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A Day In The Life : Staying In Canggu

Perhaps the best part about waking up in your luxurious Canggu villa is the realisation that you have nowhere to be and nothing to do.

However, some people might find the transition from a busy life to a holiday rather challenging, so we’re here to offer some gentle structure to your otherwise free-flowing getaway.

It can be overwhelming choosing from all the healthy cafes, yoga studios, and massage spas in this vibrant village so we’ve put together an example of an ideal day spent in Canggu. It’s a harmonious blend of activity and leisure from dawn until glorious oceanside sunset.

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Morning Yoga Session

There is nothing more Bali-esque to do first thing in the morning than attending a sweaty yoga class in a stunning, open-air studio. This is one of the most wonderful ways to wake up every muscle in your body and move oxygen-rich blood throughout all of your limbs and organs. One of the most-loved yoga studios in Canggu is The Practice, a modern yet traditional bamboo-style structure. The studio is on Jalan Batu Bolong, one of the main roads in Canggu, and is easily accessible by foot or scooter, depending on where your Bali villa is located. Every day of the week the studio opens with a 7:15 am class, either an advanced practice or an intermediate Hatha yoga class.

All of the teachers at The Practice are extremely passionate and talented, so much so that they run regular workshops as well as certified Yoga Teacher Training. Drop-in classes cost roughly $13AUD and class packages are also on offer at a discounted rate. There is no need to book in ahead of time, just make sure you arrive 10-15 minutes early so you can have some zen time before the movement starts. Classes generally run for 90 minutes and high-quality yoga mats are provided free of charge. They’ve even got fully-stocked showers so you can head straight out to breakfast with your fresh yoga glow.

Yoga in the morning at The Practice in Canggu.


There are so many places in Canggu to find colourful healthy food that features all-over Bali traveller’s Instagram accounts, but some of them stand out above the rest. We picked Cafe Vida for today because, not only is it extremely well-rated (and deservedly so), but it’s a ten-minute walk from The Practice, and it’s on the way to the beach! To give a bit of context to this cafe, they’ve got a strong ethical side to them and have implemented practices like being 100% plastic-free (even their takeaway containers) and they also donate their organic waste to local farmers to use as compost. All of their recycled takeaway bags and drinking cups are made by a women’s and children’s homeless centre in Denpasar. Right on.

As for the food, the menu absolutely holds true to Canggu fashion. You can choose anything from organic baked eggs, shakshuka style, to a tonic with alfalfa, moringa, chlorophyll and ashitaba. They serve hot chocolate with medicinal mushrooms and make the zestiest fish tacos. Many visitors have enjoyed meeting the staff and lovely owners and also claim they make the best coffee they’ve ever had! We can say with confidence that you won’t be disappointed.

The Beaches

As you make your way blissfully out of breakfast, continue on down Jalan Batu Bolong until you hit the beach. This might be the perfect time to take a stroll along the oceanside, occasionally dipping your feet into the warm sea when you need a refresher from the hot Bali sun. If you head South you will make your way through Berawa beach and eventually hit Seminyak. This is a great option if you’re in the mood to zone out and take it easy. You can stop along the way to drink fresh coconuts and sit under the beach umbrellas outside the various beachfront resorts.

If you’re feeling energised and you’d like a bit more action, the Canggu beaches are a haven for water sports and general activity. Batu Bolong & Echo beaches are both especially known for their quality surfing whether you are a beginning or an old surfing veteran. There are plenty of shops nearby the waterfront where you can hire a surfboard for the day or sign up for a sport like stand-up paddleboarding. If you’ve been getting around by scooter, make sure you’ve got 2000 Rupiah to pay for beachfront parking. It might seem like a drag but it supports the locals who have lived in this area for many generations.

We’ll leave the lunch hour open on the itinerary as you’ll no doubt find somewhere to wander into as your make your way along the sand. There are several family-owned Indonesian restaurants that offer a more traditional style menu so you can get a taste of true Balinese cuisine.


It’s hard to write up a perfect day in Bali without mentioning massage. Canggu has several well-respected massage  & day spas and, at the price for treatments in Bali, it’s hard to come away disappointed. After spending the day paddling around or walking along the expansive shorelines, you might enjoy having a bit of pampering. We picked Anjani Bali Spa because travellers rave about their incredible massages, but also because there is something here for everyone. If you’re not into massage they offer a wide variety of treatments from ear candling to aromatherapy facials! From Echo beach, it only takes about 15 minutes to walk there if you head up Jalan Batu Mejan, take a right on Gg. Nyepi and another right on Jalan Batu Bolong, the same street where you started your day.

day spas canggu

Dinner and Evening

Since you’re staying in a seaside villa in Canggu, why not enjoy your evening meal with the pink hues of the sun setting over the ocean. One of the local favourites is Jl Restaurant Bale Sutra because of its delicious food, creative cocktails, and proximity to the beach. Try to get a seat on the top floor because the views are absolutely stunning. You’ll know exactly how to get there by this time in the day because it’s located on the trusty ol’ Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, somewhere you’ll be rather familiar with! The other awesome thing about this restaurant is that after the sun goes down and nature casts its own moody lighting, you are only a one minute walk from Old Man’s Restaurant & Bar or the very popular The Lawn. This spot wears many masks as some days you’ll be engulfed in the chilled out, beer-drinking, surfer vibe and other nights it will be a sweaty dance party. You’ve been warned!

We hope that this itinerary leaves you nourished and embraced by the ever-pleasing town of Canggu. By the end of the night, you can stroll leisurely back to your luxury Bali villa and tuck in for deep sleep and sweet dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.

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About the author

Steven is a die-hard Bali island addict and committed surfie. When he's not writing or taking videos of the latest restaurants or cool places, he's at Echo Beach surfing or riding his scooter around Seminyak, Berawa or Canggu. Steve is part of the Bali Villa Escapes marketing team and has been living in and out of Bali for the last 15 years.