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BEST Burgers in Bali (UPDATED 2024)

They’re huge, oh-so-yummy and dam, they are delicious. Yes, it’s the burgers in Bali. 

We’ve gorged our way through the island to bring you the best burgers to satisfy those cravings. It’s going to get fun with those melted, cheesy, dripping burgers! 

We know Bali has excellent local food and delicious, trendy cafes, but when it comes to burger cravings, you have to satisfy them. You will be in burger heaven with fresh meat, oozing cheese, tasty tomatoes, and special dressings (no, this is not a Big Mac). And let’s remember those fries! Soooo tasty 😋


1.  Grill’d

Grill’d from Australia has arrived in Bali, and after being closed during COVID, I can happily tell you that it’s now open and pumping for business. If you are an Aussie and have tried Grill’d back home, you’ll know the burgers are scrumptious, and what’s as good is the super-central location in Seminyak, next to Seminyak Village. Everything made here at Grill’d is freshly produced and sourced locally, so you know it’s as fresh as possible. And all the chips and sides are cooked on-site and served piping hot, along with a few cold Bintangs. Ah….this is what being on holiday is all about, so make sure you also bring the kids. Definitely go for the crispy bacon & cheeseburger; for the game, try the chilli addicts burger with jalapenos. Grill hasn’t forgotten about the vegans with their Beyond Burgers, all plant-based and free from GMOs, soy and gluten. Yup, if you have a family member or mate that’s a vegan, they can also come along for a brilliant feed!! With an extensive menu of sliders, burgers, chips, salads, beers, wines and cocktails, Grill’d is one of the best burger joints in Seminyak, Bali, for those wanting casual dining without the frills or price tag – it’s just good old fashioned fun and burgers.

Visit: Grill’d

Address: Jl Kayu Jati No. 3X, Petitenget, Seminyak, p. +62 811 399 9716; Open daily 11am – 11pm.

best burgers bali - grilld seminyak

WOW is all we can say about Grill’d. Tasty burgers, fries, salads and yes cocktails too! Photo Credit: Grill’d Instagram

2. BO$$ MAN – Seminyak

In a super-central Seminyak locale, BossMan is an icon and one of the most popular burger restaurants. If you are up for a serious feed (post gym, surf,  keep the kids happy or have a hangover), BossMan delivers the goods and on steroids. So be prepared for a colossal burger feast with lashings of extras. If you’re a burger connoisseur, you’ll love the world-class ingredients – think 60-day dry-aged chuck steaks and juicy, absolutely delish, tender pork cooked low and slow over 18 hours. The vibe is young, energetic, and fun, and the waiters are all decked out in gold – a great place to take the kids, especially if you are in a nearby Seminyak villa. We love the Al Capone (Texas-style huge burger), the El Chapo (obviously Mexican), and yessss there’s a burger for the vegans called the Gandhi, which is Indian style….mmmm, super -yummy!

Visit BossMan

Address: Jl Kayu Cendana, No. 8b, Seminyak, p. +62 812 3916 7070, e.; Open daily from 11am.

bossman - best burgers bali

BossMan is the go-to burger place in Seminyak if you want to gorge yourself silly. Photo Credit: Instagram BossMan

3. The Butchers Club

As you’d expect, The Butchers Club is one of those restaurants that knows their burgers inside out. But, of course, we are talking serious burgers here, with imported Aussie beef nestled between mouth-watering buns and homemade sauces! If you are on a diet or watching your waistline forget about coming here, as The Butchers Club is for those that want to smash those burgers down with fries and that yummy creamy mayo sauce. Ahhhhh, just what you’ve been looking for in Seminyak. We like the Double Happiness Burger and the Miss Piggy (with extra bacon). We did want to mention that they also serve steaks and a Barramundi burger for fish lovers.

Visit The Butchers Club

Address:  Jl Petitenget Jl Cendrawasih, Seminyak, p. +62 877 7871 7146, e.; Open daily 11am – 9.30pm.

the best burgers bali - the butchers club

The Butchers Club in Seminyak serves BIG burgers for those that have a big appetite. Photo Credit: Instagram The Butchers Club.


4. Naughty Nuris in Seminyak

Famous Bali-wide for their ribs, Naughty Nuris, is a super popular burger restaurant in Kerobokan just up the road from Eat Street in Seminyak. It’s a very family-friendly place (especially if you’re having a birthday, as all the waiters will come out and do the latest ‘shake it off’ Taylor Swift version) with huge mouth-watering burgers, all with fries, coleslaw and a few Bintang buckets for the adults. Definitely try the rib burger or the tender pork burger, or for hungry kids, try the delish mini sliders!!

Visit Naughty Nuris

AddressJalan Mertanadi No. 62 Kerobokan Seminyak – Phone: +62 361 8476783 – Open 11 am till late

best burges bali - naughty nuris in seminyak

AMAZING burgers and ribs for the whole family at Naughty Nuris in Seminyak. Photo Credit: Naughty Nuris website

5. Wah Wah Burger

Wah Wah Burger was the original kid on the block and started the Bali burger craze in 2008. Their amazing burgers broke the mould with all those juicy toppings and Aussie Wagyu Beef oozing with melted cheese and salads. And, as you probably would have guessed, they now offer vegan burgers for our vegan friends wanting to experience the same mouth-watering burger meals. We enjoyed the Aussie Sirloin Burger and the pulled pork burger.

Visit Wah Wah

Address:  11A, Jl. Laksamana, Seminyak

best burgers bali - wah wah

In a super-convenient location, Wah Wah burger serves the most amazing wagyu beef burgers – OMG!!! Photo Credit: wahwahburger Instagram

6. Wacko Burger

This crazy burger place lets you load up on insane burger creations like nachos and fried sausages. Maybe not for everyone, but they still have your traditional-style burgers like the flaming Bali crunch and the massive Wacko attack with two eggs and two helpings of cheese. Located on Jl Drupadi just off Eat Street, Wacko Burger is easy and will satisfy most hungry post-beach and surf appetites.

Visit Wacko Burger

Address:  Jl Drupadi No. 18, Seminyak & Jl Petitenget, Petitenget, p. +62 821 4401 0888; Open daily 8am – 10.30pm.

best burgers in bali - wacko

Wacko is all about fun and crazy/huge burgers in the heart of Seminyak. Photo Credit: Instagram Wacko Burgers

6. Strawberry Fields

Just outside Petitenget at the Top of Eat Street, you will find the impressive and super delicious Strawberry Fields. It’s yummy on steroids with fab burgers that knock your sox off! So where do we start, as the menu is massive? Why not the buffalo chicken wings to start the day, followed by the out n in a burger with the Aussie wagyu beef, then finish with the famous Le Big Mac with 2 beef patties and lashings of onions and pickles? And, if you still have some room ( if you’re with the kids, I’m sure they’ll still be hungry), order sides of Chick Norris ( beer battered fries) and the salsa chip n dip. After some sensational burgers and sides, you will be piling on the kilos. Plus, they don’t skimp on the portions – these guys are very generous with their servings, so they bring a healthy appetite.

Visit:  Strawberry Fields

Address: Jl Batu Belig No. 77, Gang Anisa, Seminyak, p. +62 859 5895 5141, e.; Open daily from 9 am.

best burgers bali - strawberry fields

They don’t muck around at Strawberry Fields with their super-colossal mouth watering burgers fries and sides. Photo Credit: Instagram Strawberry Fields.




1. BB52 Burgers in Canggu

Can you imagine a gin bar and a burger place rolled into one? Then, the team at BB52 have done just that; created an inviting chilled-out bar scene with the most scrumptious burgers you’ll get in Berawa/Canggu. Typical of Canggu, it’s now an Instaworthy burger place with ex-pats, Russian Instagram models, surfers and local Indonesian folk rocking up here for good times and burgers and fries. BB52 has all the bases covered with their meat and vegan burgers with sticky finger-licking sauces and an array of sides like vegan dirty fries, mac n cheese and wet corn with coconut cream cheese. For the size and taste of the burgers, BB52 is a terrific value, and you can get away with a $10-$15 per person – try getting that back home!!! For the sheer cool factor, having a dinner drink with your burger (before a night out on the town), BB52 is a must-visit.

Visit BB52

Address: Jl Tanah Barak No. 52, Canggu (p. +62 813 3738 2521) & Jl Raya Semat, Taman Tamora, Berawa (p. +62 821 4758 1606); Open daily from 12 pm.

best burgers bali - BB52 in Canggu

Hip n happening Canggu is home to the fabulous BB52 burger. Definitely for the ‘in crowd’. Photo Credit: Instagram BB52 burger.

2. Shady Shack

The Shady Shack is an institution in Canggu, and you’ll find it packed the whole time with ex-pats and holidaymakers savouring their vegan dishes. Just off Jalan Batu Bolong (the heart of Canggu’s fun area), The Shady Shack also serves burgers but not the meat kind you’d expect. These vegan burgers will excite those hungry carnivores with their delicious array of vegan burgers. These burgers are jam-packed with all the extras people love in a burger, like humus, big chunks of halloumi, delicious roasted peppers, onions and even jackfruit. I love the vegan cheeseburger!!

Visit: The Shady Shack

Address: Jl Tanah Barak No.57, Canggu, p. +62 812 3611 6466; Open daily 8am – 10pm.


3.  Sanburg

Sanburg is in the Batu Mejan area (Canggu’s super hip road) and is a quick get off your scooter, pull in, a grab a juicy sandwich or burger. We are talking fresh ingredients with oh-so-large portions, and it’s also very budget friendly for those digital nomads of families with hordes of kids to feed. You can choose from six burgers and seven types of sandwiches, enough variety to keep everyone smiling. At Sanburg, they are unafraid to pile on the extra gooey cheese and stuff the burgers with lots of goodies, including their famous in-house sauce. And as you’d expect, because it’s hip, Canggu they have caved into the vegan demands and have created the Barbie Pulled P*rk that features tender and juicy slow-cooked fake pulled pork. There are even deep-fried mushrooms and a vegan ‘chicken’ pattie. We love the Beesechurger with the beef patty, tasty red cheddar and, yes, the extra BBQ sauce. 

Visit: Sanburg

Address: Jl Batu Mejan No. 88a, Canggu, p. +62 8810 3720 4943; Open Mon – Thu from 12 pm & Fri – Sun from 11 am.

best burgers bali - sanburg

Sanburg in Batu Mejan is a no-frills burger joint where you can grab and go with affordable yummy burgers and sandwiches to take back to the villa.

4. Naked Bun

Naked Bun in Canggu is where hungry bellies come for a massive option for craft burgers and pizzas. Try the heart-warming cheeseburgers, or if you’ve got a serious appetite, there’s the Monster Burger. Every tasty bite at Naked Bun is designed for maximum taste with tender, juicy flavours. Because it’s in the Batu Mejan area, it’s the perfect stop off after a day at Echo Beach before heading back to the villa or hotel. You’ll have to keep your eyes open as it’s a small restaurant but well worth it once you’ve had your first yummy bite.

Visit: Naked Bun

Address: Echo Beach, Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan

best burgers bali - naked bun

Naked Bun is the perfect stop for a juicy burger after a day at Echo or Batu Bolong Beach. Photo Credit: Naked Bun Instagram

5. Pit Stop Burger

On one of the busiest intersections in Canggu and open until 2 am; it’s the perfect stop to work off a big night with delicious large portions of chunky fries and burgers. We love the Carnivore with beef, pickled gherkins, and the Rosemary Lamb burger. OMG, they were good!!! Sit on the bar stools and watch all the crazy action of Canggu unfold in front of you as you munch your way through all these fab burgers. An excellent point to note is you can easily upsize your burger by getting an extra patty for something like $3 – fantastic value.

Visit: Pit Stop

Address: Jl. Nelayan No.2, Canggu, Bali Phone: +62 815-5846-5107. Open 11am – 2 am


1. 2080 Burger

2080 Burger is all about comfort food. It’s where you come with an empty stomach and seriously stuff your face with double pattie burgers, all smoking fresh and the most fantastic chicken burgers. On the way to the famous Uluwatu surf spots, this small hole-in-the-wall burger joint is easily missed, so keep your eyes peeled for one of the best burgers in southern Bali – these guys are very serious about serving up whopping big portions at great prices. If you are into big Aussie beef patties, tasty Philly cheese, and homemade deep-rich sauces that drizzle over the burger topped off with bacon-loaded fries, then the 2080 burger is not to be missed. There’s also the vegan burger for vegans, and it’s super yummy. We also tried the 18-hour smoked & handcrafted brisket, which is to die for. See the Trip Advisor reviews and see why this is one of our fav’s in Uluwatu!

Visit: 2080 Burger

Address:  Jl Raya Uluwatu No. 8B, Banjar Bakung Sari, p. +62 817 050 2080; Open daily 9am – 11pm.

best burgers in bali - 2080 burger in uluwatu

2080 burger in Uluwatu is all about huge servings and super tasty smoked beef patties. Great for a post-surf munch out session. Photo Credit: Instagram 2080 Burger.

2. Omburger

We know you love your burgers dripping with cheese and oozing tasty sauces, but the guys at Omburger in Uluwatu have taken all this to the next health level by creating their healthy version of the classic burger. When you eat at Omburger, you don’t have those post much out session guilts as all the ingredients are super-healthy and fresh, like black rice, organic sweet potato and dragon fruit salsa. And for those trying to keep bread out of their diet, you can order your burger without the buns. In addition, they also have fish burgers to cater for everyone’s tastes and diets. Try the plant-based Vegan burger on the Turmeric bun – so typically Bali!!

Visit: Omburger

Address: Jl Labuansait No. 432, Pecatu; Open daily 12pm – 8pm.

best burgers bali - omburger in uluwatu

Check out these sensational burgers at Omburger in Uluwatu. For the vegans this is heaven. Photo Credit: Omburger Instagram




1.  Locavore To Go

Locavore To Go is part of the amazingly popular Locavore restaurant, except here, you won’t have to book half a year in advance to get a table. With Locavore To Go, it’s more of an order and dash out with yummy goodies like deli-style sandwiches, tummy-filling homemade brekkies, and your choice of the best burgers in Ubud. Expect the freshest of ingredients and lashings of yummy sauces and cheese. Make sure you try the smashed burger or the cheesesteak sandwich. Of course, this is blasphemy for Ubud’s mostly vegan population, but it’s so worth it.

VisitLocavore To Go

Address: Jl Dewi Sita No. 10A, Ubud, p. +62 859 0450 4917, e.; Open daily 9am – 8pm.

best burgers in bali - locavore in ubud

Step into the world of what can only be described as probably the best burgers in Bali at Locavore To Go. Every burger, and every dish is crafted and designed for a maximum taste explosion. Photo Credit: Instagram Locavore To Go.

2. Simply Social

Simply Social in Ubud is all about good ol fashioned burgers where you can refuel after a challenging yoga class. Plus, they have a bar so you can make an evening of it with a few vinos! The burgers here are all served with tasty sides that perfectly match the extra yummy meat or falafel patties.

Visit: Simply Social

Address: Jl Raya Ubud, Ubud, p. +62 813 3840 8050; Open daily 7am – 11pm.

best burgers in bali - simply social in ubud

Simply Social is a fab place to chill post-yoga and munch on some great burgers and fries. Photo Credit: Instagram Simply Social

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