Best Party Villas in Bali ( UPDATED 2021 )

Location, location, location – That’s what it all comes down to when looking for that perfect party villa in Bali!

After all, after a long day of snoozing by the poolside, having some water fun and sipping house-made cocktails, it is time to dive into the nightlife, go dancing, partying and drinking until sunrise.

You need an awesome Bali villa in trendy, happening places like Seminyak and Canggu with a fabulous private pool, a cocktail bar, ice-cold AC in the bedroom and a spacious living room with a very comfy sofa. Your villa is your home – it is your place to relax and prepare for yet another night out.

You also want to be near all the best bars, cafes and hip and happening places like the Eat Street area, KU DE TA, Potato Head, La Favela, Motel Mexicola, Vin +, Sea Circus, Deus Cafe, Champagne Bar, Mrs Sippy, Cafe Del Mar, Finns Beach Club, La Brisa, The Lawn and Old Man’s just to name a few.

The good news is that all of these party villas are super close to these awesome places.

You can either walk there, rent your own scooter and zip there really quickly or get your villa manager to call a taxi for your whole group to take you there.

The beds need to be more than comfortable and it needs to be dark even when the sun is out.

So get ready for some fantastic nights out where the action goes on long after midnight, bring your mates, your best friends and get ready to party hard in Bali & the best part is you can stay in style in your own private party villa!

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Here are the best party villas in Bali:

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