Bintang Supermarket in Legian – a quick tour

Bintang Supermarket is in the heart of Legian  ( actually it’s really on the border of Seminyak )  and is the place everyone and I do mean everyone shops for all their food supplies and goodies including alcohol to take back to their  Villa in Legian.

It’s so popular that people from other parts of the island make their way here just for the experience and the value for money.

There are heaps of other supermarkets such as Popular, Carrefour and Pepito but Bintang supermarket outshines them when it comes to the range and variety of goods and products they have on offer.

At first, as you enter the doors it might seem like a normal smallish supermarket but the place keeps on going on and on. It’s jam-packed with absolutely everything you could ever want for food, groceries, household supplies, toys, home care, pet care, cakes, sim cards, mobile phones basically anything you can think of, it is there. There are loads of staff on hand so the queues do not get too large which can happen on the weekend as people begin to stock up for dinner parties and their weekly shopping.

The vibe here as you would expect is really Asian, unlike other supermarkets that have become too homogenous and very cookie cutter. Bintang supermarket has a character all its own and this is why it’s so much loved by locals, ex-pats and tourists.

The first floor is where most people shop as this has all the fresh food and produce. There is also a second floor and this is reserved for household items like clothing, bedding, sheets and towels as well as other little items such as thongs and shoes.

So if you’re preparing for that special dinner party  or just want to impress the family with your cooking skills or even whipping up a quick BBQ for the kids and family, Bintang Supermarket will have everything you need and probably more

There is even fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish section with loads of frozen foods. The supermarket is in an area where there is parking and other restaurants so you can have a bite to eat before you go shopping. Finding the place is really easy as it’s along the famous shopping strip Jalan Raya Seminyak opposite the popular Warung Mades and near the intersection of Jalan Nakula. The hours of opening are 7 am till around 10 pm which should give you ample time to get there and stock up. So if you wondering where you can buy groceries in Seminyak or Legian, head to the one and only Bintang Supermarket.


Address: Jl. Raya Seminyak No.17, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung

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