Legian Villas to rent near DOUBLE SIX BEACH

Double Six Beach with its array of beach front restaurants, shops, bars, clubs and proximity to the action and excitement of Legian central is the perfect place for your holiday in Bali.

Double Six Beach is located between Kuta and Seminyak and runs for about 500 metres. Legian beach at sunset is a magnet for tourists, ex-pats and local Balinese who all come here between the hours of 3 pm and 8 pm to watch this amazing show.

Whats happens here is that the bars along the beachfront ( and there are about a dozen of them) all take out bean bags and this is where most people congregate. It can be madness; with the music and the crowds, but this is overshadowed by the show that nature puts on. Have a look at the video below to get an idea of how popular the beach is just around sunset time.

You should also note that this area is also known as Padma Beach so if you coming here in a taxi you might want to mention this name as well. Having said that the place is so popular that all you have to say is Double Six beach and everyone will be able to point you in the right direction.

For those holidaymakers Double, Six beach is also a great place to surf as the waves are fairly easy here plus it is patrolled. Unlike other parts of Bali, where the bottom is a reef, making it dangerous for swimmers and surfers, Double Six beach is all sand so it is relatively safer. Still take caution!

Families coming to Double Six Beach

For families coming to Bali, Double Six  Beach is perfect for renting a daybed and spending the day here sun baking, getting one of the old ‘Ibus’ (ladies) to give you a massage or perhaps buy that sarong you have always wanted from the hordes of vendors who ply their trade up and down the beach strip.

If you’re feeling peckish at lunch there are lots of cafes and restaurants just across the road where you can take the family for a cheap n cheerful (yet really delicious) meal. Because this is a seriously popular location they do cater for all tastes and will have kiddies meals such as the typical hamburgers and pizzas.

Around Double Six Beach

One of the main attractions about Double Six beach is that it’s so close to other parts of southern Bali that are tourist hot spots such as Seminyak, Kuta and newly emerging playgrounds like Umalas & Berawa. This is why staying in a Legian Villas near Double Six beach is such a great idea and the following are a few of the best villas in Legian that are all within easy walking distance to the beach.

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