4 reasons why Australians choose a Villa over a hotel room for their holiday in Bali

Bali Villa or Hotel Room? The choice is obvious.

For newbies who have never sampled the delights of staying in a holiday villa, you are in for a treat; here are 4 reasons why!

Staying in your own private villa in Bali is so much better than staying in a hotel even if we do say so ourselves. In fact, statistics show that villa holiday accommodation is on the increase by 27% per year. This is an amazing statistic considering how popular hotels have been in the past and all the investment that has gone into building so many hotels around the island, especially in the southern parts such as Seminyak, Legian and Kuta.

Sure, there is still a huge demand for package style hotel holidays where everything is bundled in together, but this trend is changing as tastes and holiday preferences shift to staying in a private luxurious villa.

This has been a slow and natural change and this does not look like slowing down. If you need proof just look at the explosion of villa development in areas like Canggu, Umalas, Oberoi, Uluwatu and Ubud.

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1) Space is the obvious reason

A hotel room as we all know is limited to 1 or 2 bedrooms max. Your villa is generally 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 bedrooms with a lounge room and TV area. Some villas will have private outdoor gazebos and BBQ areas as well & the pricier ones will have media rooms, gyms and perhaps a second swimming pool.

So space is the big factor. You can add to this the factor of having children on your holiday. Most families in hotels will have to add another separate room for the kids which adds to the cost and hassle. With a villa, the whole family is together. A lot of the family-friendly villas will have rooms next to each other so parents can hear the kids next door for peace of mind. With your own private holiday villa, you can also have a nanny or babysitting service organised easily while the adults go out for dinner or a few drinks.

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Have a fabulous time with the kids in your own private holiday Bali villa.

2) Privacy ( without noisy kids )

Who wants to be in a hotel with a bunch of strangers splashing around the pool area when you can spend quality time with your family or group of close friends in your own space and private pool. Noisy and ‘in your face’ fellow travellers can really add to the stress of your holiday time, so you really want to avoid this.

A villa is totally private, extremely quiet and you will notice yourself completely unwind the moment you step foot in the place. Privacy and the beautiful surroundings that most villas are located in will add to the whole wonderful experience.

Imagine your very own private pool villa in Bali.

3)  Let’s face it the price works out a lot cheaper than a hotel

What can I say? A week in a hotel, once you add in all the mini-bar splurges and snacks by the pool can ruin your holiday. Prices with taxes can put a dent on your credit card and can give you a nasty shock when you check out.

When you book your  Bali villa all prices are given to you upfront so there are absolutely no extra fees or shocks at the end of your stay.

Everything is paid in advance and if you need anything extra ( spa treatments, massages, nannies, pool fences, car hire, food, alcohol, dinner parties etc), it’s quoted upfront.

This is an important thing to note when budgeting for your holiday.  All our prices include local taxes so there are no big surprises on your last day. Also, because our villas all have a kitchen you can stock up for those snacks by the pool, watching TV, BBQ nights or beers with your mates around the pool. This will save you heaps over the length of your holiday.

Most of the villas are really close to well-known supermarket chains like Pepito, Popular, Canggu Station or Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak.

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Hotels are out there to take as much money from you whilst they have you staying there. Everything you do adds up and is charged to your room. Turn your back on the kids for a minute and they are racking up huge tabs at the restaurant. This does not happen in a Villa and you will notice a huge difference in costs at the end of your stay. Villa accommodation ends up becoming so much cheaper and better value for your holiday dollar. This means you’ll have some change left over to do some extra shopping or take the kids on a tour.

4) Hotels are impersonal & can be very artificial

They are mostly all the same, cookie-cutter style and at the end of your stay nothing really stands out. All I can say is try out a villa and see a huge difference. You will really feel and notice a massive shift in your holiday experience. Each villa has its own unique personality and its own team of dedicated villa staff who all want one thing; to make sure you have the best time possible and this is why so many Aussies are renting villas over a hotel.

Watch the video below of a typical 4 bedroom Seminyak villa with staff, private pool, breakfast included, security and chef.

It’s the very popular Villa Banyu and this is exactly what you can expect.

For more information on how to rent your own Private Villa in Bali – get in touch with our reservation team.

If you have always stayed in a hotel in the past and are looking for a new holiday experience, a villa is absolutely amazing. You will never ever go back to a  hotel again.