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Bali Travel Update (29th April 2023) – for Australians wanting to go to Bali!!

For any Aussie like me wanting to go to Bali, it’s possible.

I’m doing it, so don’t freak out with all the bad publicity. It’s just there to shock you.

 Updated 14 April 2022

Bali is now completely open, and you can easily get there from Australia or anywhere else in the world – yihaaa!!!! All you need to do is test negative at the airport and be free to go.

 Updated 24th May 2022

Access to Bali is even easier, with no PCR test required from Australia to Bali.  Read this article for more information here.

Updated 29th April 2023

You still need to produce your vaccine certificate, BUT that’s more from the Australian side, as immigration in Bali never asked for any proof. COVID is basically forgotten in Bali.

Indonesia is open, and the good news is; that it’s only 2 days and 3 nights of quarantine in Jakarta for the moment – this is likely to go down. Once in Jakarta, it’s a quick 1-hour flight to Bali, where you are free to do as you please. It’s as simple as that. So stop stressing and moaning that Bali is closed and there is no way to get there – well, there is!! Garuda flies once a week from Sydney to Jakarta ( every Wednesday – at the moment, and this will ramp up very quickly with demand), so you can easily get there. Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin are likely to follow this next year around March – if you can wait that long. I say go for it now. They are already selling tickets online for 2022 to Bali.

I paid around AUD $1500 for a return economy class flight, and this is over the Christmas period, so the price is about the same as pre covid.

There’s a bit of paperwork, but the team at Bali Villa Escapes can help. So for those of us hanging out to get over there, you can!!! Watch this video, please!!! I’m Steve, and I’m the head of marketing at BVE I can be reached anytime on 0402 222 605 to go over this and any travel plans or concerns you may have. Most people are terrified about losing their deposit or blowing their cash, but we offer travel vouchers in case things go pear shaded ( and in most cases, they won’t)!! See our terms and conditions regarding travel vouchers – that should put your mind at ease.

I feel that the quarantine period will come down as per the article in the Bali Sun: Bali Tourism Association Proposes The Government Reduces Quarantine Time To 1 Day.

So if you umming and erring and thinking that you’ll put off Bali but are still really keen to go, the above video is a must-see!

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