What to Expect With Your Holiday Villa Accommodation in Bali

Lots of privacy, deluxe accommodation and amazing staff

Live like a superstar in your Bali holiday villa

Renting a villa in Bali for your accommodation is one of the best and most exciting things you can do on your holiday. Just imagine your own private villa with no one else around to disturb your peace and tranquillity. It’s such an amazing concept that Australians and other nationalities are really getting on board with. The rationale behind this is, why would you bother staying in a crowded, overpriced hotel when you can be in your own Villa with your best friends?

It’s an absolute no-brainer and I for one are a convert. I am not just saying this to promote this website, but I have stayed in so many villas and each and everyone has offered its own unique and very surprising experience. No two villas are the same and I get to sample many different types of villas and one thing I would like to share with you is what you should expect from your villa when you rent from us.

Peace, privacy and tranquillity in your villa

The very first thing you can expect from your villa is to be the only people in the villa. This goes without saying, but let me make the point very clear here, you and your group, family or partner will be the only people allowed in the Villa. No one else is allowed access unless they are staff who will be looking after you. This all adds up to one point;  absolute privacy with no one to disturb you. The staff are very quiet and extremely respectful of your space. In fact, they are super discreet. They tend to hang in their own designated area, out of sight, which means that you have the sense of being completely free of anyone around you. That is unless of course, you want to invite friends around or have a dinner or pool party. It’s totally up to you! You have the choice to sit back and quietly read and sunbake by the pool or have as many guests over as you like. Remember, it’s your holiday so go for it and enjoy yourself.

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Fabulous customer service

The other cool little thing that you can expect when you arrive in your Villa is to be totally blown away by the level of service you are going to get from the staff. They are on hand basically all the time to handle any inquiry or request. Want to go shopping and need a driver, want to have a traditional Balinese dinner party, want an in house massage? All of these are not a problem and can be handled by any member of the Villa staff. Most villas will have a manager who speaks English and will happily arrange this for you.

One of the villa staff at Villa Ipanema in Seminyak

When you come back to your room you can expect all your beds to be made, the bathrooms completely cleaned, fresh soaps and hand towels supplied for you as well as the kitchen and living areas meticulously maintained. Ideal if you have a family with kids and there’s heaps of mess and toys lying around. It’s all about you when it comes to your holiday in Bali and the Balinese staff are there to make sure that the whole place is spotless.

The flight from Australia to Bali is not too bad, but if you are coming from any other destination at any time during the day or night, you want to be met at the airport and taken to your villa. You don’t ( especially after a long international flight) want to be stuffing around at the airport, dealing with local taxi drivers to take you to your villa. This is a complete nightmare and we definitely do not want you to start your holiday off in this fashion. That’s why we will have a driver meet you at Denpasar airport to take you directly to the villa, where you can unpack, go for a swim and begin the process of unwinding. Plus the villa staff will be there to greet you with those friendly Balinese smiles.

If you are going on a family holiday you want to kids to be looked after if you decide to go shopping, a night out, perhaps you want to get a massage or some spa treatments or want a bit of private time. The staff at the villa are more than capable of looking after the children, keeping them entertained and feeding them whilst you go out and enjoy yourself. It’s a great way to free up a bit of time to have to yourself.

Another really important point that most people overlook but have come to expect is WiFi. All villas no matter the location come with speedy, well-connected WiFi so you don’t feel too isolated. Want to post pics of your holiday on Facebook and Instagram then go right ahead. If there are any issues with this the staff are on hand to fix it right away.

You can also expect hot water to be working the whole time (not that you will need it) as well as air conditioning in each room. Most rooms will also have safes to lock up money, passports, jewellery etc. Also, if you need anything washed or dry cleaned just speak to one of the staff and they will gladly look after this for you.

Great locations around Bali

Most families or groups travelling to Bali want to be in a central location. There are the rare few that are happy to be out in the sticks but the majority want to be in close proximity to restaurants, shops, cafes, convenience stores, supermarkets and cafes. Most of the villas we have on this site are all in the main tourist’s areas of Seminyak, Legian and Canggu so everything you could possibly want is within easy walking distance. This is great news if you have kids and want to take them out for dinner at night. Plus if they need entertaining there are lots to do around these areas with many kids attractions and activities. I can say with honesty that most of the villas are all really well located.


If you are concerned about security then don’t be. Most villas have security staff that work around the clock, day and night protecting you and your family. These guys really know what they are doing and are all trained up to keep unwanted guests out.

Fabulous en-suite bathrooms

Yes, that’s right. Nearly all holiday villas will have their own private en suite bathrooms jam-packed full of goodies to spoil you; shampoos, conditioners, moisturisers, fresh towels, bottled water and for the girls; hair dryers. Plus they are cleaned every day and restocked with fresh linen and towels.

Villa Manager

There will be a dedicated villa manager for each villa who will be on hand all the time in case you need anything. He’s either at the villa or a quick phone call away ( the villa will provide the phone ). Your manager is more than capable of helping you organise tours, dinner reservations, in house massages, basically, anything your need, your villa manager is your ‘go-to ‘ person. Plus they all speak reasonably good English.

Breakfast included

Lots of villas will have breakfast included which is a great way to start the day. You will have to speak to your reservation manager about this as some villas will not have this as part of their package. Most breakfasts are either Western or Indonesian, so you have the option. You can also go the healthy way with fruits and yoghurt.

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