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  • Pererenan Travel Guide

Pererenan Travel Guide

Pererenan, a village far from sleepy, is the latest gem on Bali’s evolving Southwest Coastline.

Its unique blend of thriving energy and gentrified charm sets it apart.

Pererenan Bali

Pererenan still has gorgeous rice field views – see the Bali of yesteryear in the fabulous unspoilt area.


Tourism in Bali, as we all know post-COVID, is at an all-time high. Glitzy beach clubs, epic cafes, uber cool Michelin-starred restaurants, boutique shops, and jaw-dropping villa accommodations are slowly creeping up the coast from Seminyak through to hip Berawa and all the way up north to Canggu’s cool little sister, Pererenan. Slowly, over the last two years, the ‘in crowd’ and tourists have looked north to the pristine rice fields, friendly locals and wonderful local little warungs to call Pererenan their home and with this comes a whole bunch of new and exciting things for people to enjoy like the most amazing restaurants, cafes, and beach clubs (Finns, La Brisa, COMO and Luna). Pererenen is going off, and people are crazy about this neighbourhood nook in Canggu.

You might think that Pererenan is miles away, but it’s, in fact, right next door to Echo Beach, and you can easily walk there via the beach and bridge to the massive statue that marks the beginning of Pererenan.

If you’re curious about staying in Pererenan and want to experience the next big thing in Bali, the following are helpful insights into the area.

Pererenan Weather

Pererenan is best to visit during the dry season, which runs from May through September when it’s drier and less humid than the wet season that’s the rest of the year. It can rain heavily during the wet season, but it can be sporadic and rain for an hour or two, meaning the rest of the day is sunny. So all up, Pererenan weather is fine most of the year and an excellent place to holiday.

Things to see & do in Pererenan

Your stay in Pererenan is all about a salty, sun-kissed holiday. Although it’s a sleepy village slowly evolving in 2024, it’s still an area where life revolves around the beach and strolling up and down the main thoroughfare, Jalan Pantai Pererenan. Don’t come to Pererenan and expect Seminyak or Kuta-like attractions; it’s more of an upmarket boutique area with lovely quant shops, friendly homey cafes and lovely alleyways with hidden tropical villas. You’ll mainly see expats sitting in cafes working on laptops, digital nomads, people walking their dogs and now lots of holidaymakers working their way down to the beach for a surf or sunbake.

Tours & Activities

Pererenan style is relaxed and scenic with rolling ricefield views (but this may not last long with the development of gyms, cafes and tons of villa developments) and black sandy beaches. The best things to do in Pererenan are surfing at Echo Beach (great waves for all levels – beginners should head to Old Man’s as you can walk there in 10 minutes), cafe hop, shop, beach walks, have a cheap local massage, chat with locals and visit neighbouring central Canggu’s Bato Bolong area for lots more exciting cafes and general tourist activities. In the other direction, up north, a day trip to the famous Tanah Lot Temple is a must for sunset Instagram snaps, or next door to Seseh, which is how Pererenan was five years ago. A great way to explore Pererenan is by hiring a push bike and making your way among the rice fields and small alleyways.

what to do pererenan

Hire a bike and explore the laid back area of Pererenan


tanah lot temple bali

Visit the famous Tanah Lot Temple for sunset photos. Walk around and explore the area for a fun day out—it’s about a 25-minute drive north of Pererenan.

Best Restaurants in Pererenan


Sandwiches for holidaymakers in Pererenan with a hint of the Mediterranean touches added. You can also buy salads and other family-friendly treats. Casual quick feed at great prices.

Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.112, Pererenan

Bottega Italiana

Handmade pasta cooked to perfection. Bottega is so popular with restaurants in Berawa and Seminyak that Pererenan was a natural progression. With 9 sauces and 11 types of pasta to choose from, the kids will love this place.

restaurants pererenan - bottega

Family-friendly with oh-so delicious handmade pasta, Bottega in Pererenan is perfect for a great hearty meal.


Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.7, Pererenan, Kec. Mengwi, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80351

Hippie Fish Pererenan

Great dining by Pererenan Beach with sensational views of the surf. Come to Hippie Fish to watch the sunset over a few cocktails with your friends. You can’t go wrong here if you want a nice view of the ocean by a beach and fantastic seafood.

Address:  Jalan Pantai Pererenan no. 171, Pererenan Beach, Pererenan, Canggu.

Shelter Pererenan

It is one of the most popular restaurants in Pererenan, where everyone goes for super tasty food. With an extensive menu and wine list, it offers great food, good vibes, and a fun night out.

Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.133, Pererenan, Canggu

Genius Bistro

It’s a popular French restaurant to go to if you love steaks and rib eye. Casual dining offers great food, wine, cocktails, and excellent coffee with rice field views (at least for now).

Address: Jl. Sempol, Pererenan, Canggu, Bali


Get your freshly battered fish and chips. They do it so well, and you’ll love their burgers.

Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.90, Pererenan, Canggu


Roots is all about fresh vegan dishes. It is famous for its power breakfast, perhaps after a morning surf. The food is delicious, so this must-visit place is a must.

Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.121, Pererenan, Canggu]


Croissants, coffee and delicious pastries in this ever-so-popular bakery/cafe. The perfect place to stop, hang and enjoy the passing parade with a cafe latte.

Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.118, Pererenan.


If you’re in Bali and fancy a fabulous Mediterranean feast, Zali is the place to go! With sumptuous Lebanese food, filling mezze plates, and a range of tempting dishes, visit Zali for a great experience. Make sure you leave room for their dessert.

Address: Jl. Pantai Pererenan No.152, Pererenan, Canggu

Shortcut Cafe

Simple, uncomplicated food that tastes superb. The menu has everything from burgers to acai bowls, fab coffee, grilled seafood, and more. It’s a definite winner and a casual place to stop to refuel.

Address: Jl. Sempol No.19, Pererenan, Canggu

If you want to go for a meal in Bali, then Pereerrenan is an exciting destination. You don’t get the huge crowds or traffic like other parts of the island, which makes for a chilled evening with friends or family. And if you want to come for a fun day out, go to the beach, check out a few day spas, do a spot of shopping, and, of course, brekkie after a beach walk/surf, lunch, or dinner experience.

A few other cafes worth a look are:

Woods: delicious food in a jaw-dropping setting!

Touche Pererenan: great for breakfast and lunch in a chilled casual setting.

Brunch Club Pererenan: come here for brunch or whatever – the food is delicious.

The Shady Fox: a cocktail bar with good vibes.

Pererenan Nightlife

For now, and we are thankful for this, Pererenan is not a place to go to to party the night away. Most nightlife revolves around having drinks at a restaurant or inviting friends to your villa for a catered BBQ night or party. Some might say this is ideal: you’ll find the vibrant nightlife of Canggu just moments away but still enjoy lots of chilled times while relaxing at your Pererenan villa.

Best Day Spas in Pererenan

best day spas in pererenan

After a day at the beach or sightseeing, why not have a dreamy massage at one of the many-day spas in Pererenan?


Esthetic Day Spa: one of the best day spas in Pererenan and well-priced if you’re on a bit of a budget

Kokosfell: buy all your skin care products here, especially after a day at the beach

Maria Curau: Non-toxic, vegan & cruelty-free Beauty Spa in the heart of Pererenan

Hair by Therapy is another vegan-style hair salon that uses filtered water to be kind to your hair.

The Best Co-Working Spaces in Pererenan

Tribal: This is a super-impressive co-working space with yummy food, a sunny swimming pool if things get too hot, private booths for essential meetings, and, what’s best, it’s absolutely free!

tribal coworking in Pererenan, Bali

Tribal is the most popular coworking space in Pererenan. Come for the day and meet other coworkers!


Outsite Bali: It’s a beautiful location with a pool and excellent Wi-Fi. The atmosphere is calm, and there are plenty of seats. Plus, there are always events like movie nights and BBQs. Give this a go for digital nomads looking for the next big working space.

Pererenan Neighbourhood

Pererenan is a relatively relaxed neighbourhood just north of Canggu, offering a mix of traditional Balinese homes and a few Hindu temples. As the area expands, there is now a vast supply of private villas, many rented by long-time Bali ex-pats. Walking around Pererenan, there’s no actual centre except for the main road, Jalan Pantai Pererenan, which extends from Jalan Raya Canggu to the beach. Along this road, you’ll see all the shops, day spas, cafes, etc., so a fair amount of walking is involved. Most people stroll up and down the road till they eventually hit the beach, where there are now a few restaurants, and I’ve heard a new Potato Head now has the green light for construction. Overall, Pererenan has a cool hip vibe that will continue until it turns into another central hub. So, see it while it’s still reasonably unexploited with ricefield views.

Pererenan Beach Bali

The standout feature of Pererenan is the huge statue at the beach’s entrance. Come here for the sunset and enjoy magical views.

How to get around Pererenan

You can mostly walk around Pererenan, as much of what you need will be within easy walking distance of your homestay, hotel, or villa. But if you want to explore other areas like Seseh, Cemagi, central Canggu, or even further south to Seminyak, it’s best to get a Grab or Go Jek. These ride-sharing Apps are cheap, and the drivers are everywhere, so waiting times are small. You might also like to rent a scooter to zip around at your leisure. A point to note is that traffic is relatively calm in Pererenan, but once you get to the main roads like Jalan Raya Canggu or drive through the Canggu shortcut, you’ll hit heavy traffic conditions. If you want to rent a car and driver, you can arrange this or let your villa manager know which is better for families or groups.


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The Best Villas in Pererenan

If you want to take advantage of all the great things in Perernan without the hassle of braving the Balinese traffic, staying in a Pererenan villa is the perfect solution. The following are a few lovely villas close to the cafes, shops and beach in Pererenan.

Villa Panas Sekali: 1.8 km from Pererenan Beach with a tropical vibe.

villas in pererenan - villa panas sekali

The gorgeous 3-bedroom Villa Panas Sekali is the perfect family holiday villa.


Villa Manusa: 2.8 km from Pererenan Beach and great for a family holiday

villa manusa in pererenan canggu

4 bedroom Villa Manusa is perfect to explore Pererenan and central Canggu.


Villa Matahari: 200 metres from Pererenan Beach with chef and butler

Sungai Tinggi Beach Villa: 100 metres from Pererenan Beach.

Villa Tana Takah: 250 metres from Echo Beach near beach clubs and cafes.

Please contact our reservation team if you want to stay in other Bali villas. Our concierge team will be able to help you choose some fantastic villa options. 

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