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Sightseeing Canggu, all you need to know

Staying in a Canggu Villa is a great way to spend your Bali holiday. And within moments of arriving in the area, you’ll soon see why Canggu is such a fascinating area with many amazing sightseeing options.

The surrounding landscape is dotted with traditional terraced rice fields and expansive coastal beaches waiting to be explored. There are also religious and cultural sites throughout the Canggu area that offer tourists a glimpse into Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Once you start looking around, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful and picturesque temples,  holy sites and Hindu statues.

The best part is that many of the following experiences can be accessed by walking or motorbiking from your own Bali villa!    Let’s explore the various modes of transportation that give you their unique views of this eclectic town, plus some of the best highlights that sightseeing in Canggu has to offer

Updated 19 January 2023

Canggu by foot

Before we take off on this cyber-imagination tour of Canggu, it may be helpful to get your bearings in a topographical manner. To get your head around it, you can think of Canggu as having three main beaches with corresponding parallel roads leading to each one. Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong leads to Batu Bolong Beach, Jalan Pantai Berawa corresponds with Berawa Beach and Jalan Padang Linjong with Echo beach. These three sections can pretty much be considered their own villages that are all bordered by Jalan Raya Canggu on the inland aspect.

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Canggu Beaches

One of the easiest ways to visualise the set-up is to head out to Echo beach, the northernmost of the three, and walk south through Batu Bolong to Berawa beach. They are all essentially the same but are access points to different parts of Canggu. From Berawa, nothing stops you from taking a stroll down to Seminyak! It might seem far, but it only takes about 40 minutes, not counting all the stops you’ll need for fresh coconuts and dips in the ocean. Once in Seminyak, you might check out one of the yoga classes or incredible healthy cafes before returning to your Canggu villa.

If you are contemplating a beach walk and feel extra generous, you might consider lining it up with one of the Bali Beach clean-up days. They generally start at Berawa beach in the morning and make their way as far as they can for an hour and a half, picking up non-organic material that is later recycled. Since you know you’re way around the beaches now, you can easily head over there! Check out their Facebook page for the dates, often on Wednesdays.

Bali beach clean up

Canggu by motorbike

There are a few special spots that aren’t technically in Canggu, but if you’re staying in a Canggu villa, then they are only a short trip away by motorbike or scooter. Hiring a scooter is an easy and inexpensive way to see things out of town. Generally, they will cost around 600.000 Rupiah for a good quality scooter for an entire month! That’s roughly $50 Aussie dollars. You can rent them by the day as well. If you don’t have experience on two wheels or it doesn’t feel like a safe option, it’s quite easy to find a private car and driver. The upside to the latter option is that you’ll support the local community and likely get some special insider knowledge of the land and its history! If you go off the main road by scooter, there are so many cool little cafes and restaurants justice the one below.

The rice field scenery is amazing once you get inland a bit. Yes, it can be dangerous, but all you have to do is be careful to wear a helmet and drive primarily during the day. Besides that, you will love zipping around Canggu on your scooter. You can easily get from Canggu to other areas of the southern part of the island, like Berawa, Batu Belig, Seminyak and Kuta, via the Canggu shortcut. See below:

Tanah-Lot Temple

Only about 25 minutes by motorbike or car, the Tanah-Lot Temple should be seen by anyone visiting Canggu or Bali in general. If you are transporting yourself, you will take the coastal road heading West from Kerobokan until you start seeing the signs for Tanah Lot. The temple was built on a sacred site chosen auspiciously by a natural rock formation off the coast of Beraban and is one of seven seaside temples. Because this particular temple is strongly connected with the Majapahit Priest of Nirartha, it seems to be among the most important to Indonesians.

Tanah lot temple Bali

Canggu by bicycle

While scooters and private cars can get you out of the main hubbub, riding a bike can allow you to squeeze your way into some of the paths that are not accessible by motor vehicles. Bikes will also allow you to see a bit more of a particular landscape since you can coast much farther and still make it back in time for dinner.


Rice Paddies

Canggu’s most striking and elegant aspect is its expanse of surrounding terraced rice paddies. While much of Bali is covered in rice fields, those in Canggu are working fields, still actively used every day. The best times to go are either early morning or early evening because you’ll miss the sweltering heat of the midday sun and you’ll also catch the soft oranges of sunrise or the magenta hues of the setting sun. From town, you can take Jalan Padang Linjong until you make a left on the small dirt road called Jalan Pura Blulang Yeh. From this road, if you head inland, you’ll see pristine terraces and unique Balinese irrigation systems. If you go left, you’ll make your way past the shimmering wet green fields until you end up near the now-familiar Echo beach!

Canggu by horseback

This wouldn’t be a post on what to do from your Canggu villa if we didn’t include a little information on the equestrian scene. Check out places like The Bali Equestrian Centre or Royal Sporthorse Bali, and you’ll meet the various lovely horses that can guide you on a magical tour of this lush countryside. Horse rides are offered through the sprawling rice paddies and along the stunning beaches. Locals recommend going at sunset along the coastal waters.

sightseeing Canggu

Sightseeing Canggu’s best beach clubs

Almost as famous as KU DE TA and Potato Head in Seminyak, Canggu is quickly catching up as the hottest destination on the island, with a great variety of awesome beach clubs.

If you have been to Canggu recently, you have most likely been to Finn’s Beach Club in Berawa, featuring a stunning bamboo structure on the beach, 4 swimming pools, of which 2 have swim-up bars and 5 excellent restaurants.

We also love the bohemian, shabby-chic La Brisa on Echo Beach, glistening like an oasis by the sea. And we adore the Mediterranean Cafe Del Mar Beach Club exuding Ibiza vibes. The Lawn is located on Batu Bolong Beach. A great place to go for live music, sunset drinks and good vibes. They even have an infinity pool where you can soak, sip and gaze at the sunburst sky. The food is really good as well. There is nothing like a couple of days of beach clubbing in Canggu. It’s simple: book a villa, rent a motorbike and explore all of them.


Sightseeing Canggu’s best cafes/restaurants

Canggu is a hot spot for yogis, surfers, beach clubbers, nightlife-seekers and lovers of the good things in life, including food.

Yep – Canggu is a foodie haven with cool hipster cafes and exquisite restaurants near and on the beach. Canggu caters for everyone: vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. You get to taste flavours from around the world; all prepared fresh using local ingredients from (organic) Bali farms.

You can stay in Canggu long and never get bored with the food. There are just too many great cafes and restaurants to check out. You could make it a ‘food holiday’.

If breakfast is your favourite meal of the day and you feel like eating outside instead of at the villa (usually a great breakfast is included with your stay), we recommend checking out Milk & Madu, Matcha Cafe, NUDE, Cafe Cinta, The Avocado Factory, The Shady Shack ( see below ), Pels Supershop (vegan), Sensorium and Mowie, to name a few.

You’ll never get enough of the smoothie bowls, the fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit and Avo on toast with feta, lemon and dukkah. You’ll also be happy to hear that Canggu has a lively coffee culture. It doesn’t matter where you’ll go for breakfast, it usually comes with great coffee. Coffee addicts must check out Crate Cafe, Hungry Bird and Satu-Satu Coffee Company.

For lunch, check out Miss Ibu at Tamora Gallery, The Loft, Ruko Cafe, Betelnut, parachute and Penny Lane.

Dinnertime: JI Terrace by the Sea (Pure romance & authentic Indonesian flavours), Mason (date night!), The Lawn (early dinner before sunset?) The Slow (innovative & chic), Luigi’s Hot Pizza (cool, trendy and safe: who doesn’t love pizza!).

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Sightseeing Canggu’s best day spas

At some point, it is time to hit the spa. Or why not go every day while you can? Bali is a spa island. A place to get pampered from top to toe, and it won’t cost you a fortune.

From healing massages and flower baths to rejuvenating facials, great professional pedicures and the best haircut you’ve ever had. You’ll find it all in Canggu. There are lots of local spas where you can get a massage for only a couple of dollars and there are also amazing luxury spas with beautiful treatment rooms and professionally-trained spa therapists offering great spa packages to get you pampered. Glo Day Spa is one of the best places to get a haircut. You can get an amazing 24K gold facial at Goldust Beauty Lounge, and AMO Spa even has a sauna. We also love the New Zealand-owned Spring Spa along Jalan Batu Bolong and the fabulous spa packages at Therapy. or why not get the best massage in the whole of Canggu at JAMU Balinese Massage?  For an unforgettable experience where you’ll wish time stood still for a little while, hit the spa in Canggu.

Sightseeing Canggu: the most popular cultural attractions

Canggu is not just for surfing and laid-back hipsters. There are also many cultural attractions in Canggu worth visiting if you can drag yourself away from the beach clubs and day spas.

A really special place to see the sunset (apart from the famous beach clubs!), is Tanah Lot. This magical and iconic sea temple is located just a short drive from Canggu. Watching the sunset at this enchanting place is just sensational.

Another thing Canggu is famous for is its incredible street art. You’ll find it everywhere through rice fields when you drive around the area.

Yoga: After spiritual Ubud, Canggu is the next-best thing when it comes down to yoga, spirituality and inner peace. And who doesn’t love the combination of beach & yoga? Something you won’t get in Ubud, that’s for sure. There are some fabulous yoga studios such as Samadi Bali, the super popular The Practice along Jalan Batu Bolong and also great shops for yoga wear to look your best among all the beautiful people.

If you love to shop, you’ll want to check out those lovely weekend markets. There are more than a few to check out, such as the weekly farmers market at Samadi, the all-week market at Love Anchor on Batu Bolong Street and the frequent events at Tamora Gallery in Berawa.

Want to combine dinner with a cultural experience? Dine at Tugu Hotel Bali on a Thursday evening. Not only is the setting extraordinary and the food amazingly good, but Balinese cultural performances are also taking place.

Families with kids must check out Finn’s Recreation Club and Park Life. Your little ones will have the time of their lives guaranteed. There are also many family-orientated cafes in Canggu with playgrounds and activities. Cafes such as Made’s Warung (formally The Joglo), Milk & Madu, La Casita and Tamora Gallery.

Also, drive a motorbike and do the Canggu Shortcut! It’s an experience, we promise!

Next time you’re staying in luxury accommodation in Canggu, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know to waltz out of your door and make the most of your stay in this breezy seaside corner of Bali.

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