Canggu is the new Seminyak, here’s why.

Hip, happening and vibrant Canggu

For those regular travellers to Bali who stay in the Canggu or Seminyak area, you will probably have noticed a massive shift in the ‘gentrification’ for want of a better word in Canggu. It’s now becoming extremely hip, cool, trendy, whatever you want to call it, the place is now super cool with lots to see, do and of course great placate hang out and have great meals.

Open rice fields have now been replaced with trendy cafes, bars, restaurants, day spas, yoga retreats, health food shops, fashion boutiques and luxury 5 star villas. Canggu is now evolving very quickly into another Seminyak. I guess this had to happen given the popularity of the Canggu area and it’s close proximity to Seminyak and the beach.

With tourist numbers on the increase and with the over crowding of the Seminyak / Petitenget area, Canggu has been handling not only the overflow of tourists, but also those holiday makers looking for a quieter holiday experience, whilst still being within a 15-20 minute drive from all the action.

Seminyak is still by far the hot spot when it comes to nightlife and shopping in Bali but a recent drive to Canggu has shown that the place is becoming extremely ‘hip’ with local expats and tourist from all over the world preferring to dine, stay and play in Canggu.

The evolution of the Canggu area started with the opening of the Potato Head Club in the Petitenget area as well as the opening of the Finns Recreation Club. These  two cool icons brought the focus of attention away from Seminyak and further north, and this has not stopped. For those visitors that make Canggu their holiday destination, they find that they have everything there they need and rarely venture out of the area.

Where is Canggu?

It’s on the west coast of Bali approximately 45 min taxi ride from the airport and 20 min from Seminyak. It starts where Berawa finishes and Seseh Beach commences. Have a look at the map below to get a clearer idea of where it is and how close it really is to the traditional tourist areas.


Canggu v’s Seminyak

1) Villa accommodation is almost half the price. There are some seriously luxurious villas and these are about half the price of what you would pay in Seminyak. They have all the same great features; private pool, chef, staff, TV, Wifi etc, but they come at a lesser price. For those on a bit of a holiday budget but still want the villa experience, Canggu makes great sense. We have many villas to rent in Canggu that represent real value for money. If you are interested speak with our reservation team today for some

2) If you want to hit the town in Seminyak, it’s really only a 20 minute taxi ride and if you have rented a scooter in Bali it’s about 10 min away if you know the short cuts. Cost would be about $10 Aussie. So you can stay in Canggu and party, people watch, go to the shopping malls or hang in Seminyak. You will find that once your in Canggu you will find it hard to leave.

3) Canggu is much more quieter than Seminyak. There are none of those hideous traffic jams or loud car horns going off. The air is cleaner and you can actually see farmers working in the rice fields. Now I know this doesn’t make a difference for people who love the buzz of Bali, but for those that are looking for a chilled out location; Canggu is perfect. This is why you can see the proliferation of villa development in the area as the demand to stay here seems to be increasing every year.

4) Canggu is great for surfing. The beach has a great left and right hander and it’s a sand bottom (not reef) so it’s more for the beginner / intermediate surfer. This is ideal for families with children that want to try to surf in Bali. Plus, there are heaps of surfboard rental shops near the beach so you don’t have the headache of taking heaps of boards to Bali. There are also loads of great cafes &  BBQ seafood restaurants near the main beach area so you can grab a bite to eat after a surfing session.

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5) The beach area is a lot less hectic and less crowded than the main areas of Legian, Kuta and Seminyak. You are less likely to be hassled for a beach massage or the local T Shirt, watch & sun glasses  vendors. You can rent a chair quietly by the beach and just enjoy the serenity. This makes Canggu the perfect alternative and this is why it is becoming so popular.

6) If your catching up on work emails or a blogger that just can’t seem to stay away from their laptop there are many cool co working spaces that have unbelievably fast wifi.  Check out Dojo Bali as an awesome place. You don;t too many of these in Seminyak with the same chilled out vibe and relaxed atmosphere to get those creative juices flowing.












6) So many fabulous cafes, restaurants and boutique day spas all with really high Western standards, makes Canggu the cool pace to be seen and hang out. It’s just the natural progression. One or two super trendy places open up like Deus Café, Betelnut, Crate or Old Mans and the rest follow. Saying this, Canggu still has an old world charm where you can walk out of a great café and bump into a local farmer. This to me is what makes the place so special; the eclectic mix between the past and the present. Let’s hope it stays that way.

7) Canggu has loads of health food shops and really great delicatessens where you can stock up on your supplies of food to take back to your villa. Basically, you can get anything that you would find back home in Australia at these amazing places and the prices are all really reasonable.

8) Canggu is a really good launching pad to be based if you want to explore the west coast of Bali around the famous Tanah Lot temple and beyond up to Balian. These areas are around 90 – 120 min away and reflect another side of the island that you would not find in the main tourist hot spots. Day trips are really easy and the beauty about this is you get to come back and spend the late afternoon watching the Canggu sunsets and then it’s back to the villa for a BBQ dinner. What holiday perfection!