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Shopping in Legian, Bali

It’s easy to see why so many travellers love shopping in Legian. It’s really a bargainers paradise as they walk the streets and mix it up with the very friendly and sometimes vocal local vendors who are keen to sell: sarongs, t-shirts, pants, Bintang singlets, wood carvings, towels, hats, fake sunglasses, fake watches fake wallets and an array of other fake jewellery and suitcases. Oddly enough some of these goods actually last quite a while. In some cases, they fall apart or break within weeks but you’ll find the clothing lasts for years.

There are hundreds of almost identical shops in the Legian area that stretch all the way from the main road Jalan Legian all the way to Double Six beach. Everywhere you turn and look there seems to be a local vendor trying to get your attention and sell you something. The trick here is to be polite and offer say 50% of the asking price and see where you end up. They actually love to bargain and will be really surprised if you accept the first price given.

The trick here is to have a budget and stick to it. Be prepared to walk away if you are not happy with the price. As you can see there are many shopping options so if one vendor is not coming to the party in terms of pricing there are others who will. Again, if it’s been a quiet day and they need to make a sale they will be keen to drop the price for you.

The art is all in the haggling and if you are a newbie to Bali and have never done this type of thing before you will soon get the hang of it. Bargaining in Bali is actually quite easy. Make sure you have changed your money beforehand so you have the local Rupiah ready for the transaction. It’s quick and it’s fun and it’s a huge reason why so many people love staying in Legian, especially in one of our fabulous Legian family villas.

While you’re out there pounding the pavement picking up a bargain, there are loads of small cafes and restaurants where you can stop for lunch for a quick refuel. Because you are in Legian the choices are endless when it comes to Balinese local cuisine or western dishes. If you shopping with the kids and they want some fast food there’s a McDonald’s and Pizza Hut in Kuta and lots of pizza/burger places all over Legian which are sure to satisfy those hungry appetites.

So go on and have a great time with all the local Balinese as you buy those great souvenirs.

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