Shopping in Seminyak, some great tips

Shopping in Seminyak is a ‘must do’ when you are in Bali. If you are staying in or around the Seminyak area, there is really no escaping it. So grab your credit card and have some serious fun.

All you need to do is walk down the main street Jalan Kayu Aya and you will find heaps of trendy boutiques and chic shops just waiting for you. In fact, if you are there for the first time it can be a little overwhelming. So much to choose from.

The best thing about shopping in Seminyak is that each shop offers something different; each having its own unique personality and style. It’s basically a shopaholics paradise. But don’t be fooled shopping here can be better and more exclusive than some parts of Australia. Plus there is the new Seminyak Village shopping mall where you will find even more shops, restaurants and things to do for the kids.

If you are travelling with kids and your a serious shopper and you don’t want them getting bored, we suggest getting your villa manager to organise a day trip for them to a place like the Waterbom Park or the Splash Park at Finns Club. Getting to both of these destinations is easy if you go there by taxi. If you have toddlers perhaps a babysitter for the day is a good idea. Again, this can be arranged for you.

Shopping here is different to the rest of Bali. So you can put away your bargaining hat. Most of the prices here are set, so be prepared to pay full price for all items. If however, you do buy in bulk I am sure that there will be some room for negotiation.

It seems you can’t run into someone in Seminyak and not have them claim to be a designer; the reality is that many actually are. The shopping scene here is constantly changing: new boutiques appear, old ones vanish, some change into something else, while others move up to a whole new level. The great thing about Seminyak is that it just seems to keep on going. It’s really hard to tell the difference in areas like Seminyak, Petitenget, Umalas and Oberoi.

They all seem to blend into one and the best part about this is that each area has more and more shops. It really never ends so be very prepared to do heaps of walking and lots of browsing. In fact, I would say that a day is not enough. Break it up into small time slots where your shops for say 2-3 hours for a couple of afternoons. Never shop between 11am – 3pm as it’s just too hot walking the streets.

Shopping in Seminyak is really going to take a full day. Trying to cram in into an hour or two is not going to work. There are just so many distractions that it will be dinner time before you know it. This I can promise you. By the end of the day, armed with bags of designer clothes, it will be time for a sunset drink at Ku De Ta which is at the end of the shopping strip in the very chic Oberoi area.

Whilst shopping you will also notice heaps of cool restaurants and bars. You can easily spend the day and night here without leaving the area. In fact, in some cases this is all that people do. If you are in Bali in the high season, it might be a good idea to book in advance for some of the more popular restaurants to avoid being disappointed. Expect to line up for quite a while to places like Potato Head. It gets very very busy after 10pm.

The area known as Petitenget in Seminyak is the place to be when it comes to dining. Suss out the restaurants during the day whilst you are shopping and make a booking for dinner. There is such an array of cuisines to choose from; Balinese, Thai, Western, right through to Mexican restaurant /bars, where you can really make a big night of it if you choose. The scene is very hip, stylish with a bit of a funky edge. The whole place is exciting and full of energy.

If you are looking to get more traditional Balinese gifts and that trusty Bintang T Shirt then you will still be able to find the odd local vendor selling these in Seminyak. Here you can strike up a good bargain and haggle over the price if you like.

A great tip: if you love surfing and the lifestyle and the clothing that goes along with it, check out the Drifter Surf Shop in Seminyak . It has an eclectic mix of clothing, books and accessories that your going to love. Drifter is also a place to sit, relax, enjoy the great coffee in the café and watch the street traffic go by.

What a great way to spend a day in Bali!