Why Batubelig in Bali is so popular right now

For those of you reading this the name Batubelig must sound very foreign indeed. Not many people have heard about it nor do they know where it is. But, the small area of Batubelig is literally 5-10 minutes from the hottest tourist mecca in Bali Seminyak. In fact, it’s right next door.

Everyone assumes they are staying in a Seminyak villa, because that’s the way most villas are marketed. Agencies heavily promote the Seminyak location as most people want to be near or in Seminyak, because that’s where the most popular bars, restaurants, cafes and shops are located. However people are unaware of the fabulous little pocket right next to Seminyak; Batubelig. This is what’s so great about the area, it’s sort of undiscovered.

Where is Batubelig?

It is located just north of Seminyak as you pass through the Petitenget area. If you grab a taxi it will take you about 10 minutes to get there depending on the traffic. It fits snugly between Seminyak and Canggu / Berawa which is a seriously good location. Because you are far enough away from the hectic pace of Seminyak, yet still close enough for a night out for dinner or spending the afternoon shopping. The location is great for a family or group getaway.

If you tell most people they are in Batubelig they would simply shrug their shoulders and say they thought they were in Seminyak.

But, there is a visible difference between the 2 areas. Batubelig is still somewhat untouched by the mass tourism that has engulfed other parts of Southern Bali like; Seminyak, Legian, Kuta etc.

The area has a rustic, peaceful charm but be warned, this will not last forever as the eventual tide of tourism and development slowly creep their way northwards. The inevitable developments of convenience stores, super markets, pharmacies, day spas and villas all catering to the growing tourist market is gaining strong momentum in Batubelig. Slowly but surely, the visible lines differentiating Seminyak and Batubelig will disappear.

However, this rise in tourism and development has and upside; there are some divine and very luxurious villas that are so much more affordable than Seminyak available as holiday rentals. Now I know this is a villa booking website and I am giving us a free plug here, but honestly, if your planning a holiday in Bali you really should consider this area for it’s level of affordability, prime location and the family friendly villas being newly developed.

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Some advantages of staying in Batubelig.

#1: You can get around really easily. All you need to do is rent a scooter and you can be in Seminyak within a couple of minutes and the very hip area of Canggu ( if you can find you way there) within 10.

# 2: There are some amazing restaurants in this area that you must try. Make sure you don’t miss Wild Hog for those fabulous ribs or La Laguna & Tropicola for a couple of drinks at sunset. If your into some local Indonesian cuisine there are dozens of restaurants and warungs all nearby serving cheap but delicious food.

# 3: If your coming to Bali as a family then the kids are going to want to go to the Finns Recreation Park. This place is a MUST SEE attraction with water slides, ten pin bowling and a massive in door trampoline centre. Guess what? Batubelig is where this is located! For the adults, they can chill out at the swimming pool or restaurants in the complex while the kids go wild on the water slides.

# 4: Fabulous and very trendy restaurants, cafes, fashionable boutique shops and chic day spas are popping up everywhere. There is not a day that goes by when someone will notice a new café, yoga  school , convenience store or patisserie opening. The place has a real buzz about it. Batubelig is still a ‘ go to’ destination where people from Seminyak or Canggu come  for the day to do some exploring or hang at the beach. If your staying here, all these wonderful experiences are right on your villa doorstep!

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Dining out in Batubelig

There is no shortage of dining options in Batubelig. In fact there is an amazing choice and variety of options; from 5 star gourmet dining to local warungs serving seafood on the beach. The place has it all. Most of these can be found dotted along the main road Jl. Batubelig.

The beach is where it’s really happening and here you can eat in a very casual atmosphere for next to nothing. These beach restaurants really cater for the back packer market but you will find the food it seriously good and when washed down with a cold Bintang, it only gets better. Most tourists come here at late afternoon to watch the sunset with friends and family and then have a meal afterwards before making their way back to the villa. This is holiday bliss and what makes Batubelig so popular. Make sure you try 707 beach bar in Batu Belig.


Batubelig Nightlife

People really don’t come here to party the night away. If you want that sort of thing you need to head to neighbouring Seminyak where there are more night clubs and bars than any where else on the island ( perhaps even in the whole of Indonesia). Batubelig has a more relaxed night time scene where the most trouble you can get up to is a few drinks at the beach front restaurants or bars. There is however, La Laguna & Tropicola  as the only two club attractions – maybe worth a look if you want to let your hair down. The good news is that getting home won’t be an issue as there areaways taxis passing by.

Batubelig Shopping

Most people will walk the main street and stop off at small, boutique shops that take their interest. There is really no shortage of cute jewellery, home wares, fashion or local vendors selling the usual souvenirs. Have a wonder and spend your time looking at the array of wonderful shops. Perhaps break it up with a soothing massage in one of the many day spas along the main thoroughfare.

Batubelig for the kids

You’ll find there’s heaps to do if your coming to Bali as a family and have a few kids that need to be entertained. Firstly., you have beach which is close by and secondly the Finns Recreation Club with water slides, ten pin bowling and a trampoline centre which is right in the heart of the area; perfect for keeping the kids occupied while the adults grab some time to themselves. There is also the beach which is great for swimming and surfing.

Batubelig Activities

If your into being pampered there are so many day spas that you are really going to be spoiled for choice. You can opt for the local cheaper version where you can get a massage for AU$10 or your nails and hair done for roughly the same price. There are also higher end options where you can indulge yourself in a wonderful world class spa with all the latest treatments ( facials, waxing etc).

batubelig day spas

For those who like the beach, Batubelig is the place to head. Here you can surf, jog and walk as far as you like. The beach goes on forever if you head south towards Kuta. The ocean here is more tranquil than other parts of Bali so it’s ideal for a family day out where you can enjoy the balmy warm tropical waters.

batubelig beach

If your keen on renting a luxury Bali villa in the Batubelig area please get in touch with us here at Bali Villa Escapes.