Pharmacies in Seminyak – there are loads of them


If your staying in the Seminyak area or for that matter any other area in Bali and your worried that there are not going to be any pharmacies nearby then don’t be stressed as if there is one thing Bali is not short of that’s pharmacies. In fact in the Seminyak, Legian, Berawa and Canggu areas there are pharmacies such as the one in the video everywhere you look. The main pharmacy chain is known as Guardian and they happen to have their main flagship store in Seminyak. So , it’s more than likely if you run out of suntan cream, band aids, mosquito repellent, shaving cream, tampons, vitamins or even hair care products you will find it at the Pharmacy. There are other smaller shops like Circle K or Indomaret where you can get smaller items but for the main drugs such as anti biotics and headache tablets you will find them at your local Guardian. A curious point to note in Indonesia is that you do not need a prescription for most drugs. You can basically buy them over the counter which you cannot do back home in Australia.

So be careful not to prescribe or self medicate yourself. Always use caution. Another really interesting point to note is the number of staff at the pharmacy. There are literally 2 staff for every customer.  That’s the beauty of Bali and the customer service you get there. One other interesting point to note is that they do have a huge vitamins area as well as lots of medicine for coughs and colds so if you do find yourself feeling a little bit under the weather on holiday you can always find those creature comfort soothers and throat lozenges to get you through the day as there is nothing worse than feeling sick on holiday.

If your not staying in Seminyak and are in most other parts of Bali there are Guardian and local pharmacies  in most tourist areas. You really don’t have to go far to find one. A point to note is that they will always try to sell you the more expensive brand as your a foreign tourist with money but you should know that they do have generic brands which are a lot cheaper and contain the exact ingredients. So if you on a budget go for the cheaper option as they also do work. This is particularly true when it comes to Bali belly tablets that you might need. Go for the Indonesian brand as it really works a treat. The address of the pharmacy in this video is at Seminyak Square:   Jl. Kayu Aya No.18C.

You should also be aware that there are hawkers outside most pharmacies ( and we did see one or two out the front of this particular Guardian) who will try to sell you Viagara and Ciallis tablets. If your looking for these simply walk inside to the chemist and buy them over the counter as you do not need any form of doctors prescription. Avoid any type of pharmaceutical drug sold to you in the street.


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