Where to stay for a fun time learning to surf in Bali? Check out these 11 villas for newbies to intermediate surfers!

Ahh, Bali… The island of Gods, The island of a thousand temples and a surfers’ paradise! Seminyak, Canggu, Uluwatu and Nusa Lembongan – they’re all great destinations for those who come to Bali to surf. Whether you are a total newbie or you already have some experience riding the waves, you are bound to have a blast!

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Happening, trendy and more than a handful of surf schools, Seminyak Beach is a great place to learn the tips and tricks of surfing. Waves are not too high, they’re steady and straight and there are many expert guides around to teach you how to become a pro. We’ve selected some affordable villas near the beach in the heart of this trendy cosmopolitan town where you can do a whole lot more fun stuff other than surfing. To see our full range of Seminyak villas please browse this website or contact us.


Canggu is a magnet for surf dudes and surf chicks alike. You will find many surf camps, surf schools and after the surf, the parties start. Canggu is still good for beginners but also advanced surfers will have a great time here in this hipster yet laid-back beach town on the island. To see our full range of Canggu villas please browse this website or contact us.

Uluwatu & The Bukit

Uluwatu is the place to be for surfers and beach lovers! Challenging waves but also less-challenging ones, this place is cool and stunning and totally upcoming! Especially Bingin Beach is the place where you can go surfing, chilling, dining and partying. The beaches in the Bukit just splendid!

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Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a little island just 30-minutes from the mainland in Bali. Tranquil, beautiful and amazing surf spots, these villas are places you will never want to leave (if only you could!

Where to stay for this surfing holiday on the island of Bali? Check out these fab villas:

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