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Why book a tiny room in a hotel if you can stay in a 2 bedroom private Legian villa with your own private swimming pool? Are there any in Legian? Yes, there are – we’ve got some great 2 bedroom villas for you to enjoy! Legian is the place to be for families wanting to stay close to the beach and just a short drive from the shopping and dining streets in Seminyak.

You can easily get around on foot, having a coffee here and there, stopping for lunch at a local warung or dinner at a beachfront dining venue. At the end of the day, you will always have your private pool villa to come home to and that is just priceless!

In the morning, you can take a plunge in the pool before having breakfast at the table in your living room. You can stroll down to the beach for a swim, learn to surf, have cocktails or a cold Bintang and a whole lot of beach fun before the sunset kicks in. In the evening, back in the living room of your private holiday Legian villa, get comfy on the sofa and watch some TV before calling it a day and returning to your air conditioned bedroom . Another perfect day in paradise!

Our 2-bedroom villas are indeed great for families but also perfect for two befriended couples or a group of friends wanting to find out what Bali holidaying is all about. Need help tracking down that perfect villa in Legian? Contact us now and we’ll get it done!

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