 2018 what to do bali

    When you’re craving magical island vibes of healthy food, yoga, tropical scenery and perfect weather, it’s easy enough to hop on a flight and book your luxurious Bali accommodation. Bali is so wonderful it’s almost like an adult playground, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it is home to over 4 million people, most of […]

  • 10 Classic Mistakes Foreigners Make in Bali

    By admin-bve 22 August 2017 what to do bali

    Most Australian’s have been to Bali many times but for the handful that are newbie’s to this magical island following are some classic mistakes many people have made that have put a dampener on their holiday. Try to avoid doing these things and you will end up having one of the best holidays of your […]

  • 9 Casual cafes to Lunch in at Seminyak

    By admin-bve 30 June 2015 Seminyak, what to do bali

    There are so many new and amazing looking cafes popping up all over Seminyak that it’s often hard to keep up to date with what’s happening. A casual stroll down the Jalan  Kayu Aya, also known as Eat St, will reveal a new start up cafe or restaurant nearly every month. For the average tourist […]

  • 6 Things NOT to do in Bali

    By admin-bve 15 May 2015 what to do bali

    What not to do in Bali Bali is a great holiday destination. We absolutely love it, but because of the cultural differences between Australia and Bali we thought we would highlight 6 things that you must not do while holidaying in Bali. All visitors should take note of these if they are going to have […]

  • 5 Reasons Why I Love Bali

    By admin-bve 26 February 2015 Seminyak, what to do bali

    As an avid traveller to Bali and some one who keeps on returning to this fabulous island at least 2 to 3 times per year I have to ask this question; why do I keep on coming back here, what keeps drawing me to this place and why do I love it so much? Following […]