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Bali Villa Escapes has over 20 Bali travel experts committed to helping you have the best holiday villa experience. Below are just a few of our key personnel in charge of the whole process.

Our aims are very straightforward: a blissful holiday experience in a fabulous villa.

We know that choosing a villa is more complicated and challenging when so many options are available. So our goal is to simplify the process and eliminate all the hassles by choosing the perfect villa that matches exactly your holiday style and budget. Our management and reservation team is here to help 7 days a week. So book your next holiday villa with confidence, knowing you’re dealing with an all-Australian company with offices in Sydney & Bali.

Nathan Ryan

Nathan Ryan, a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in property management and real estate, serves as the Director of New Business and Co-Founder of Bali Villa Escapes. Originally hailing from Australia, Nathan made the bold move to Bali in 2009, where he swiftly made his mark by establishing successful ventures in real estate and tourism. Residing full time in Bali, Nathan is not just a dedicated professional but also a loving family man. Alongside his Balinese wife and two boys, Nathan has embraced the vibrant culture and enchanting beauty of Bali, making it his home. His genuine connection to the island and its people adds a personal touch to his approach in creating tailor-made villa experiences for guests. With Nathan at the helm, Bali Villa Escapes is driven by a vision to redefine luxury villa rentals in Bali. Entrust your vacation dreams to Nathan Ryan and the Bali Villa Escapes team, where unforgettable escapes await.

Steven Waldberg

Steven is one of the founding members of Bali Villa Escapes and had the vision of creating a website dedicated to Aussie travellers who wanted to rent a holiday Bali villa from a team of Australians in Bali. Steven has worked in the marketing industry for over two decades and heads the marketing team. His love for Bali is evident, and he has been coming here for well over 30 years; he’s an avid surfer and travel blogger who strives to provide all visitors to the website with the most up-to-date villas, information and everything you need to know about your Bali getaway. His favourite villa is Villa Bondi; he loves the Canggu and Uluwatu areas.


Mark Tulloch

Mark was born in Melbourne, Australia, all the way back on the 22nd of April 1971 at Bethlehem Hospital. As a global traveller and expat, hospitality is his thing; with an extensive resume of High-Volume, High-End Venue and Hotel Management on an international scale, he decided to end his time in London and join the team in Bali back in September of 2014. He oversees the Reservation team and is hands-on in Operations, providing top-end Quality Control across all the villas we market. Bringing Western hospitality training to the locals here in Bali. His favourite place to visit in Bali is Bedugul, and he hopes to buy land and build there one day when he retires. Married to a local girl and father to a beautiful 11-year-old daughter. His favourite villa is Villa Yin.

Andrew Cooley

Andrew, from Australia, heads the Bali Villa Escapes legal team and has lived in Bali for many years. Andrews’s job is to make sure every villa we market is legit and totally compliant.


Yayuk was also born in Denpasar, Bali, on the 2nd of February 1989. She is one of our longest-standing team members and joined our company in 2013. Working out of our new office on Sunset Rd, her favourite villa is Villa Josoluma. Yayuk spends her spare time visiting the Kintamani village with her family. She has 3 kids between the ages of 4 and 12 and is happily married. Yayuk is our “Conversion Queen” and loves to ring the bell on each client she books, creating a buzz in our open-plan office.


Ade was born in Denpasar, Bali, on the 24th of November 1985. He joined our team as a Villa consultant for Bali Villa Escapes in 2016. He works out of our office on Sunset Rd Kerobokan, and his favourite villa is Villa Yang. Ade’s preferred place to spend time in Bali is in Ubud and Kintamani. He has 3 kids aged between 8 and 14, and as a single Dad certainly has his hands full. Ade is our resident “Rock Star” and keeps the team in good spirits.


Eris, born in the capital city Jakarta on the 11th of October 1991, moved to Bali in 2014 and was “Headhunted” by Dewi from one of our competitors in 2022. Our newest team member, with an extensive knowledge of the  Villa market in Bali, loves the Maya Villa in Canggu. Her secret spot to escape to in Bali is the mountain village of Bedugal, which reminds her of her mother’s village back in Java. Eris lives close to the office in Seminyak and is our resident “Miss Knowledge & Supreme complaint handler”, a real asset to our business and a great support to the team.


Dewi, another local, was born in Denpasar, Bali, on the 20th of April 1987. Dewi is our Reservations manager and oversees the rest of the team, handling enquiries directly from Bali Villa Escapes. She has been with us since our first office back in 2014. One of Dewi’s key roles is overseeing Karang Saujana Estate, comprising 6 high-end cliff-top villas; her favourite is Villa Saujana.  Dewi lives with her family, enjoys spending time with them, and lives in Mengwi. It seems our team all enjoy similar areas in Bali, with Dewi’s favourite also Kintamani. Nobody messes with the “Queen of the castle”  – Miss Dewi.


Stevani was born on the island of Sulawesi in the northern region on the 25th of March 1985 and moved to Bali in 2010 and joined us at our original office in 2014. Stevani, like Eris, prefers the Waha villa in Canggu as her favourite. Stevani’s most desired getaway is spending time with her family, visiting Kintamani, with 2 children aged 3 and 8 and happily married living in Kerobokan just up the road from our office, known amongst the team as ”Superstar Stev” She has regular dings of the sales bell.


Bagus was born in Denpasar, Bali, on the 27th of January 1981. He comes from a long line of distinguished title holders connected to the Royal Family of Denpasar. Bagus is happily married to a beautiful local lady and has 3 kids aged between 2 yrs old and 12 yrs. Old. He joined our company 9 years ago in 2016 as an experienced Villa Manager overseeing 1 of our Villa sections, including 10 stand-alone villas. Bagus’s most preferred style of Villa is anything like Villa Pintu Biru in Seminyak, and he looks forward to spending time with his family in Bedugal. Bagus recently got internally promoted and stepped up as operations manager for our managed portfolio, which is a great step in his career. He is silently known amongst his peers as “Dennis” due to his undying interest in basketball.

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