The Ultimate Travel Guide To Seminyak, Bali

All you need to know about the uber hip area of Seminyak – your ‘go to’ guide to Bali’s most celebrated, social, dining & cafe scene

Seminyak is seriously popular with so many Aussie and international tourists & after reading this you’ll know why.

Since forever, Seminyak is THE place to be for a fabulous, unforgettable beach holiday. A buzzing, trending seaside town in the south of Bali where a cosmopolitan lifestyle goes together with beach vibes, shopping arcades, Melbourne-style coffee shops, world-famous restaurants and buzzing nightlife. Seminyak is a trendsetting place where Bali meets the Western world and it is the most well-known tourist town on the island! Seminyak attracts a fabulous mix of expats, tourists and locals and it is bursting with charm, liveliness, fun and excitement.

Just a 10-minute scooter or taxi ride from Legian/Kuta but it feels like a complete different world. Seminyak is upscale, happening and chic, home to fashion boutiques and fancy shopping malls, yoga studios, health food cafes, beach clubs, gyms, luxury spas and a wide range of excellent restaurants.

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Seminyak is an extremely dynamic, vibrant, colourful and energetic, it’s a place where foodies, shopaholics, beach lovers, party goers & families mix together to enjoy the atmosphere that’s so unique to this fabulous beach town. There is always something going on in Seminyak and many travellers find themselves staying here in their private pool villa, exploring the rest of Bali by going on guided tours and day trips.

The beauty about Seminyak is that there are heaps of​ ​luxury villas​ to choose from – you can choose exactly that perfect villa to match your personal taste and holiday budget. Private, exclusive and comfortable, staying in a hotel or even a resort just doesn’t compare to the unique experience of staying in a private pool villa in Seminyak. On top of that, villas come in an extremely wide price range and it may even be cheaper to stay in a villa than in a hotel, especially when travelling with a group. People absolutely love the villa experience as it caters for all types of travellers and all budgets. Honeymooners, families, & groups of friends, there is something for everyone!

Best coffee in Seminyak

There are loads of places where you can have your daily coffee fix brought to you by trained baristas.

Didn’t think you could find good-quality coffee outside of Australia? You were wrong! Especially in Seminyak, you’ll stumble upon one great coffee hub after another. Coffee culture is something really cool and upcoming all over Indonesia. The youth is looking for unique coffee bars to hang out with friends. Places with locally-sourced beans and manual-brew methods – they are hip and that is great news for us, coffee addicts! In Seminyak, coffee is booming! From the best espresso you’ll ever have to your favourite cappuccino or even a coconut or almond latte – Seminyak is a coffee paradise no matter what kind of coffee you are into.

Where to go for the best coffee in Seminyak? We’ve made a list of must-visit coffee hubs from the most famous ones to little gems:

Revolver Espresso

When looking at where it all began in terms of coffee – you’d have to pop-in at Revolver Espresso, hidden away on a little side lane off the famous Jalan Kayu Aya (Oberoi’s Eat Street). Cool vintage interiors with an industrial feel, expert baristas and of course, excellent coffee – this place may not be a secret anymore but it is still one of our favourite spots to go for breakfast of lunch WITH coffee! Baby Revolver is the cute little sister on Jalan Petitenget and if your villa is located in this area of Seminyak, pop in here first thing in the morning (on your way to the beach, perhaps?!) just for coffee or cappuccino – that’ll give your day a great kick-start, alright!

“Bali Villa Escapes Tip: Revolver can be a bit hard to find but all you need to do is make your way to Seminyak Square cross the road, turn left and walk about 75 metres. You’ll see the huge logo on the sign. Then walk up the alley about 25 metres & your there”.

Visit: Revolver


One of the new kids on the block (though not really that new anymore), Expat.Roaster indeed roasts the coffee beans themselves and you can taste it! The brains behind this sleek, contemporary coffee hub are Australian Adam McAsey who also owns Sisterfield and B0$$man and Sydney barista Shae Macnamara, who won the Australian​ ​Coffee in Good Spirits​ contest in 2016. One thing you can be sure of at this place: Excellent coffee!!!

Visit: Expat.Roasters

expat roaster seminyak

Time for another cup of coffee at Expat Roasters. Photo Credit: @ expatroasters – Instagram

Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel takes coffee seriously and these baristas, passionate as they are about coffee, are amazing latte artists! No wonder this place turned into an Instagram hot spot! With their special Ripple Machine and patented printing technology, they can make just about anything. Your coffee may even reflect a mirror of your own image – say what?! Cool vintage pink interiors, good music and lattes come in all colours of the rainbow. What’s your favourite?

” Bali Villa Escapes Tip: there is a great gym next door called Soham so perhaps go there for a workout before you come to Coffee Cartel to refuel on delicious smoothies and yummy burgers”.

Visit: Coffee Cartel Bali

coffee cartel seminyak

Casual vibes and healthy eating at Coffee Cartel, Seminyak. Photo Credit: @ coffeecartelbali – Instagram

Corner House

Always packed with coffee addicts – tourists and expats – this can only mean one thing – they serve great coffee! In fact, Corner House serves Revolver Coffee and they also do very good juices. Located right on the start of Jalan Kayu Aya, across from Drupadi Street, this cafe is got good vibes going on and any time of the day is a perfect place to stop for a coffee or a refreshing pick me up juice while your busy shopping!

Visit: Corner House

cornerhouse seminyak

Great food & a central Seminyak location at the Cornerhouse. Photo Credit: @ cornerhousebali – Instagram

Shelter Cafe

This fabulous hang-out spot is hidden away on a little lane right above Nalu Bowls in Seminyak and despite the hidden location, Shelter Cafe is always busy! Almond latte, coconut cappuccino, cashew macchiato – they do it all. Combine it with a slice of home-baked pie or cake and you’re all set. Shelter Cafe also does very yummy lunch and breakfast as well as sharing plates – you’ll love it!

Visit: Shelter Cafe

shelter cafe

Start you day with a healthy juice & pancakes at Shelter Cafe. Photo Credit: @ sheltercafebali – Instagram

The Koop

The best coffee on Drupadi! The Koop has expanded their little cafe due to its success. Apart from being a coffee hub, they are also a roastery and a bakery. Yep – they do it all themselves and they prefer to work with locally-produced, organic ingredients. The coffee beans are hand-picked in the Kintamani highlands of Bali and they also have awesome single-origin specials from other islands across the Indonesian Archipelago. Do try their signature cold brew coffee, too, on a hot day when you can use a shot of caffeine. Thumbs up for The Koop!

Visit: The Koop

Koop Cafe Bali

Lovers of coffee will appreciate the Koop. Photo Credit: @ thekoopcafe
– Instagram

House of Portraits

Unknown and quiet hidden on Jalan Nakula near Legian (where Legian and Seminyak meet), House of Portraits is really an art gallery but it happens to be an art gallery where they serve very good, manual-brew coffee. Come and have a look at the artists work while sipping your coffee. All the beans are 100% Arabica and they are sourced from single-origin farms in Indonesia. A hidden gem you will love!

Address: Jl. Nakula, Legian. Ph +62 813-3729-4472

steven waldberg founder of Bali villa escapesThis article was written by Steven Waldberg, who is one of the founders of Bali Villa Escapes. Steve loves nothing more than driving his scooter around Seminyak taking videos of whats popular and what hip right now. He’s been featured in Readers Digest and has been coming to Bali for well over two decades. Check out the YouTube channel here.

Beach fun, spectacular sunsets, amazing surfing waves & world-class beach clubs

Seminyak’s golden stretch of sunset beach is where you want to be for just about anything: swimming, surfing, family beach fun, sunset drinks and renowned beach clubs. Most probably you’ve already heard about places like KU DE TA, Potato Head and la Plancha – well, all of these places are located on the beach in Seminyak!

Did you know that you can enjoy a very long and wonderful beach walk in this part of Bali? In fact, you could get out of the plane and start walking, passing Kuta Beach, Legian, Seminyak and all the way up to Canggu – it is one long wide beach, perfect for those who like to go for a morning jog!

Seminyak has several beaches. Double Six Beach is where you can chill out at those colourful beach bars with bean bags and parasols. La Plancha is the most famous one but there are many more. The look is totally Instagrammable and the vibes are always good! Be there at 4 pm and you can still go for a dive into the ocean before the sunset kicks in and the live music starts. Double Six Beach is also the best place to rent a surfboard or take a surf lesson.

Further up north, you will hit the famous KU DE TA Beach Club and they’ve got fabulous family Sundays if you are travelling with kids. Around Pura Petitenget, just a tiny bit further, there are more beachfront hang-out havens such as Mano Beach Club, the immensely popular Potato Head Beach Club and W Bali. After Petitenget, you will hit Batu Belig, home to one of the latest hot spots: Tropicola & the new huge beach club Cafe Del Mar ( which is a must see ). After that, you are already in Canggu.

cafe del mar seminyak

Enjoy music, fine dining, people watching & sensational beach views at Cafe Del Mar. Photo Credit: @ cafedelmarbali – Instagram

Accommodation in Seminyak

Seminyak is the epicentre of tourism and there is no lack of accommodation. Whether you want to stay in the heart of the action or somewhere more hidden or quiet, Seminyak has it all. Traditional Balinese or ultra-modern, romantic 1-bedroom villas, family-inspired 3-bedroom villas or even villas with up to 7 bedrooms with 24/7 butler services, the options are limitless!

The most wonderful thing about staying in a private villa is that you get to enjoy a swimming pool all for yourself. A villa has a private living space with a kitchen which is not only convenient but it can save lots of money not having to order food and drinks in the hotel’s restaurant all the time. Just stock up the fridge, perhaps you’ll even get cooking assistance.

There are lots of villa management agencies but do your research and read the reviews & do your homework before you decide to make a booking.

Eating in Seminyak

Seminyak is a paradise for food lovers! From amazingly tasty local food at the warung to world-class restaurants by 5-star chefs, eating out should be in your top 3 things to do in Seminyak. The famous Jalan Kayu Aya in Oberoi is also known as ‘Eat Street’ as it is home to a wide range of excellent restaurants including Ginger Moon, Sisterfields, Boss Man Burger, Grill’d, MamaSan, Ultimo, La Lucciola & Motel Mexicola.

Having said that, this ‘Eat Street’ is as much of a shopping street as it is a dining street and some restaurants morph into nightclubs as the night wears on. The trendy Petitenget Strip which connects to Jalan Kayu Aya is also home to splendid fine-dining options including famous restaurants such as Sarong, Merah-Putih, Metis and so on. Mexican, Greek, Asian, Thai and of course, traditional Indonesian – You’ll find all that and much more. People spending a week to 10 days in Bali won’t even scratch the surface of exploring all the restaurants in Seminyak.

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If you want to go local and get your taste of the best Indonesian food around, you have to go to the ‘warung’. There is nothing fancy about warungs – they are just simple eating stalls on the roadside but they offer an authentic food experience you would never find in a restaurant. The best local warungs in Seminyak are Warung Murah on Jalan Arjuna (on the way to Double Six Beach) and Warung Melati on a little lane just off Jalan Nakula (where Legian ends and Seminyak begins). Warung Melati is only open for lunch and around 3 most of the food is already finished as it is a favourite lunch spot among locals and expats. If you’re feeling hungry around noon – Warung Melati is the place to go!

Do you love Japanese cuisine and live jazz music? Do check out Ryoshi on Jalan Basangkasa any Monday evening and make sure to reserve yourself a table upstairs. This is no lame jazz band, Rio Sedik Quintet will get the party started! Don’t plan dinner too early as the band starts around 9.30 pm and the energy kicks in after the second set.

Made’s Warung offers an authentic Indonesian dining experience combined with traditional performances which is great for families with kids.

For more personal tips, ask the villa’s staff or just go stroll around on Eat Street and Jalan Petitenget to find your favourite restaurant.

places to eat in seminyak - Sisterfields

Places to eat in Seminyak – Sisterfields Restaurant

Nightlife in Seminyak

Partying till dawn, drink vodka shots and dance the night away in Bali’s biggest part area; Seminyak

Before you have finished your dessert it will be 2 am in Seminyak and this is where the fun really begins! Seminyak has a number of cool bars and nightclubs where you can party all night – be prepared to pay Australian prices for drinks as this is NOT Kuta or Legian. A night out here can be quite expensive but you are bound to have the time of your life!

Popular places to go partying are Ku De Ta, Potato Head, La Favela, Motel Mexicola & Red Carpet Champagne Bar just to name a few. There are lots more but these are just the most well-known ones, worth visiting. La Plancha also throws a good party on random weekdays and who doesn’t love a good party on the beach?!

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motel mexicola seminyak

Tequila, tacos & lots of great music. Party hard at Motel Mexicola. Photo Credit: @ motelmexicola – Instagram

Shopping in Seminyak

High end fashionable boutiques, tacky Balinese souvenirs, home wares galores; it’s all here in Semibyak just waiting for you. Take your credit card and be ready to do some serious damage!

Seminyak is a mecca for shopaholics! From contemporary shopping arcades to unique designers shops, fashion stores and local homeware shops, you can literally ‘shop till you drop’ in this fashionable beach town in Bali. on Jalan Kayu Aya you will find cute little boutique shops, funky clothing stores, surf shops, up-market and slick-looking galleries and chic, sophisticated shopping malls such as Seminyak Square and Seminyak Village. Shopping in Seminyak certainly comes with a price tag but you can hunt for unique items by renowned designers. Looking for souvenirs that are not too expensive? Bintang Supermarket has a large section of handicrafts and gifts to find presents for everyone back home.

On Jalan Basangkasa you will find many local souvenir shops selling clothing, jewellery, soap, bags and homeware items. It is a very long street that leads all the way to Legian and Kuta if you can’t get enough of shopping and more shopping. In these shops, it sometimes helps to bargain about the price. Up in Oberoi and Petitenget at those designers stores, all the prices are fixed.


Supermarkets in Seminyak

There are several large Western grocery stores to cater to your bigger shopping needs (mini markets are at the corner of every street!). Pepito offers great services and a wide range of imported products from all over the world. They sell freshly-baked bread, veggies, fruits, meat and fish. It is all fresh! You will find Pepito on Jalan Raya Petitenget and on Jalan Kerobokan. Bali Deli is another great option located in between Jalan Basangkasa and Sunset Road. Bintang Supermarket is great for souvenir shopping but they also sell everything to get your grocery shopping done.

Things to do with kids in Seminyak

If your worried about your kids getting bored and driving your crazy don’t!. Seminyak is super kid friendly…here’s why.

Take the kids shopping

Why not take the kids on a little shopping tour on the buzzing Kayu Aya Street in Seminyak? We know mum’s love it but surely their daughters will love it just as much if they can pick out a brand new summer dress to wear on the beach or wherever. It gets even better if there is time for ice cream and/or a smoothie with cake in between the shopping. Kids A Go-Go is a fabulous kids clothing store with the prettiest dresses in bright colours and cool prints and they’ve got cool outfits for boys, as well. Other cute shops include Jelly Fish Kidz, Mimpi Manis and Indigo Kids. You can even shop for a unique mommy and daughter outfit.

Kids spa time

Can you ever go and have some pampering spa treatment when you’re on holiday with the family? In Seminyak, you can! Kids pedicures, manicures and massages, they’re all available. The famous Jari Menari ‘dancing fingers’ spa on Jalan Basangkasa (Jl Raya Seminyak) has a 45-minutes kids massage on the menu. Think Pink Nails in Batu Belig is great for moms and daughters to get their nails done while lounging on massage chairs and sipping a drink. Fabulous!

Family Surf lesson

You just can’t get around it. When you are holidaying in Seminyak, especially with kids, you need to at least have 1 go at surfing. A family surf lesson is great fun and Seminyak is great for beginners. Before you know it, you are standing on your board, almost like a pro, riding the waves to shore. After this, you’ve deserved that cocktail! Santai Surf School is a great local family-owned surf school with ASI-approved instructors and Bali Green Surf School has got special family packages.

surf schools seminyak

Take the kids for a surf lesson – hours of fun. Photo Credit: @ baligreensurfschool – Instagram

Getting around in Seminyak; walking, by scooter or on the back of a Go- Jek.

Seminyak is not that big but it is big enough to keep yourself strolling around for days on end. Get yourself a villa in Oberoi or Petitenget and you can easily walk to the beach and explore the best shopping and dining streets around. Jalan Drupadi is also home to many villas and it is a perfect location, very strategic towards Oberoi, Dhyana Pura and Double Six. While walking can be nice it can also be tiring, especially during the hottest hours of the day.

Renting a scooter can be the perfect solution to transport yourself from your villa to the beach, to Warung Melati for lunch and back to Petitenget to check out some shops. On a scooter, you can also easily reach nearby tourist towns such as Canggu or you could drive to Uluwatu and check out some of the best beaches in Bali. Renting a scooter can be as cheap as AUS $ 6/day and it gets cheaper when renting the scooter for a week or a month. Alternatively, if you prefer you can download the Go Jek app ( Indonesia’s equivalent of Uber) and get them to swing by your villa or hotel and whisk you off to the nearest cafes or beach club. They are fast, cheap and you’ll love the app as you can track your driver’s approach.

There are also plenty of Blue Bird ( metred taxi ) taxis around but you do risk getting stuck in a traffic jam, especially when wanting to go to the beach to catch the sunset. Definitely ( if your brave enough ) use the Go Jek app for this. For day trips to Canggu or Uluwatu, it is wise to hire a personal driver as regular taxis are banned around the beach areas.

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