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28 Knockout Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Bali

Amazing vegan restaurants in Bali: Where to find plant-based yummy dishes & vegetarian-friendly cuisine you’ll love!

Gone are the days of hippie hang-out vegan restaurants & cafes where the only thing on the menu was alfalfa sprouts. Today even hardcore meat eaters wanna hit these fab vegan joints.

If you’re thinking about eating out in Canggu, Seminyak, Uluwatu or Ubud and you are a vegan or vegetarian, please don’t stress as there are heaps of cafes and restaurants in these areas that are cheap and serve the most delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes. There are so many vegetarian restaurants that I can only list a few of the very best we have tried. They are all open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so if you happen to be staying locally, dropping in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is worthwhile.

They all serve local Balinese and Western dishes and, in most cases, are close to one of the Bali villas you’re probably staying in. If you need to get there for dinner, please ask one of our villa staff, and they will be able to organise transport for you. If you are the adventurous type and have a scooter, then getting there will be easy, especially if you happen to be staying in one of our Canggu Villas or Seminyak Villas.


1. Pels Supershop

They have combined a bike shop where you can purchase a bicycle and have some fantastic vegan dishes simultaneously. It opened in Sept 2015 and has been a huge success since its doors opened. The reason why is the food…’s simply delicious, so after a big surf or a day lazing around your villa or the beach, get over to Peloton for their healthy salads, amazing health juice shots ( we had heaps of these) and of course the coffee. It’s a buzzy hive of activity here, with people coming and going with positive energy – you will love it!

Visit: Pels Supershop

Address: Jl Raya Pantai Berawa, No. 46, Canggu, p. +62 813 3761 9335; Open 8am – 9pm

best vegan restaurants bali - pels supershop in canggu

Pels Supershop is one of the original vegan restaurants in Canggu, and we love it! Convenient Berawa location. Photo Credit: Pels Supershop Instagram


2. Secret Spot

The Secret Spot is an import for Uluwatu, where it first opened, but due to its insanely popular success, there are now two cafes in Canggu. Yes, that’s right, two restaurants (one in Berawa and the other between Batu Bolong and Batu Mejan). An extensive menu is packed with tons of vegan goodies to salivate your taste buds. It’s open for brekkie, lunch and dinner and is a favourite hang for most digital vegan nomads who want to stay super-healthy in Bali. Try the Chocoholic Smoothie Bowl with Organic cacao or the Southwest Chicken Bowl, packed with Tofu nuggets, Sweet corn, guacamole, nachos, and spiced chickpeas. There’s even a gluten-free lasagne with vegan cheese. Of course, there are also the usual pressed juices, and to top it off, try their Beyond Meat Lover pizza with Smoked feta. Yummmmyyy!

Visit: Secret Spot

Address: Jl Pantai Berawa No. 44, Berawa & Jl Tanah Barak No. 7, Canggu; Open daily 7.30am – 10pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - the secret spot

With 2 Canggu locations, The Secret Spot is a great hang for those lovers of vegan food – def check it out. Photo Credit: Instagram

3. I Am Vegan Babe

This forward-thinking plant-based Canggu cafe is growing in popularity because of the delicious vegan dishes coming out of the kitchen. However, most meat eaters who come here would not know the difference as every dish is so scrummy! Their amazing club sandwiches stuffed with plant-based turkey are a winner. You’ve gotta try the fake bacon on the sandwiches oozing – can you believe it tastes like cheese with their homemade vegan-style mayonnaise? The burgers here are serious business stuffed with all great vegan filling and super satisfying that you’ll have to hit the gym after to burn off those excess calories! There are also many other exciting things on the menu for you Canggu health freaks, like salads, wraps, colourful yummy bowls and freshly made juices. What a great name and a fantastic place for vegans to have brekkie, lunch or dinner.

Visit: I Am Vegan Babe

Address: Jl Tanah Barak No. 49, Canggu, p. +62 811 3892 205; Open daily 7am – 9pm.

4. Batu Beets Berawa – now closed

Delish huge salad bowls are the name of the game in this newly opened cafe in the heart of Berawa. Prices are super reasonable for the number of yummy salads you get with all the extras.

Visit: Batu Beets

Address: Jl Pantai Berawa 168 Tibubeneng, Canggu

5. Tiga  in Canggu

This is a new kid on the block, not strictly in Canggu. The food is displayed so everyone can see it, and you pick what you want, and the staff will add it to your plate. So many choices and a great variety of options for vegans wanting to try great food in a very relaxed and no-frills place. Well-priced as well.

Visit: Tiga

Address: Jl. Nelayan No.27, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia

6. Shady Shack

The Shady Shack is one of the original hipsters; digital nomad hangs where people would come for their famous vegan dishes and desserts. The vegan menu and the portions are large, making this place excellent value. The location is also attractive as you still get rice field views, and the street is relatively quiet – for now! It makes a great post-early morning surf stop where you can enjoy your first kombucha for the day with a fresh smoothie followed by a wheatgrass or turmeric shot. For lunch, go with the tempe bowl or the protein bowl and don’t forget their delicious shack attack burger or the vegan cheeseburger. Shady Shack is more of an experience where you can people watch, much on tempting titbits and soak up the boho-chic Canggu vibe.

Visit: The Shady Shack

Address: Jl Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu, p. +62 819 1639 5087 / +62 812 3611 6466; Open daily 8am – 10pm

best vegan restaurants bali - the shady shack in canggu

Great vibes and delish vegan food in one of Canggu’s original vegan restaurants at, The Shady Shack. Photo Credit: The Shady Shack Instagram

7. Crate Cafe

Crate Cafe is the must-visit restaurant in Canggu because of two simple things: the food is amazing, the portions are huge, and, oh yes, it’s super cheap and fantastic value. They have the island’s best vegan salad bowls, fresh juices, coffees and smoothies. And the crowds are there to prove it! Choose from various salad bowls and expect to be blown away by the taste. The guys at Crate have a winning formula for the 20 and 30-somethings all wanting to eat healthy in Canggu.

Visit: Crate Cafe

Address: Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No.49F, Canggu, Bali

8. Falafel Temple

For felafel lovers, Falafel Temple has all those juicy Mediterranean falafel balls and tasty hummus and baba ganoush sides you could want. Tucked away on Jalan Pantai Berawa, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find this little gem where you can fill up on healthy pita pockets stuffed with your fav Middle Eastern dishes. While Falafel Temple doesn’t promote itself as strictly vegan, all its dishes are plant-based and sourced locally, so you know it’s fresh. For groups coming here wanting to try the mezze platter, which is enormous.  We love the shakshouka for breakfast which kept us filled for most of the day.

Visit: Falafel Temple

Address: Jl Pantai Berawa No. 35, Canggu, p. +62 811 396 7979, e.; Open Mon-Sat 10 am – 10 pm and Sun 11 am – 9 pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - falafel temple in canggu

Satisfy your falafel cravings at Falafel Temple in Berawa. Photo Credit: Instagram

9. Samadi

Samadi is one of the most popular yoga studios in Canggu. They’ve also got one of the favourites hangs for post-yoga sessions at their cafe, serving vegan fare based on natural ingredients, Ayurvedic gourmet recipes and raw organic food from local farmers. It doesn’t get more uncomplicated and honest than Samadi. So after your lengthy yin yoga session or even after walking along Echo Beach, head to Samadi for food that will heal you from the inside. Samadi has also opened Samadi Warung Indo serving delicious vegan Indonesian dishes with prices that will put a smile on your face. So forget about overpriced Canggu cafes; these guys want to make Indonesian vegan food affordable for everyone, including these budget backpackers wanting to detox after a big nite out. Afterwards, for a treat, go to Velato, which is also part of Samadi, for some yummy vegan gelato.

Visit: Samadi Bali

Address: Jl Padang Linjong No. 39, Echo Beach, Canggu, p. +62 812 38312505, e.; Open daily 8am – 9pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - samadi in canggu

Samadi in Canggu serves authentic vegan food, perfect after a long yoga session. Photo Credit: Instagram Samadi Yoga

10. Manggis in Canggu

Manggis in Canggu is a small, well-run family cafe and restaurant where good ol fashioned vegan fare is on the menu. However, the twist here at Manggis is the menu. They cook unique vegan creations where spices from the East meet the standard flavours of the West. The dishes are simply fabulous, and the prices are really family-friendly if you’ve got a lot of mouths to feed. I love the Indonesian satay with soy protein sticks and chimichurri or the jackfruit slider with sweet potato chips and BBQ jackfruit. If you want to try a few famous Indo dishes with a vegan twist, go with the Spicy Bakso Lakso with Peranakan spicy noodle soup, flat rice noodles, edamame, tofu bakso, bok choy, bean sprouts – absolutely AMAZING!!

Visit: Manggis 

Address: Jl Pemelisan Agung No. 7, Berawa – Canggu, p. +62 8113 880 885, e.; Open daily 7.30am – 10.30pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - manggis in canggu

Have you ever encountered a dish you love so much you keep ordering it?⁣ Well, you will at Manggis in Canggu. Photo Credit: Instagram

11. Burgreens

Burgreens is an all-vegan restaurant in the heart of Canggu, and people call it one of the best vegan experiences they’ve had in Canggu. So it’s worth getting over there for their all-natural plant-based meats and cheeses with authentic Asian flavours. So yummy as you get to have all those fab Indonesian dishes with aromatic spices, and the best part is; it’s entirely 100% vegan. These guys know how to cook up a vegan storm with vegan rendang, the Mighty Mushroom Burger, a beef-less steak, and vegan boba. Plus, all their food is free of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics. Our fav is the Holy Vegan Hot Dog with protein-packaged chickpea & seitan vegan sausage on a wholewheat bun, served with chips & organic salad, drizzled with homemade BBQ sauce, mustard, & vegan mayo.

Visit: Burgreens

Address: Jl Pantai Batu Mejan no. 1, Canggu, p. +62 818 887 028. Open daily, 9 am – 9.30 pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - burgreens

Burgreens in Canggu is 100% plant-based and has wonderful Indonesian dishes. A must-try for lovers of fresh ingredients.

12. Warung Sika

If you are not a local digital nomad living in Bali or an ex-pat, you’ll probably not know about Warung Sika. It’s not your traditional hipster vegan cafe in Canggu with Insta-worthy dishes, but Warung Sika packs a mean punch regarding vegan fare. It’s a local warung without the fancy schmancy interiors or food presentations, but the food here is fantastic with a capital F. They have all the usual Indonesian and Balinese dishes served in big portions and at very low prices. In addition, you can expect large servings of veggie dishes, tempeh and the usual Nasi Campur. So, if you’re overpaying top dollar for your vegan food in Canggu, try a local warung to experience authentic Indo food in a very casual setting. Warung Sika is super-popular, and you’ll have to queue up for lunch and dinner, but it’s worth the wait. The staff are friendly, and you can choose your pre-cooked food from a glass food counter, so you have many choices. This warung would have to be the most popular in Canggu, so come here for the experience.

Visit: Warung Sika

Address: Jl. Tanah Barak No.45, Canggu

best vegan restaurants bali - warung sika in canggu

Loved by everyone who eats here, Warung Sika is a fab vegan and non-vegan restaurant with super-cheap prices and yummy dishes.

13. GIVE Cafe

The team that brought you KYND Community in Seminyak is in Canggu with GIVE Cafe. The beauty of GIVE is that all the profits go back to the community. It’s warung-style (local style) food but with a vegan twist. So you get to enjoy tasty nasi gorengs, nasi campur and all the famous Balinese and Indonesian dishes, but they are all vegan. So if you’re a vegan in Bali and couldn’t sample the food because it wasn’t vegan, then GIVE has all your prayers answered. Plus, the prices are budget-friendly for our backpackers, friends in Canggu and families with hungry mouths to feed.

Visit: GIVE Cafe

Address: Jl Padang Linjong No. 85, Canggu, p. +62 821 4545 9316; Open daily 8am – 9pm.

best vegan restaurants canggu - GIVE Cafe

GIVE Cafe is where you get to try amazing vegan Indonesian food. Photo Credit: Instagram

14. Mad Pops

In Canggu, you get all types of vegan food, including ice cream. Yes, that’s true!! Gotta love the crowds at Canggu, and Mad Pops has all the ice cream for those after-dinner cravings. The ice cream is made from coconut milk, and they have amazing flavours like vanilla with caramel popcorn, chocolate chip dough and peanut butter.

Visit: Mad Pops

Address: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 48, Canggu, Bali. Open every day from 11.00 to 22.00.

best vegan restaurants bali - mad pops in Canggu

Enjoy those ice-cream cravings at Mad Pops in Canggu



15.  Zest Ubud

Zest Ubud is a must-visit vegan restaurant in the hipster hang Ubud! You’ll love the jackfruit, avo sushi rolls, shiitake patty burger, and Mamma’s Meatballs with grilled polenta. They also have a huge selection of plant-based pizzas, such as The Thai and I, with spicy base, mushroom, sour cashew cream, cheddar, pickled veggies, coriander and sesame oil, so yummy for our vegan friends. Zest is the perfect restaurant to much out big time after all those down dogs at Yoga or a day touring the local markets.

Visit: Zest Ubud

Address: Jl Raya Penestanan Kelod No.8, Ubud, p. +62 823 4006 5048, e.; Open daily 8 am – 10 pm.

best vegan restaurants in bali - zest in ubud

Radish, daikon ‘bacon’, beef tomato, olive oil, and black pepper on sourdough⁣ Yummy!!⁣ Make sure you visit Zest in Ubud. Photo Credit: Instagram

16. Alchemy Ubud

Every vegan and perhaps non-vegan who ventures into Ubud eventually makes their way to Alchemy. Why? Because it’s famous. Alchemy put vegan dites on Ubud menus and was at the forefront of creating wholesome locally sourced veggies and fruits to make some of the most beautiful and tasty dishes in central Bali. In addition, they’ve got a massive selection of soups, salads, juices, smoothies, bowls and pizzas to water your mouth. I love the raw vegan icecreams and the desserts. Alchemy tells us on its website that its vision is to honour mother nature, promote healthy, sustainable living, support healthy habits and well-being, and offer a space of inspiration and community. So if this sounds tempting, why not visit them and do something genuinely good for your body?

Visit: Alchemy

Address:  Jalan Penestanan Kelod No 75 Penestanan Ubud. Ph +62 821 4690 8910 – e:

17. Sayuri Healing Food

Sayuri Healing Food is a down-to-earth, no-frills vegan favourite that boasts delicious vegan food that’s gluten-free, dairy and soy, and there’s no wheat or animal gluten. Essentially, everything from the kitchen is a vegan’s dream. They even have a cooking school where you can learn to create some of the best vegan desserts or salads. Make sure you try the Korean BBQ Jack-Bulgogi Rice Burger or the Lasagna Italian (you won’t believe it’s all raw!)

Visit: Sayuri

Address: Jl Sukma Kesuma No. 2, Ubud, p. +62 822 4048 5154, e.; Open daily 8am – 10pm.

beat vegan restaurants bali - Sayuri Healing Food

Sayuri Healing Food is fresh, natural, raw ingredients for the body and soul. Photo Credit: Instagram

18. Sage Bali

If you’re looking for large salad bowls stacked with vegan goodies, head to Sage in Ubud. You’ll be spoiled for choice at this Ubud fav with a huge selection of yummy mains, delish desserts and all the smoothies and fresh juices you could want. Make sure you try the marinated grilled tempeh and their vegan burger patties. There’s also a bakery where you can buy freshly baked sourdough and vegan banana bread. Then, wash it down with fresh green juice or ginger can juice. Sage rocks big time and is one of our fav hangs in Ubud. And, yes, for the sweet tooths, there is a fantastic carrot cake, so make sure you save plenty of room for this or share it with your best buddy.

Visit: Sage Bali

Address: Jl Nyuh Bulan, Ubud, p. +62 813 3906 4031, e.; Open daily 9am – 8pm.


Vibrant vegan food at Sage in Ubud. Make sure you bring a good appetite. Photo Credit: Sage Ubud Instagram

19. Moska

Moska’s menu has a tempting array of vegan cheeses, Baked Jack Breast and can you believe it; tempeh ribs are just the start of one of Ubud’s most amazing vegan restaurants. When you dine at Moska, you get a 100% plant-based menu from their garden. In addition, everything prepared is done with a focus on healthy eating. It says on its website: ‘Our philosophy has always been to source the freshest and the healthiest ingredients, presenting it most exquisitely while giving options of both vegan and vegetarian menus for plant-based food enthusiasts.’. We love the papaya salmon and the egg-free avocado omelette. Also, try their healthy drinks such as ginger tonic, colon cleanser and the super immunity booster. Dining here is going to make you feel so much better about yourself.

Visit: Moksa

Address: Jl Puskesmas, Ubud II Kutuh, Sayan, Ubud, p. +62 813 3977 4787, e.; Open daily 10am – 9pm.

best vegan food bali - moska in ubud

Raw bolognaise, spinach, basil-candlenut pesto, tomatoes, and cashew nut cream cheese filled and layered between pumpkin dough served with spring mix and herbed cream sauce 💛 Photo Credit: Instagram

20. Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life is a raw food bar and tonic cafe. Here you’ll combine yoga and healthy natural food, which is what Ubud is all about; a healthy lifestyle with lots of down dogs and yoga stretching. Try their teas and nourishing healing tonics and do your body a favour. We love the Kintamani Sunrise tonic – go for it. Oh yes, you might like to do a yoga class as well. In addition, they also have a  mixed herbalist bar for healthy healing.

Visit: The Seeds of Life

Address: Jl Gautama No.2, Ubud, p. +62 361 970 650 / +62 812 3792 3870; Open daily 8 am – 10 pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - seeds of life in ubud

Healthy living, tonic teas and juices and a mixed herbalist area at Seeds of Life. For vegans, this is Ubud nirvana. Photo Credit: Instagram

21. Swasti Beloved Cafe

Swasti Beloved Cafe is one of those guilt-free vegan restaurants where you know they are helping the environment, and all the food consumed is from their garden, so you know it’s fresh, organic and super-healthy. So if your idea of vegan heaven is from farm to table, Swasti Cafe is a must-visit, even if you are on a day trip to Ubud. Of course, they also have non-vegan options, but they are prepared separately, so there’s no worry regarding cross-pollination of meat, dairy and vegan. The vibe is very zen and chilled, as you would expect as you graze on delicious vegan soups, salads and juices.

Visit: Swasti Beloved Cafe

Address: Jl Raya Nyuh Bojog No. 3, Br. Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, p. +62 811 3961 0144, e.; Open daily 7am – 8.30pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - swasti beloved cafe

Swasti Beloved Cafe is one of those vegan places where you can hang for the day and enjoy the zen vibe. Oh, yes, the food is super-delish as well. Photo Credit: Instagram



22. KYND Community

KYND would have to be one of the most Instagrammed cafes in Bali. You’ll see everyone getting their photos snapped and uploaded online outside KYND. It’s the pioneer of Instrammabl;e vegan cafes in Seminyak. In fact, of all cafes in Seminyak, and for a good reason; the neon signs, pink interiors and cool interiors. Oh, did we mention that the food is scrummy-yummy and delicious? The menu is loved by vegans so much that they opened a second off-shoot cafe in Canggu called GIVE. The food is fantastic, with smoothies, salads, vegan pizzas and burgers that you thought were the real deal. They also have a kiddies menu so bring the family along for fun times and memorable snaps. We love the Mexican burrito and the Balinese Big Mac. So much food, so many choices, and all in a very uber-cool setting make KYND one of our favs in Seminyak. 

Visit: KYND Community

Address: Jl Raya Petitenget No. 12x, p. +62 859 3112 0209, e.; Open daily 8 am – 10 pm.

best vegan cafes bali - kynd community

KYND Community is the biggest MUST-VISIT vegan cafe in Seminyak. See for yourself!! Photo Credit: Instagram

23. Nook

On the outskirts of Seminyak is the super-popular Nook restaurant. Known by tourists throughout Bali as the go-to restaurant where you can dine while enjoying ricefield views ( while they last). Whilst not essentially a vegan restaurant, Nook has some great vegan western and Balinese dishes (including some fantastic curries). We recommend for a treat the gado gado without the egg. Nook is so popular and has such a tremendous reputation that they opened a second restaurant in Berawa called Milu by Nook. So if you’re staying in Seminyak, make an effort and get there, even if it’s just for the vibe and views.

Visit: Nook

Address: Jl. Umalas 1 No.3, Kerobokan

best restaurants bali - nook

Nook has amazing views and fab Bali vegan dishes – enjoy the vibe and see something different. Photo Credit: Nook Instagram



24. Drifter

All Ulu surfers know Drifter. After a post-surf session, they come here for the hipster twin-fin boards, clothes, coffee, and munchies. Vegans also come here for the salads, smoothies and great juices. So enjoy the vibe and the surf gear while you down a few lattes with almond milk. For brekkie, have the vegan smashed avo on toast and the mushroom burger for lunch. They’re even open for dinner, where you can have chickpea curry. Yes, they serve fish here, but for vegans (don’t worry), there’s enough on the menu to enjoy lots of tasty dishes.

Visit: Drifter

Address: AJl Labuansait No. 52, Pecatu, p. +62 877 7755 0001, e.; Open daily 7am – 10pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - drifter surf in uluwatu

Chilled surfer vibe with amazing vegan food at Drifter in Uluwatu – everyone comes here! Photo Credit: Instagram

25. Nalu Bowls

Nalu Bowls is your one-stop-shop for a post-surf session for all those surfers and sun worshipers in Uluwatu if you are craving a fresh and super healthy feed. It’s Bali’s first and foremost smoothie bowl, starting the island’s whole smoothie bowl/acai craze. Originating in Canggu, it’s now made its way up the Bukit to Uluwatu. With super-fresh ingredients and tasty local fruit, these bowls are divine. So if you love your morning boost of coconut, mango, raspberries and bananas, then Naul Bowls is the only place to go. For all those vegans on the island zipping around on scooters, put Nalu Bowls Uluwatu on your radar.

Visit: Nalu Bowls

Address: Jl Labuansait No. 63, Pecatu, Uluwatu, p. +62 812 9341 6570; Open daily 7.30am – 6pm.

best vegan restaurants bali - nalu bowls uluwatu

Nalu Bowls is perfect for the freshest and healthiest fruit bowls in Uluwatu. Photo Credit: Instagram

26. The Cashew Tree in Bingin

If you have been to Bingin, you will have heard of The Cashew Tree, an institution that has been in Bingin since the beginning. Relax in the garden setting (there’s also a play area for the kids) and enjoy a super-chilled ambience. So come in your boardies and bikinis after a surf or swim and Bingin beach and eat some fab food. The menu caters for vegans with the best salads, smoothies and vegan bowls in Bingin. Make sure you try the Vegan Big Mac, as it’s fantastic!! The Cashew Tree is more of a hang spot for a couple of hours to chill with your mates and enjoy a few beers. They also have live music nights, which is perfect if you’re staying in a Bingin villa and want to go out and party for the night.

Visit: The Cashew Tree

Address: Jl. Pantai Bingin No.9, Pecatu, Bali

best vegan restaurants bali - the cashew tree in bingin

Staying in Bingin? Make sure you visit The Cashew Tree for scrummy yummy vegan food!

27. OmBurger

If you can only live with the taste of a meaty burger, then OmBurger is the place to be in Uluwatu. With a range of 3 different styles of vegan burgers, you’ll be well and truly in vegan burger heaven with their delicious salsa, guacamole toppings, and freshly baked buns. The burgers are massive, and you’ll have to do some serious hand-squashing of these vegan gems to get them into your mouth.

Visit: OmBurger

Address:  Jl. Labuansait No.432, Pecatu,  Uluwatu

best vegan restaurants bali - OmBurger in Uluwatu

Check the size of these vegan burgers at OmBurger in Uluwatu – sensational value for those post-surf burger cravings.

28. Alchemy in Bingin

The crew behind Alchemy in Ubud have duplicated the winning formula with this stunning restaurant in Bingin. A gorgeous setting with sublime interiors and oh-so-delish food make Alchemy in Bingin a must-visit for our vegan friends who love super-healthy food (which is often challenging to find in Bali). It’s open for breakie, lunch and dinner and is the perfect hang while you are doing work, catching up on emails or chilling out with your mates. See the video below, and you’ll soon see why this is high on our vegan foodie list in Bali. Make sure you go for the customised bowls where you do the choosing. Oh yes, they also have the most amazzzing vegan ice cream – it’s to die for.


Address:  Jl. Pantai Bingin No.8,  Uluwatu, Bali

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About the author

Steven is a die-hard Bali island addict and committed surfie. When he's not writing or taking videos of the latest restaurants or cool places, he's at Echo Beach surfing or riding his scooter around Seminyak, Berawa or Canggu. Steve is part of the Bali Villa Escapes marketing team and has been living in and out of Bali for the last 15 years.