Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak Bali – take a closer look

For those of you that want to experience something really sensational then you simply must visit Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak Bali. This is without a doubt the leading day club in Bali if not the whole of Asia and from the video your can see why. It was an overcast day but still it was pumping with loads of tourists from all over the world coming here to have the Potato Head Experience.

From the moment you walk through the long pathway that meanders through a set of funky teakwood window shutters, the tone is definitely set for something special and unique. Potato Head really delivers the wow factor as you see the landscape in its entirety open up in front of you. In the distance you see the gorgeous beach, followed by the pool, the restaurants and the bars. On top of this add all the beautiful people, including children and you have a cosmopolitan mozaic mix of what can only be described as hedonistic pleasure. Alcohol, great food, groovy tunes and one of the most beautiful Balinese back drops creates one of the most frequented tourist hot spots in Seminyak. It’s design is such that you feel like your entering a massive stadium, almost colosseum  like where a grand spectacle is presented in all its glory right in front of you. It’s hard to resist the temptation to be drawn in. Like a magnet it takes you in and then the fun really begins. It’s a dining and entertainment experience that only the Balinese somehow know how to do with extraordinary attention to detail.

Whats on the menu at Potato Head?

There’s really something for everyone with an extensive menu and wine list to satisfy the most discerning palettes. The menus are broken into lunch and dinner and there is a sumptuous a-la carte menu in the upstairs Kaum restaurant. All food is prepared fresh on site and most produce is locally sourced. So many people simply come here for the day and prefer to sit and have a casual dining / eating experience by the pool or chill out at one of the many bars. It’s got such a relaxed and laid back vibe that your much more inclined to grab a pizza slice as you come out of the pool after a quick dip.

Where is Potato Head?

As you would have guessed it’s on Jalan Petitenget  which puts it smack bang in the heart of Seminyak. Most people will either be sating locally in one of the many Seminyak Villas or hotels dotted around the area. Having said that, Potato Head is such a well known tourist destination that there are bus loads arriving all the tine dropping eager diners and party goers off who are perhaps staying in other areas of Bali. There is no entrance fee for Potato Head so anyone get get in. Dress code, however is smart casual and make sure you bring your swimmers as you will probably want to take a dip in the pool if your here for the day.

What’s going on at Potato Head?

As one of the premier clubs in Bali there is always something happening at Potato Head. Whether it’s an international DJ flown in from Europe for the night or a kids party on a Sunday morning, Potato Head has a great events management team that are always planning something exciting. The best thing to do is go to their website and see whats going on. Their events page is particularly helpful – click here.

Potato Head can get a bit crowded sometimes but the reasons for it’s popularity become immediately apparent once you spend some time here. The quality of the service, the fabulous food, the amazing cocktails, watching the beautiful people make  the whole atmosphere addictive. You just want to spend more time here especially after a few of their yummy signature cocktails.

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