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10 Ubud Cafes With A View

Amid ravines and never-ending greenery, Ubud is famously known as Bali’s spiritual and wellness hub. Fittingly, on your next visit to Ubud, you’ll find many cafes centralised around this notion of health and wellness. Fear not; for those who want a more ‘vacation-like’ experience, Ubud still has its fair share of your typical not-so-nutritious eateries serving up the comfort food you know and love. 

What’s more is that in Ubud’s tranquillity and serene landscapes, you’ll find many hidden cafes serving good eats and arguably equally as good views. 

As long-time providers of the best Bali villas, we can safely say we’re more than familiar with all that Ubud offers. That’s why we’ve removed the headache from your holiday and collated our top ten favourite Ubud eats with a view!


If you’ve ever heard of Ubud, chances are you’ve heard of its stunning rice fields. Historically, the town’s rice fields boast unique irrigation systems and are plentiful across every part of Ubud. At Meru, you can not only see the town’s unique farms, but you can also taste them. That’s right, this ethical and sustainability-focused cafe practices a farm-to-table approach, so you can rest assured your meal is locally grown and sourced. Indulge in panoramic views of the luscious green fields and fresh, organic food. With line-caught fish from local waters, Meru’s seafood platter and sushi rolls are a must-try. For the visual eaters, Meru doesn’t skimp on aesthetics either, with all meals garnished from their home-grown herbs and flowers. If you want to experience the authentic produce of Ubud’s farms, forests and rivers, look no further than Meru. 

cafes with views ubud, bali

Feast on Meru’s freshly grown and produced Uramaki sushi rolls whilst taking in breathtaking views.

Powder Room by R4D

From the team at Room4Dessert (R4D), Powder Room is Chef Will Goldfarb’s newest initiative. Recently named The World’s Best Pastry Chef, Goldfarb’s Powder Room is a must-visit for all your dessert needs. The cafe is adorned with local greenery both in and out, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows and marigold yellow-inspired dining rooms that give the place a glasshouse-esque feel. Powder Room uses locally sourced ingredients in all their desserts, so rest assured you’re getting the freshest pastries possible. Whether you’re craving traditional bakery treats such as butter croissants and monkey bread or are feeling adventurous and want to expand your horizons, Powder Room has got it all. For something different, try their mulberry pop tarts or Thai tea babkas. Regardless of which sweet treat you choose, rest assured you’ll get the real thing – no artificial flavours or preservatives here!

cafes with views in ubud

Try exquisite locally grown flavours with Powder Room’s mulberry pop tarts. Source: Powder Room Instagram

The Sayan House

Immerse yourself in luscious greenery and harmonic rivers at The Sayan House. Located just ten minutes from central Ubud, on the border of the Sayan Valley, this eatery with views is sure to impress. The Japanese and South American fusion cuisine it boldly merges makes the place unique, other than its jungle views. Try their Sashimi Gunkan, a Japanese-inspired salmon sashimi garnished with South-American-influenced jalapenos and guacamole. For a truly unparalleled experience, The Sayan House also has an in-house sunset bar at the jungle’s edge. Enjoy delicious Latin-Japanese cocktails with a ravishing view!

cafes in ubud with views - the sayan house

Enjoy breathtaking jungle views at the Sayan House sunset bar. Source: The Sayan House Instagram

 Bee Cafe

 Located on a rice terrace modelled after the Wantilan Subak (irrigation community house), the Bee Cafe is truly an authentic Balinese gem. Spread across a lush rice field, the cafe is small compared to Ubud’s other eateries, seating a maximum of 24 people, making it a quiet and peaceful haven away from cityscapes. The Bee Cafe encourages you to get more out of your dining experience, offering a range of exclusive packages. You may choose to make a day out of your visit to the Bee Cafe, starting with a set breakfast menu, then a local picnic for lunch and an intimate candlelit dinner on the fields. Enjoy authentic Indonesian cuisine whilst having the ultimate Balinese experience.

ubud cafes with views - bee cafe

Experience tranquillity whilst dining on authentic Indonesian cuisine. Source: Bee Cafe Instagram

 Labak Sari

With affordable prices, authentic dishes and stunning views, Labak Sari is sure to be a hit. The menu boasts traditional Balinese dishes at wallet-friendly prices. Located on a viridescent rice terrace tucked away from Ubud’s centre, Labak Sari offers a pocket of peace so that you can take a step away from the hustle and bustle. What could possibly be better than enjoying high-quality food with serene views and not having to pay an arm and a leg for it? If you go down, consider trying their signature Nasi Goreng and Tempe Panggang. For a truly Balinese-inspired dining experience, pair your meal with the delectable flavours of the tamarind mojito. Labak Sari is one of Ubud’s hidden gems, open from breakfast to dinnertime.

cafes with views in ubud - labak sari

Enjoy affordable and authentic Balinese dishes overlooking luscious green rice fields. Source: Labak Sari Instagram


A haven for health-conscious diners, Moksa is an eco-friendly, plant-based cafe and permaculture garden. The entire space is 2500 square metres, with something to do at every corner. Walk through their entrance, lined with hanging trees and other natural beauties, to be led to the cafe, which practices a farm-to-table approach. Enjoy your favourite Asian-inspired dishes – think Mongolian jerky, squid salad and laksa noodles, but veganised! Next to the cafe lies Moksa’s very own permaculture garden, showcasing over 60 species of edible plants, which you can taste in their signature dishes. If nature and health are your thing, or even if it isn’t, Moksa’s fresh and organic approach might take you by surprise.

cafes with views in ubud - moska

Locally sourced plant-based food with a view at Moksa Cafe. Source: Moksa Instagram

Tis Cafe

Occupying multiple levels, this hilltop cafe serves Asian and Western fusion breakfast and lunch options and an array of tropical drinks to enjoy by the poolside. Think resort-style dining overlooking Ubud’s serene rice fields. For a village with no surrounding beaches, Tis Cafe’s infinity pool and palm tree truly give a beach-like illusion. To elevate your experience, Tis Cafe has a high swing and bird nest for photo opportunities, which you may choose to go on as a side quest pre or post-meal. Whether you come for the spectacular views across Tegalalang rice fields, the delicious fusion cuisine, the adrenaline-inducing swing, or all of the above, your visit will surely be worth your time. 

cafes with views ubud - tis cafe

Great views, plus a swimming pool to chill out at Tis Cafe. Source: Tis Cafe Instagram

Mr Wayan

Enjoy authentic Balinese cuisine overlooking the Wapa di Ume rice fields of Ubud. Immerse yourself in true Balinese culture with traditional dishes and local ingredients. Mr Wayan’s authentic meals are prepared with the Tri Hita Karana philosophy in mind, which preaches the importance of balance. Open daily from breakfast to dinner, you may feast on classic beef satay or Bongkot fried rice. Pair your lunch or dinner with Mr Wayan’s signature local or imported wines from their wine bar, which also serves up locally inspired cocktails. For breakfast, enjoy a variety of fresh pressed juices and classic pastries. If you’re lucky, you may come on the same day as the iconic Balinese dance performance, ensuring you enjoy dinner, views and a show!

cafes with views in ubud - mr wayan

Authentic Balinese food with a view at Mr Wayan. Source: Mr Wayan Instagram


With an inclusive menu catering to vegans, ketos and gluten-free, there truly is something for everyone at Akasha. This space is designed as a bio-architectural hub for guests from all walks of life. Their philosophy welcomes every guest to embrace their individualities and surrender their sense to Akasha’s culinary delights. Providing gluten, dairy, soy and peanut-free gourmet food, the establishment strives to provide healthy food that isn’t only good for you but also tastes good and leaves you feeling good. Akasha ensures you get the most out of your food with activated, free-range, pesticide-free ingredients. The bamboo-inspired art sculptures and tapestries make this a dining experience with a view. Visit the space for an event, such as their regular movie nights, sound healing, or just dinner.

cafes with a view in ubud - akasha

Enjoy a cosy afternoon lunch at Ubud’s Akasha. Source: Akasha Instagram

Green Kubu

Surrounded by rice paddies, lilypad lakes and on the outskirts of the jungle, Green Kubu is known for providing affordable and tasty Indonesian dishes. Dine on your favourite classics, such as Nasi Goreng, whilst enjoying stunning landscape views and live music. For those seeking an adventure, try walking across the stone pathway on the heart-shaped rice terrace. If you’re coming in for dinner, locals suggest arriving around 6 pm to experience a breathtaking sunset across the rice field. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, the stunning sunset and authentic cuisine at Green Kubu is a must-try!


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