Some of our great in house Bali villa staff

What you can expect to see in your Bali holiday villa; fabulous service, comfy beds with fully air-conditioned rooms and a very private pool

For those of you who have never rented a villa in Bali before I thought that it would be great to show you some of our staff and how they go about their daily activities making sure that your stay in our villas is perfect as possible. Having your own private villa is a real treat, so  much better than a hotel; here’s why:

There are some of the staff that you just don’t see, but the majority of our super friendly staff are always around and always on hand to make sure that anything you need at any time of the day is taken care of.

Your villa staff are going to be like your extended family during your stay. You will get to know all their names and you may even make a friend or two. Having said that, our customer-friendly staff know when it’s time to be in the background and let you have as much privacy as you like.

friendly balinese staff in your villa

Most villas come with a villa manager


These pictures should give you a bit of an idea of what to expect when you arrive in your villa – I love this photo below of our team cooking up a storm for breakfast. Pancakes, yummy scrambled eggs, nasi goreng ( yes they do cook Indonesian meals for breakky), fresh coffee and I absolutely love the fresh orange and watermelon juices made every morning. Breakfast usually runs from anywhere between 7.30 am and 10 am depending on your villa and where you are located. The most villa staff will have all the ingredients ready so all you have to do is turn up hungry and ready for a good feed.

If you are on a particular diet or require something out of the ordinary or specially prepared for you make sure you speak to the villa manager who will get everything you need from the local delis or supermarket which is generally close by. If you like, you can do the shopping yourself and buy what you like for any meal.

Bali villa staff

Have breakfast made for you in the villa


So this is what you can expect when booking your holiday villa through Bali Villa Escapes. You get serious luxury, pampering 24/7 and cooks who are happy to dish up meals whenever you like. We will take care of everything for you so you won’t have to worry about a thing ( except which book to read next, where’s the sunscreen, what cocktail to order or when will the next massage be). Most of the staff are from the local villages nearby so if you have any questions on local attractions or where the best place to take the kids out for dinner, they will have answers at the ready.

If you want to rent a motorbike or car they can also help with this as well as organise any tours or dinner parties.


These really friendly faces are your villa staff and they are experts at customer service. All our team are fully trained, great with kids and speak English. If you have never rented a villa before or had the experience, you are going to absolutely love this. This is why we get so many holidaymakers coming back year after year to enjoy the same level of customer service and sophistication that the Bali Villa Escapes team bring.

renting a scooter in bali

Renting a scooter is cheap & a great way to get around


We are even happy to organise your motor scooter and surfboard hire…that’s how hands-on we are! If you have never ridden in Bali before you are in for the experience of a lifetime!

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Looking back, over the years we are so happy to have helped so many of you ( over 26 000 – can you believe that!!)  find the perfect villa and we are chuffed you left Bali with great memories you will remember forever.

If there is one this that I can probably guarantee is that once you stay in one of our villas you will find it really hard to stay in any other type of accommodation again; they are really great value and we know this because of the fantastic reviews our guests leave us.

The biggest thing they all talk about is the staff, that’s one service and aspect of the holiday that really stands out. At the end of the holiday, most of our customers feel that they are leaving a family member behind; that’s how close you can get with the villa staff. If you think this can’t happen, just wait and see.