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Best Things to do with Your Kids in Bali

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  • Best Things to do with Your Kids in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 25 March 2023 what to do bali

    Off to Bali on school hols with the kids and wondering what to do or where to take them? Don’t stress; we’ve got you covered with a whole bunch of great activities (both culturally and physically) to burn off all that holiday energy. If you think that the beach or the private pool villa isn’t […]

  • First time to Bali? Some helpful facts

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 25 January 2022 what to do bali

    As I sit on the Virgin non-stop flight from Brisbane to Denpasar, I have to kill a few hours because there is no Wi-Fi or free entertainment for the next 6 hours. So there’s the first tip for you if you’re flying Virgin to Bali: make sure you download their ( Virgin’s) entertainment app before […]

  • The Hippest Hipster Markets You’ll Find in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 13 January 2022 what to do bali

    How to discover and locate the local Bali market scene requires significant research, word of mouth and a combination of local knowledge which most travellers to Bali don’t necessarily have. Luckily we have an in-depth insight into the best markets to find the hippest and coolest items. Such items as home-wares, jewellery, quality souvenirs, trendy […]

  • Family friendly tours in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 12 November 2021 what to do bali

    The island of Bali is utmost diverse with endless things to do ranging from clubbing, shopping and dining to outdoor adventures, spa journeys, cruises, watersports, wildlife and underwater exploration. The best news is, Bali isn’t that big at all, so no matter where on the island you are staying, you don’t have to miss out […]

  • Things to do in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 2 February 2021 Seminyak, Legian, Ubud Travel Guide, Sanur, canggu, what to do bali

    Your go-to guide to Bali’s best tourist attractions. Make the most of your island getaway with these amazing activities in Bali, from sipping cocktails in your villa and beach club, partying in Canggu or Seminyak, enjoying world-class day spas to watching cheeky monkeys in Ubud or bartering with locals in Legian for that Bintang T-shirt. […]

  • Best Day Spas in Petitenget

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 28 January 2021 Seminyak, what to do bali

    Holidaying in Bali is completely relaxing, but to add an extra level of relaxation and pampering for your Bali holiday, it’s a great idea to make time to visit one of the many fantastic day spas dotted around the Petitenget / Seminyak area. Like most people who come to Bali, you are probably staying in […]

  • Bargaining in Bali…You Must Read This

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 5 December 2020 what to do bali

    Bali is full of exciting local products to buy and services on offer by the vendors. But, for most tourists who are coming to Bali for the first time, one thing they really need to know about is that it’s totally OK to bargain. Yes, that’s right. I must admit that the practice has died […]

  • Best Tattoo Studios in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 23 September 2019 what to do bali

    Tattooing has a fascinating set of connotations depending on where in the world you are from and how old you are. Now, just drive around the island of Bali, and you will see the yogis with mandala tattoos, hipsters with line work, Aussie lads with traditional ink and Indonesian Paks with intricate barongs staring menacingly […]

  • Essential phrases & etiquette when travelling in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 24 September 2018 what to do bali

    When you’re craving magical island vibes of healthy food, yoga, tropical scenery and perfect weather, it’s easy enough to hop on a flight and book your luxurious Bali accommodation. Bali is so wonderful it’s almost like an adult playground, sometimes it’s easy to forget that it is home to over 4 million people, most of […]

  • 10 Classic Mistakes Foreigners Make in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 22 August 2017 what to do bali

    Most Australians have been to Bali many times, but for the handful of newbies to this magical island, the following are some classic mistakes many people have made that have dampened their holiday. Try to avoid doing these things, and you will have one of the best holidays of your life! These tips are gold […]

  • Casual cafes to lunch in at Seminyak

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 30 June 2015 Seminyak, what to do bali

    Fancy a quick bite to eat with the kids, perhaps chillaxing over lunch with your best mates or going for a refuel after browsing the shops along Jalan Kayu Aya? Following are some great cafes in Seminyak with a really casual vibe that you will absolutely love. Updated by Steven Waldberg (one of the Bali […]

  • 6 Things NOT to do in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 15 May 2015 what to do bali

    What not to do in Bali; you have been warned! Bali might seem like a place where there are no rules & you can go absolutely crazy, those days are long gone. Bali is a great holiday destination. We love it, but because of the cultural differences between Australia and Bali, we thought we would […]

  • Be Careful when Changing over money in Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 12 May 2015 what to do bali

    Careful when changing money in Bali Here’s the go-to guide on changing money and not getting completely ripped off at the same time. Updated 12th April 2023 Before reading this article, I just wanted to point out a very important thing about changing money in Bali, so take note: If you are staying in one […]

  • Best Things About Bali

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 26 February 2015 Seminyak, what to do bali

    Bali has such an attraction; the beaches, the food, the cheap nasi gorengs, the dreamy massages and the quick plane flight. Following are 5 reasons that I can immediately think of five reasons that make me want to return as soon as I arrive back in Sydney. Bali, for me is like a magnet, and […]

  • How Much Should I Pay for a Massage in Bali?

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 22 February 2015 Seminyak, what to do bali

    From $10 for a 1 hour Bali massage to $120 for a massage in a day spa… they are all blissful, dreamy & budget-friendly. Find out how much you should really be paying for one of these dreamy massages. You can thank us later! Updated: 1 November 2023 There are literally thousands of massage spas, […]

  • There is Now a Cinema in Kuta!

    By Steven (your bali travel expert) 4 March 2014 what to do bali

    Visit Beachwalk Cinema in Kuta The number of times I have wished there was a cinema complex in Kuta is amazing. But now, that wait is over. Guess what? Kuta now has a new cinema complex, and it is right in the heart of all the tourist action on the beach, and it’s called Beachwalk. […]