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Mrs Sippy in Seminyak is so hot right now

Mrs Sippy in Seminyak Bali is just so hot right now. It’s the new kid on the block and it’s really made a splash as being the cool and very in place Seminyak pool club to be.

Without a doubt, the owners have spent a fortune on the fit-out and it’s paying huge dividends as locals, ex pates and holidaymakers are flocking here to see what all the fuss is about.

If you haven’t made the journey to Mrs Sippy yet then the following article should put you right in the mood for some great food, amazing cocktails, poolside fun, lazy Sunday’s and mixing it up with all the beautiful people.

Mrs Sippy Arrives in Bali

Mrs Sippy Bali is a huge pool club’ like sop many others in Bali such as Potato Head and Ku De Ta except this venue is the latest uber-hip club that has made a huge splash from the moment it opened its doors in 2016. For those of you who are staying in a Seminyak Villa or a hotel nearby, it’s well worth a visit, even to see what the fuss is about. Now, just because it’s a day club and there are going to be loads of gorgeous 20 something around parading off their tans and bodies, this does not mean the place is not family-friendly. When we came here we did notice a few kids enjoying the pool area and a few more adventurous teens attempting a few somersaults from the diving board which forms the focal point of the club.

As soon as our group arrived we really couldn’t believe just how big the place was. The only downside is that does not have a  beachfront setting like other clubs, but the designers have made up for this by creating a wonderful ambience by bringing the beach to the pool area. Yes, they have actually shipped in tons of sand so you get to feel as though you are on a beach. Tacky for some but this does do the trick and you soon forget about the fact that there are no ocean views as you soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the music and the tropical feel as you lay on your day bed or sun lounge.

Lazy Afternoons in Seminyak

One cannot go to Mrs Sippy without noticing the ‘in your face’ swimming pool which boasts the largest saltwater pool in Bali. Now that’s saying something! The pool has a shallow end for the kids to play and gets deeps towards the other end so it feels like you are in a tropical lagoon. The fact that you can laze by the pool sipping freshly made cocktails simply adds to the party vibe. If you had to pick a stand out feature of Mrs Sippy and this is what everyone talks about ( I guess they had to do something really crazy) is the 5-metre diving board. There’s a really deep area right underneath the tower so you can feel safe when launching yourself from 5 m up in the air – if that’s too scary then there are 1 and 3-metre launch points. Pool attendants are on hand to help anyone who has had a few too many drinks and feel like they are an Olympic diving champion.

If your coming to Bali with kids and are planning to visit Mrs Sippy best get here before 3 pm as it tends to get an adults-only vibe as the sun starts to set and the music gets a tad louder.

Poolside Food & Mrs Sippy Sundays

If you are a foodie and are looking for good value, unpretentious food that the kids will enjoy as well then Miss Sippy has hit on the right formula. Although this is trendy and very hip Petitenget / Seminyak, the food is all about filling up hungry bellies and soaking up a bit of alcohol. Prices are reasonable and most people go for quick fixes like wood-fired pizzas,  club sandwiches and burgers & salads. We all ordered a pizza each ( there was 6 of us) and this was served within 15 minutes to use on the day beds by an over-friendly waiter who was more than happy to keep the cocktails coming. Service, as you would expect, is world-class and if you are on a special diet and need specific dishes the waiters will chat with the cooks and whip something up in a jiffy.

Let’s, not candy coat Mrs Sippy, it’s really designed for the cocktail crew that want to show off their bodies and socialise in a really cool environment. After a few drinks, it can get a bit boisterous but this is later on in the evening but you are probably coming here just for that reason. During the day it’s pretty chilled out with most people happy to sit by the pool and just enjoy being on holiday in Bali. It definitely doesn’t attract the backpacker crown but more of the ‘cool Aussie’ crew that can afford to spend a bit on their lunch and drinks.

Mrs Sippy is famous Bali wide for 2 things ( other than the diving board): Thirsty Thursdays and Sippy Sundays. On Thursdays, it’s 2-for-1 drinks starting at 4 pm so you can guess what it will be like at around 7 or 8 pm and Sundays you can drink   2-for-1 drinks the whole day. This really brings the crowds in so be prepared for loads of people. It’s a good idea to get here early on Sunday so you can get the first pick of the day beds and get the best position right by the pool. There are other special events at Mrs Sippy and you can keep up with these by following their Instagram posts.

What you need to know about Mrs Sippy

Like other day clubs in Bali if you want to use the day beds or the pool you need to have a minimum spend. Lucky Mrs Sippy is completely free to enter and have a poke around, so it’s great if you want to pop in and grab a selfie and post it on Instagram just to make your mates jealous and say that you’ve been there. Personally, I would advise spending a couple of hours here and enjoying the vibe. If you are planning on using a day bed the minimum spend is Rp 600 000 or $60 Aussie. This is so worth it, even for the experience. If you’re with a group and want to pre-book 4 days beds it will set you back around $300 so it’s a chunk of change but again, you can split the cost. Get in early especially on the weekends as it does get super busy. Having said that we just walked in and found the place around 50% full on a Saturday arvo which was great.

Lazy days, fun times and lots of cocktails at Mrs Sippy in Bali. Photo Credit: Mrs Sippy @ Instagram

Mrs Sippy

Location: Jalan Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak 8, Seminyak, Bali
Tel: +62 (0)361 3351079
Price: No minimum spend for tables and sun loungers
For daybeds, the minimum spend is IDR 600,000 (USD $45), including 2 towels

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