5 Reasons Why I Love Bali

By Steven Waldberg – updated 6th Feb 2020

Bali has such an attraction; the beaches, the food, the cheap nasi gorengs, the dreamy massages and the quick plane flight.

Following are 5 reasons that I can immediately think of that makes me want to return as soon as I arrive back here in Sydney. Bali for me is like a magnet and these reasons should explain why the attraction is so strong.

As an avid traveller to Bali and someone who keeps on returning to this fabulous island at least 5 to 6 times per year I have to ask this question; why do I keep on coming back here, what keeps drawing me to this place and why do I love it so much?

1. Bali is only a 5 or so hour flight from Sydney & Melbourne

The first time I left Australian soil I flew to Europe and only then did I realise how far Australia was from the rest of the world.  Not only are tickets from Australia to Europe or the States expensive but the journey itself seems endless. The first time I flew to Bali, the entire trip from my home to the time I was in my villa took only 8 hours. This is a huge drawcard and a massive advantage. Yes, it’s great seeing other places and countries but for a quick getaway, especially in winter; Bali is perfect. You can be in a tropical climate that same day at a fraction of the cost of a European, USA or South American trip.

Since my first visit to the charming island, it’s become my #1 overseas travel destination. Nowhere else in the world meets the standard that Bali has set for me. The island has a unique way of perfectly balancing, ancient Balinese culture and tradition with all things Aussie’s love on a holiday; sun, surf, great food, friendly people, family-friendly as well as really good value. For me and most Australians, no other destination comes close.

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2. Cheap Massages and amazing day spas

If you love massages and love paying around $10 for an hour of bliss then Bali is perfect. I try to fit 1 massage in a day as part of my holiday schedule. Why not? If you have never had a massage in Bali before you should do it. Most massages are traditional Balinese massage and there are hundreds of places that you can go and grab one. No need to book. Just arrive and they will pop you a little room and the fun begins.

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Conveniently positioned throughout the entire island are day spa’s ( too numerous to mention) ready to provide you with the most relaxing massage of your life. The Balinese really know how to release all negativity, stress and pain from your body with their ancient massage techniques. I highly suggest a hot-stone therapy massage at least once on your Bali trip; it is a heavenly out-of-body experience that will leave you rejuvenated like never before.

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spring day spa

Enjoy facials, massages, and total body pampering at Spring Day Spa. Photo Credit: @ spring_spa – Instagram


3. The Divine Food

Bali is a beautiful melting point of tradition, culture and modernity. The eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities that have permanently moved there has created a great variety of foods and cuisines to suit any palette. I personally prefer the traditional Balinese cuisine as it encompasses all things authentically Indonesian.

A must try in Bali is the Suckling Pig – traditionally barbequed on hot coals and coffee beans to create a truly smokey BBQ flavour – the meat comes out soft like butter and the crackling skin is a pure dream.

An even bigger must for foodies travelling to Bali is Kopi Luwak – the world’s most expensive coffee. These intensely flavorful coffee cherries are consumed by wild Asian cervil’s and their digestive system naturally peel away the hard peel and outcomes an aromatic coffee bean. If that’s not to your taste go for the standard Nasi Goring which is a local and western favourites.

4. The Surf

The surf in Bali is world renown and anyone who loves surfing is going to tell you stories for hours on end about how good the waves are in Bali. Try Uluwatu in the islands southern area also known as the Bukit or just around from Seminyak is the famous Legian/Kuta beaches for the beginners.

When I say beginners I still must warn you that the surf can get quite large and dangerous so be really careful. The surf in Bali is pretty much consistent all year round so all you need to do is pack your boards and go and enjoy yourself. If you do not intend to take a board you can always hire one from the many surfboard rental places on the beach. As a keen surfer, this would have to be the main reason why I keep on coming back. Its consistency and perfection are world-class.

surf in bali

Glassy waves, friendly people and warm waters. This is surfing in Bali. Photo credit: @ barrelsatbingin – Instagram

5. The Wonderful People

Without a doubt, this is the very best thing about Bali. Go there and you will see what I mean. They are super friendly have a great sense of humour and will make you always feel welcome. You will never feel alone so long as you are prepared to engage and chat with the locals – they just love westerners and enjoy talking to you. Bali after all is so culturally diverse and spectacular BUT the real beauty is the people.

I’m adding one more point here and that is the villa accommodation. I always stay in a villa and for those newbies that have never experienced what it’s like holidaying in a villa, you are in for a great treat. It’s absolutely amazing and it just adds to the whole fabulous experience of being in this place. Bali Villas are known worldwide for their charm, level of service, privacy, being really family-friendly and if you are lucky enough to be staying in a villa on or near the beach, your going to have the holiday of a lifetime, just like I always do.

There are so many levels and types of accommodation and places to stay on the island that you’re never going to have any hassles finding anything. You can use a website like this; obviously to book a villa or you can arrive there and look around. My preference is to have everything locked in beforehand.

So these are just some of the things that I love about Bali. There are loads more and the list keeps on growing the more times I go there.

Blog Revised @ 06/02/20

There is one other great thing about Bali and that’s the nightlife, entertainment and day clubs on the beach. There are some really amazing places where you can go for a meal and a few drinks as you watch the sunset or if you prefer to find some clubs where you can party hard till the early hours of the morning. Bali is an island where you can let your hair down in style! Just have a look at some of the most gorgeous restaurants/bars all with a pool right on the beach in Bali. You can see what I mean by style.